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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:43 PM
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Several posters

I've seen say RBG wanted abortion left up to states and gave a speech on this. I looked it up and found, once again, the anti choice folks are cherry picking this.

Time Magazine article in 2018:
When Sen. Hank Brown (R-CO) asked about her remarks during her confirmation hearing, she clarified her stance: “Abortion prohibition by the State, however, controls women and denies them full autonomy and full equality with men. That was the idea I tried to express in the lecture to which you referred.”

Ginsburg said that she believed it would have been easier for the public to understand why the Constitution protected abortion rights if the matter had been framed as one of equal protection rather than privacy. And in fact, there was a specific case she had in mind as one that should have driven the national conversation, instead of letting Roe carry that weight.

Re the use of Instagram for Amber Alerts

I'm very divided by this announcement today. Of course, we all want kidnapped and missing children found asap. But the use of my personal social media account by the government without my permission is very troubling. A fascist regime would do much harm with this power. Is no one questioning g this?


Florida man again

Guy shoots a dog at a dog park because his dog and another dog were growling at each other. Gotta love guns and Florida men!


Has anyone seen

A list of who the gun lobbists are? We know what politicians take their bribes, but who are they? Who do they work for? Time to make these anonymous ciphers known and make their lives miserable.

Gee thanks Morning Joe

For that focus groups with Elise Jordan. GOP voters were allowed to spew falsehoods and hate and the Democrat Group was mostly blacks, guaranteed to rile up the racists. MSNBC is becoming unwatchable.

I've been reading

Steve Schmidt's rants on Twitter this week. He's blasting many of his former associates. He seems overly angry. Today he got his licks into The Lincoln Project. Anyone know why? I'm wondering if he's believable or is he suffering from some sort of breakdown.

I'm just amazed

The first four speakers at the Subway shooting presser were women. The Police Commissioner, Fire Commissioner, Governor and Deputy Mayor! Well done New York!

This makes me cry

in frustration. Half a million dollars for bail is for heinous crimes, not a woman's right!
From Salon.com

A26-year-old woman named Lizelle Herrera was arrested on Thursday and faces a murder charge in relation to her own self-induced abortion.

Herrera is currently being held on a $500 thousand bond in the custody of the Starr County Sheriff's Office, according to local station KVEO-TV.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office gave a statement to news outlets saying that Herrera's arrest came about when their office learned she had "intentionally and knowingly cause(d) the death of an individual by self-induced abortion."

Related: The bizarre politics of radical anti-abortion activists

"This arrest is inhumane. We are demanding the immediate release of Lizelle Herrera.' said Rockie Gonzalez, founder and board chair of Frontera Fund in a quote used by Texas Public Radio. "What is alleged is that she was in the hospital and had a miscarriage and divulged some information to hospital staff, who then reported her to the police."

Amazing coincidence today

Anyone else checking out the just download 1950 census data? Not easy to read and a bit confusing, but you can do it. I went looking for hubby's family information today in the Chicago data. Just for fun, and found his family's census worker was my aunt and godmother who we lived with at the time! What a small world!

I guess

Senator Corney (R-Texas) wants to return to the days of States Rights. But I believe it was settleđ law about 150 years ago.
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