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Gender: Female
Current location: McLean VA
Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 06:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,372

Journal Archives

Anyone know where to stream MSNBC? Thx

Call White House about briefing entire Electoral College before Dec 19 about Russian interference

Phone number

Can some lawyer type explain to me why the illegal purging of voters by the Crosscheck

system cannot be used to invalidate the election?

I just donated to the Jill Stein recount effort.

I am no fan of Jill Stein, but as a candidate she has standing to request a recount. And, if she pays for it, at least some of the states have no recourse.

This is much better than Hillary asking for an audit. She avoids looking like a sore loser, and can be above the fray. It avoids problems within the Dem party between those who want an audit and those who don't.

She has to raise at least $2 million by Friday afternoon, and has raised about $500,000 so far. If you have doubts about the election, please help. If the election was hacked, we may never have another opportunity to audit one.


Just left fundraiser with Tim Kaine.

I was able to ask my question, about the vulnerabilities of voting machines and tabulating machines. He said they were well aware of that, especially machines with no paper trail. Virginia got away from machines: now complete paper trail. And, he mentioned in his remarks the Rusdian threat of attacking state systems. So at least he is well aware.

This week I'll get my flu shot. For my nephew and others who have no immune system.

My nephew finished 3 hellish years of chemotherapy last spring for leukemia. He's doing well now, but there is always a chance of relapse. But, he has no immune system right now. To look at him you'd never know he'd been sick for that long. But someone who used one of those excuses Mineralman listed for why people here justify not getting a shot could land him in the hospital, potentially life threatening. And it's not just the flu, he has no immunity to all the illnesses that vaccines protect against.

And there are thousands of other people out there whose immune system is compromised who you are jeaprodizing if you don't get a flu shot. Please think of them this fall and add to the all important "herd immunity" that protects them from very serious, even fatal illness.

Thanks to everyone who gets a shot.

For those who understand campaign finance law.

Bernie keeps being criticized for not dropping out. But he has campaign funds left over. He could give those to progressive candidates. But if he doesn't drop out, can't he use the funds to travel the country campaigning for the movement and for progressive candidates, as he just did in NY?

I'm not interested in discussion of him dropping/not dropping out: I would just like to understand the complexities of campaign finance law.

I voted for Bernie today!

I'll be out of town on 3/1, so I voted today in Virginia.

Joe Biden will become one of our greatest ex-vice-presidents,

Just as Jimmy Carter became our greatest ex-president. He will not go quietly into the night, but will continue to work to improve the world.

On the trolling concerning transgender women using the women's bathroom.

Almost 29 years ago, one of my employees came out to me as a transgender man. I say this only to establish that I have some experience here. (I didn't even know the word at the time).

Notice that the "concerns" are almost always about transgender women using a women's bathroom. This is a red flag to me, that we are still in a patriarchical society. A society which looks at women as possessions to be guarded. A society that protected women, versus guarded, would do much more to prevent sexual assault of women and children.

That said, I will say that bathroom use was a major issue in the case of my employee. My company was wonderful in how they helped ease the transition. My employee voluntarily chose to allow an open presentation and discussion, and to voluntarily restrict his use to a few bathrooms. Note I said, voluntarily. The company would have backed him if he had not chosen this.

I think there is little evidence of transgender women being a threat to other women, but there is certainly danger for a transgender person using a men's bsthroom.

I have been in places which have had unisex bathrooms, equipped with completely enclosed stalls, no separate public urinals. Some public facilities have changed their labels on separate bathrooms to include both genders, rather than one for each. (I've always wondered why men wanted to urinals so publicly). There are solutions which ensure the safety and dignity of transgender people, but there has to be the will to use them.
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