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people are basically good, but we in general are basically selfish

THIS IS THE MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP. Abrasive and nasty comments not welcome here.

That's how I view humanity. I include myself in the selfish category at times, but we can overcome it at times of course. Or most of the time, or almost all the time, or...not at all. The sociopaths/psychopaths are selfish like 99.99% of the time and only appear to be unselfish when trying to gain their objectives.

People are basically good. Call me naive, but that's how I see us. Case in point: During my trip to Germany, a DUer here (who I will not name because I don't have his/her permission) is allowing me to stay overnight with him/her. Very generous IMHO.

Another lady on another forum is offering to meet me for coffee in Hamburg. She doesn't know me and I damn sure don't know her, but hey, she sees I will need a bit of company in Germany and we might have fun talking about Germany etc. I think she's an ok human and we're both harmless I think. Just humans being nice humans.

ETA: Another case in point, I was in Chicago last year and met up with mopinko. Great lady and GREAT DOG bif!

I could go on, but yes, I was inspired to write this today. Please don't let the horrible news obscure this, to me, basic fact. We humans get swayed in bad directions but ultimately I think we are good. I cannot see us as "bad", that would ruin my life.

At any rate...have a wonderful day!


"As a student who was inside the school while an active shooter was wreaking terror and havoc on..."

Dear Marco Rubio,

As a student who was inside the school while an active shooter was wreaking terror and havoc on my teachers and classmates with an AR-15, I would just like to say, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.


AMEN. He is f*********g paid not to understand, just like the rest of the GOP/NRA affiliate. Prayers, pffft...we've had more than enough, time to do COMMON SENSE REASONABLE THINGS. It's not binary OMGWTFBBQ CONFISCATION or nothing...there's a happy middle ground (if you can call common sense gun control happy).

Key 2nd Amendment argument: guns are needed to fight a tyrannical government....

Ok, let's really analyze this in depth. Not trolling, I think you long time DU'ers know me well enough to know I don't engage in that BS

Hypothetical scenario: Trump goes full fascist dictator and the military supports him. (yes yes I know, but bear with me)

I don't know all the facts about our military, stipulated.

How successful can we Americans be if our military supports a fascist dictator ? My assumption (yes, it's an assumption) is that eventually we democracy-loving Americans would prevail, somehow.

Help me please. I am being sincere here. I need to be educated by people who know the facts. Thank you in advance.

Snow way! Blind World War II RAF veteran hits the slopes at 96


Gordon Mills, who served in the RAF during the Burma campaign, has had his first ski lesson at the age of 96.

A blind World War II veteran has taken up skiing after completing a 70ft abseil and other ­daredevil sports.

Adrenaline junkie Gordon Mills, who served in the RAF in the Burma campaign, had his first lesson on the slopes at the Midlothian Snowsports Centre, thanks to the charity, Scottish War Blinded.

The 96-year-old from ­Edinburgh said: “It was a little harder than I imagined but extremely worthwhile. I enjoyed it very much.

A very high class young lady who is angry at Trump but apologizes


About my tweet directed to president trump, I apologize for the profanity and harsh comment I made. I hope you know I’m a grieving 16 year old girl who lost friends, teachers, and peers yesterday. I was and am still angry. I am apologizing for my comment but not for my anger.

I totally get why she did what she did. Trump is a world-class a*******e neo-Nazi who doesn't care about the gun victims in FL.

I can't find her original comment so far.

eta: As many on Twitter said, she shouldn't have felt she had to apologize. Her anger was real and she was authentic.

It Will Never Get Better and only get worse until....

1- a gunman is captured on live TV massacring an entire kindergarten and all the teachers and principals


2- a gunman is captured on live TV massacring an entire zoo full of cuddly and lovely animals


3- same thing, in a neonatal unit with him or her shooting up all the babies and the nurses


4- a gunman bursts into some congressional leader's family's home and shoots up the entire family, *preferably*
on live TV


5- the gunman shoots up the NRA president's family at a holiday gathering, preferably on live TV.

