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Our President is the enemy of the people...



Fully Loaded: Inside the Shadowy World of Americas 10 Biggest Gunmakers

They are all white, all middle-aged, and all men. A few live openly lavish lifestyles, but the majority fly under the radar. Rarely is there news about them in the mainstream media or even the trade press. Their obscurity would seem unremarkable if we were talking about the biggest manufacturers of auto accessories or heating systems. But these are America’s top gunmakers—leaders of the nation’s most controversial industry. They have kept their heads down and their fingerprints off regulations designed to protect their businesses—foremost a law that shields gun companies from liability for crimes committed with their products.

With this investigation, Mother Jones set out to break through the opacity surrounding the $8 billion firearms industry and the men who control it. While the three largest companies disclose some financials, the rest are privately held. Some are further shrouded by private-equity funds or shell corporations based in overseas tax havens. We mined manufacturing data and import statistics from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). We also examined obscure press clippings, court documents, private industry reports, and tax records from the Treasury Department. Together, the 10 companies we investigated produce more than 8 million firearms per year for buyers in the United States, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total market. (None of the companies responded to our requests for further information.)

Do you own part of a gun company?

Many of these companies’ top executives have donned the jacket bestowed to members of the Golden Ring of Freedom, an exclusive club for $1 million-plus donors to the National Rifle Association. Several have been the focus of criminal investigations and lawsuits over everything from arms trafficking and fraud to armed robbery and racketeering.


Throw Them Out....

The Cost of Gun Violence....





We are not going to let you win

Watch Stoneman Douglas students sing powerful song they wrote in wake of shooting: ‘We’re not going to let you win’

The Stoneman Douglas Drama Club wrote an empowering song demanding change.

Titling the song “Shine,” the students stood surrounded by their parents, classmates, teachers, elected officials and community members desperately searching for answers.

“You’re not gonna knock us down. We’ll get back up again,” the chorus rang throughout the arena. “You may have hurt us but promise we’ll be stronger, and we’re not going to let you win. We’re going to put up a fight. You may have brought the dark but together we will shine the light.”

As another student played the piano, those in the audiences turned the lights on their phones and stretched them above the crowd to shine their own light.


The disturbing thread of white nationalism woven into the NRAs rhetoric

One of the most chilling moments during the past weekend of violence in Charlottesville came after much of the protest had ended and state officials were trying to take stock of what just happened. In an interview with the New York Times, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) defended the sometimes anemic response of state and local police, claiming that the officers were simply outgunned.

A line of assault rifle-carrying militia members, some of them sporting Confederate flags over their military fatigues, “had better equipment than our State Police had,” McAuliffe said. “It’s easy to criticize, but I can tell you this, 80 percent of the people here had semiautomatic weapons,” he said, adding that if “you saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army.”

The German scholar Max Weber once defined a state as “a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory.” Under this definition, Virginia’s status as a state briefly seemed to break down over the weekend.




Biden confirms reports McConnell blocked Obama from warning Americans about Russian election interfe

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the Obama administration’s efforts to warn the public about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, former vice president Joe Biden said Tuesday.

As Politico reports, the Senate leader refused to sign a bipartisan statement about Russia’s efforts. Former president Barack Obama felt the lack of bipartisanship would serve the Kremlin’s interests, Biden said.

The former vice president said Obama “would sit there literally after” each press briefing “and say, ‘What the hell are we going to do?’” Biden explained.

Biden was speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations about Russian efforts to sow discord in the United States’ electoral process. He told president Richard Haass that he regretted the administration’s failure to take more action before the election.



To me, it still looks bad either way....McConnell seems to have sold out our country....

BiBi has met his Flynn....

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