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Member since: Sun Sep 9, 2012, 12:53 PM
Number of posts: 5,227

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I live on a boat in the Florida Keys. I am a nurse and a published author of three medical books and one chick lit novel. I've met most of the "celebrity" politicians at various functions, namely JJ dinners and state conventions that I attended as a delegate. My passions are my family and travel, wine and chocolates. Oh, and Alan Rickman. I was a member of DU many years ago under the name KeysDisease but had to leave politics for a while when dubya was elected the second time. My heart was broken. I've returned under a new name since I can't remember all my old passwords, etc.

Journal Archives

I live in the Florida Keys.

I understand why some of the Cuban people want to keep hating. No, don't tell me I don't, because I am first generation from Latvia, and my family suffered under communism. My grandparents lost their home, their son. I was born in a DP camp in Germany because the communists threw my family out of the country and took our homes and property. I KNOW!!!

But times come when you need to try another way.

If you think life was hell for my family (and it was) attempting to live on shit wages to survive, without the language, imagine what it would be for people of darker skin.

Fa la la la laaaaaa

and the world goes on.

My Christmas wish: No child will be shot or killed or tortured or ignored or hurt or homeless or orphaned or hungry in 2015.
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