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That also reminds me of something I learned in "jail school".

I didn’t work in the jail, I worked in the administrative area of the sheriff’s office, but we all had to take the training. It was mentioned several times that the inmates had every waking hour to think of ways to game the system. Staff, on the other hand, showed up for their work shift, did their jobs and then left to deal with all the other things in their lives—kids, school, elderly parents, second jobs, groceries, house repair, etc. Their waking hours outside of jail work are filled with all these other things, but when they show up for their next shift they may be faced with someone who’s spent a lot of time planning something to mess with them.

In this analogy, Republicans are the inmates. They care not one bit about good governing. They spend all their time focused on gaming the system for their own benefit and sabotaging Democrats for fun and profit. Democrats are so busy trying to keep things going, repair damage caused by years of Republican neglect, and maybe, maybe make a few improvements that it’s easy to get caught off guard by yet another Republican offensive maneuver and you are forced to play catch-up to fix something else.

I could believe it.

That's in line with something that leapt out at me when I read one of the books that came out in the fall, either Betrayal or I Alone Can Fix It. As I recall the years Trump was in the White House, it seemed like Meadows managed to attract less attention than Priebus, Kelly or Mulvaney. But in one of those books--maybe both--Meadows was all over the place as an enabler extraordinaire. And maybe that's why he drew less attention.

The first three had their moments where they told Trump no and tried to stand up to him which resulted in Trump attacking them and going after them on Twitter. Meadows only ever asked "How high?" whenever Trump told him to jump, so he wasn't a target of Donny's ire as often.

ETA: It could have also been Landslide or Frankly, We Did Win This Election.

Can he sing?

I’m sure the next Hendersonville community theater production of Cabaret could use him as the Nazi who sings Tomorrow Belongs To Me.

Satisfying read.

This quote would also be a good description of Trump:

From Putin’s perspective, facts don’t really matter. He either takes no notice of the practical barriers that we’re aware of or believes them to be western propaganda or a delusion. In essence, Putin sees the world as he himself perceives it.

Tragically delicious.

Golf writer Rick Reilly's book Commander in Cheat was a great read.

Really drives home how Trump cheats at EVERYTHING. No issue too big, no issue too small.

It has been widely reported that Trump cheats at golf. In 2019, the golf writer Rick Reilly published a book, Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.

As well as reporting routine rule violations, with sources including the PGA Tour pro Brad Faxon and the actor Samuel L Jackson, Reilly wrote about Trump’s habit of claiming dubious feats.

“Donald’s Trump’s boast about winning 18 club championships,” Reilly wrote, “is a lie that’s so over-the-top Crazytown it loses all credibility among golfers the second it’s out of his mouth.”

Reilly also wrote that Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida, now the site of Trump’s claimed hole-in-one, “has a plaque on the wall that lists all the men who’ve won the men’s club championship. Trump appears three times: 1999, 2001, and 2009. But hold on. The course wasn’t even open in 1999.”

Reilly also examined Trump’s claim to have a handicap of 2.8. The man generally considered the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus, plays off 3.4. In Reilly’s words: “If Trump is a 2.8, Queen Elizabeth is a pole vaulter.”


Cause we got a Covid Convoy, coughing through the night

Yeah, we got a Covid Convoy
Ain't she a messed up sight?
Come on and join our convoy
Ain't no mask gonna get in our way
We gonna spread this Covid
'Cross the USA

Yes But You Don't Go!

He drew up the battle plan himself.

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