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sorefeet's Journal
sorefeet's Journal
April 30, 2014

So, are they trying to screw me(real estate)

I am in the process of buying a house. The closing is supposed to be May 12. I can't meet that deadline because the VA requires a paint job on the exterior and the weather in Montana won't cooperate. I told Quicken that it would hopefully be June 1 before it could be painted. THEY said they might have to charge me more but they won't tell me why or how much. They are being sneaky I feel. Or not being totally honest trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of me. Bankers are on the list of people I don't trust also. And they know I know nothing about buying a house. I thought the VA would protect me, but I don't know that either. Can they charge me more money. Could this screw me out of buying the house because I only got so much money and I totally refuse to over extend or live beyond my income(fixed). the oil boom out here is trying like hell to create another housing bubble.

April 13, 2013

Shut the country down for one hour

Designated date and time, everyone stops there autos and block traffic on every road in the country. A shot over the bow if you will. A protest that the next time will be 2 hours. What would zero fuel sales for one hour do. How do you let the true enemies of America know we have had all we are going to take. Could the whole country stay home and not spend a dime for even one day?? At least it's an idea.

April 5, 2012

We already have death panels in Montana

I got my brother "Pinky" out here because he was sick. Real sick. Here he was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. He was offered hospice. In Montana he was offered SSI not SSDI with twice the pay. It took 4 months to recieve it. Help from medicade was 40 days down the road.
He was going down hill fast and so was I, I felt like I had let him down and brought him to a bad place.
I talked to my sister in Illinois and we flew him there immediately. She is operations manager for a large clinic in Springfield. His SS was reviewed and he go full SSDI. He got Illinois medicade in 10 days after application in Illinois.
It was literally like he went to another country and it wasn't the U.S.
In Montana they made him go to 7 different doctors visits over a period of 2 and a half months, see 6 different doctors to evaluate him for pain and then refused him pain treatment. They offered him LYRICA. So with liver, bone and lymphnode cancer plus a stack of records from spinal surgery, these chicken shit, wannabe quack assed puppets with over 70 years of education and experience decided he didn't need a fuckin pain pill.

Our medical system SUCKS.

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