Pardon my extreme cynicism but this is how I view the gun insanity problem.

"We'd rather have kids get shot up at school than damage the Second Amendment"

FUCK THAT THINKING. This is goddamn insanity. Something REASONABLE needs to get done.

"Hotlanta": do people in Georgia or Atlanta ever say that ?

Or is that archaic or marketing or what ?

Just idle curiosity, my GA friends.

What's the best way to deal with help rejecting complainers?


F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.

Adrienne* is basically a nice woman. But she seems to feel that bad things only happen to her. Or when bad things happen to her, they’re worse than when they happen to anyone else. For instance, when her upstairs neighbor’s water pipes burst and leaked into Adrienne’s guest bedroom, Adrienne was sad about it for weeks. She talked about all of the terrible consequences of the disaster, including all of the money she would be spending on re-painting the damaged wall and ceiling in the room. During that time, a friend had an accident and broke her arm. Adrienne was very kind to this friend, even taking time out of her own schedule to visit, shop, and run errands for her. But soon the friend had tired of Adrienne’s ongoing chatter about the leak, the terrible struggle to get the walls repaired, and how terrible things always seemed to happen to her.

Is there is someone in your life who seems to always feel sorry for him or herself? Do you find yourself offering advice that never gets accepted? And do you feel guilty, because instead of sympathizing with their difficulties, you frequently feel frustrated with them?

If so, you are not alone. While Adrienne has some good friends who genuinely like her and feel that she does often get a raw deal in life, she sometimes irritates them. And she has difficulties at work because, although she is good at her job, she appears to drive her supervisor crazy.

Why does someone like Adrienne, who so clearly wants us to feel sorry for her, end up irritating us? And what can you do about the Adrienne in your life?

a few thoughts about getting better (one of which applies to me ofc)

THIS IS THE MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP. Abrasive and unkind comments not welcome here.

1- Most people have a "bottom" to their emotional/psychological pain, upon which they become galvanized to do what they need to do. Some do not ..and some just die miserable. Sad, harsh and true. I firmly believe for most human situations, where there is a WILL, there is a WAY. It may not be easy, cheap or fun, but there is a WAY out. Change it, adapt to it, or both.

2- Of course, the term "bottom" applies to much more than just alcoholism. It applies to anything in life that bothers you or impedes your enjoyment of life, IMHO.

3- Some patients/clients are called "help-seeking/help-rejecting" in the psych professions: they seek help, only to avoid implementing all rational and sane approaches. Hmm. At some point, everyone just gives up, including most psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, friends, family members, doctors etc. One can only complain so long, before one gets tuned out. Also sad, harsh and true.

My personal philosophy is, if you're going to "complain" (as distinguished from seeking support), you need to try your best to find a solution. That applies to me too. I realize I complained a lot in this group about my drug-withdrawal-thing, but at least I was doing what the doctor ordered me to do. I'm much better now, by the way. Still not 100% but much better, and I deeply appreciate the support I was given.

If you seek support, that's wonderful. Just know that it's a great thing to do your best to adapt to, cope with or change your situation, and we're here to support you in your efforts to do so.

My $0.02. If you disagree strongly, that's fine. I won't debate it with you, because my mind cannot be changed on this topic

Real life heroes star in Clint Eastwood French attack movie (2015 attack on train)


This week, the three American childhood friends who overpowered a man wielding an assault rifle and a box cutter on a passenger train to Paris are starring in a Clint Eastwood movie about the attack, and it’s feeling a little surreal.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos from Sacramento, California, play themselves in the movie “The 15:17 to Paris,” opening in U.S. movie theaters on Friday.

After meeting the three men in their 20s at an awards show, Eastwood decided to make a film, but rather than casting actors, the Oscar-winning director called on the friends themselves.

“Three weeks before shooting, he’s like ‘Do you guys want to do it yourselves?’ and we were like ‘What? The movie starts in three weeks and we never took acting classes,'” Sadler said.
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