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Member since: Mon Oct 25, 2004, 01:41 AM
Number of posts: 3,112

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Twitter peeps-can you help me with this poll?

I don't have a huge amount of Twitter followers and most are DUers. My timing sucked for posting this poll and it's getting lost amid the press conference news.

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of a Viola Liuzzo movie and want to try to get the attention of some people who could make it happen. Hence, the poll. 😛 Please help if you're on Twitter.


A Great Man Died This Weekend

Civil rights attorney Dean Robb passed away Sunday.

Robb was in his 30s in 1961 when he began helping a group called Friends of the South organize 25 civil rights attorneys, mostly from Detroit, to help get Freedom Riders and other civil rights activists out of jail, challenge illegal arrests, and work with southern lawyers and civil rights organizations. In 1963, he organized an inter-racial conference of 10-12 southern lawyers in Atlanta where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke shortly after he was released from a Birmingham Jail. Robb’s biggest civil rights case was a civil lawsuit against the FBI filed by the family of murdered Detroit freedom rider Viola Liuzzo.

One of Viola Liuzzo's daughters posted this on Facebook yesterday... "Attorney Dean Robb passed at 5:05pm today. Dean has been a part of our family since the early 1970’s. He represented our wrongful death case for our mom Viola Liuzzo. He never left us. He was always there with an ear to listen and ready to help in anyway he could. He took the five of us under his wing after our dad died in 1978. Dean lived a wonderful life, always fighting for social justice. I was so very blessed he was a large part of our lives."

Rest in peace.

Beto is going to win.

That is 50% affirmation to the universe and 50% gut feeling.

Beto will win.

The Beto Song

Dumbass Trump with toilet paper on his shoe

What I love most about this is the number of people who probably saw it and said nothing.


The Awesomeness of Penzeys

Check out this Facebook post from Penzey's Spices...


Our Sunny Paris offer is part of our celebration of the 75th anniversary of Casablanca. It may well be the best love story ever, but it's also a roadmap for fighting the totalitarianism now taking hold of the Republican Party in America today. In love there is hope, and hope is the only force capable of beating the despair that allows fascism to take hold.

I get emails, lots of them. Some people have a hard time getting their heads around what standing up for humanity has to do with being a Spice business. And I get that this answer won't make sense to everyone, but what standing up for humanity has to do with being a Spice business is pretty much everything. Cooking is where we learned our humanity. Through cooking we came to understand that strength was not driving others away, strength comes from welcoming others in. Up until a year ago that's how America worked, too.

The good thing about Nationalists, Fascists, Nazis and their like is that they are never in the majority. The bad thing is that they are pretty good at demoralizing the majority to the point where they can seize control. What hope means in times of despair is also everything. The origins of our Embrace Hope pin go back to well before the time that publicly supporting the equality promised to all by the US Constitution was seen as supporting one party and attacking the other. Originally this was to be a plaque we placed above the doors to our stores.


And please be ready for a time when we will have to Embrace Hope more than ever. The coordinated Republican attack we are seeing right now against the first amendment’s guarantee of a free press and against America’s dedicated law enforcement agencies is a clear indication that there is a lot more about to be revealed than simply vague meetings with Russians that went nowhere, and states’ voting databases being hacked for no reason.

The desperation of these attacks on the press and law enforcement are the signs of a party in great fear of the public learning the true extent of its actions. They are labeling the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s support of the Republican Party as un-American. This is a party fighting for its life. Good chance there will be times where many find themselves in despair ahead. You’re a Cook, Embrace Hope instead.

Thanks for reading,



GOP Meeting

So this happened...


How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist

“I feel like I’ve lost faith in humanity, in our country, in myself,” a client told me recently. “Is this depression, or is this the election?”

“Good question,” I replied. The truth is, individual psychology is hugely influenced by political realities. Many of us feel insane right now because our world is not sane. Current events are very much at odds with our natural optimism, and our belief in human goodness and progress.

What made us so optimistic in the first place? Our nation was founded on idealistic, positive principles: human worth and dignity, the inevitability of progress, and the goodness of the human collective. Alex de Tocqueville in the early 19th century described Americans’ remarkable optimism with interest. As an article in the Atlantic described in 2015, Americans have maintained our unusually sunny outlook even through our darkest hours. If we have a national ideology, it could be encapsulated in Obama’s farewell address, with the assertion, “I truly believe we are going to be okay.”

From such elevated hope has come a long, hard fall. We find ourselves in a darkening political climate in which corruption, hatred, exclusion, and paranoia are prominent. Many are experiencing despair and anxiety like never before, judging by the increase in calls to suicide and crisis hotlines, and anecdotal reports from therapists. A national trauma, just like a personal one, is as disorienting as it is terrifying. It makes us question everything we thought we knew. Two questions must be answered in order to heal:

How can we integrate this crisis into our understanding of the world?
What do we do now?


Have you seen these free Mary Englebreit downloads?

You can find them here... https://www.maryengelbreit.com/collections/free-downloads

If you are on Facebook, I highly recommend her Facebook page, mainly because she keeps pissing off her wingnut fans and she just does not give a shit. This is what she wrote today in the description for a little fairy house, "The first is a drawing of a little house I'd love to run away to and forget all about the rapidly growing list of woes in the world. -snip- Alas, they are too small for you to actually hide out in, but they're so cute, they might help you forget Sean Spicer or United Airlines for a minute. In other words--- worth their weight in gold!" Most of her fans are very supportive of her political talk but the Trumpsters have a fit. Love it.
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