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spinbaby's Journal
spinbaby's Journal
May 6, 2020

Here is the ignorance we're up against

For the past few days I’ve been collecting some of the more astounding Coronavirus comments from Facebook groups I frequent. I must emphasize that the vast majority of people in these groups are sane and reasonable, making the insanely ignorant really stand out. So, Without further ado:
Already had the Chinese flu and I’m not getting a vaccine for it when it is available

Are hospitals are not over ran not even close there for making his emergency declaration void. Pa law stated to order a emergency declaration are hospitals must be on verge of being over ran or put of supplies.

Stop letting MSM scar you into poverty.

The "medical officials" PAD the Actual number of people who Really died from actual Covid 19 complications. More people have died worldwide every year from the Common Flu.

your afraid that why you locked your self away out of fear because if you truly trusted in God then go out if you get sick so be it if you get sick and die so be it that’s Gods will what part of that don’t you understand,

It's about time people start rising up. We have been violated and it's just the beginning if people with American principals don't stand up and say, this is enough.

They just took 28k deaths off the covid list. Think about why the government would want their numbers boosted. The total deaths in the us is barely over 30k. The flu kills 100k every year

You're more likely to get hit by a beer truck Then to get C19 i'll take my chances.

If your healthy wearing a mask is not healthy for you!

The hospitals get more $$$ if they treat for this, I doubt we had a single case. Fake news

Suggestions not a law to force u to stay home

I never payed any attention to the"order" anyhow.

So Freedom was assaulted for something which has a death rate akin to a MILD Seasonal Influenza!!

I am allergic to the elastic. My face and eyes swell up and I absolutely could die from wearing a mask.

I cant wear a mask because I have a lung condition they have to let you in if your medical

Fear mongering. And it's created by ufos and murder hornets

The vaccine would contain nano technology of which could replicate itself inside of our bodies

The virus cannot live outside.

Tell me how I’m supposed to breath with no air

Yeah because we keep wearing masks it's gonna keep all our germs inside of us and will never be healthy. Destroy lungs with carbon dioxide

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