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Is anyone else watching Don Lemon right now?

A lawyer named Paula Cobia (an attorney for one of the victims) is giving a very moving interview.

Amid Roy Moore Scandal, the Last Thing Alabama Democrats Want Is Help

WASHINGTON — Alabama Democrats have a message for out-of-state allies eager to help in the state's Senate race: Thanks, but no thanks. "I tell them to stay home," said Giles Perkins, the former executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party. "This is an Alabama race, and we will decide it here."

Allegations of sexual impropriety against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore may have created an opening for Democrats. But the scandal has also blown up Democrat Doug Jones' strategy of keeping the race under the radar in the overwhelmingly Republican state — and out of the national partisan fray.

"I’ve been nervous about this hoopla involving Roy Moore because of the danger of sucking out the issues — kitchen table issues — that Doug needs to focus on," said Bob Vance, a Democrat who came within striking distance of beating Moore in the 2012 race for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Jones has been trying to avoid polarizing the race along party lines, since that would spell doom in one of the reddest states in the country, and that means keeping national progressive groups and personalities on the sidelines.


Food for thought. According to Doug Jones's allies the best thing we can do to help is to not help.

Any updates on VA turnout.

I know we need big turnout in NOVA.

World Series 2017: Astros Beat Dodgers for First Title

Source: NY TIMES

In the franchise’s 56th season, the Houston Astros are finally champions after closing out the Los Angeles Dodgers with a 5-1 win in Game 7 of what was a thrilling World Series from start to finish.

It was a Series defined by relief pitching and home runs, and Game 7 had both. Neither starting pitcher made it out of the third inning, with the teams combining to use eight relievers. On offense, the Astros were powered to victory by George Springer, the team’s center fielder, who homered for the fourth consecutive game, and tied Reggie Jackson and Chase Utley for the most home runs in a single World Series with five.

That the game had just one home run was almost an upset in a Series that included a record-setting 25 home runs, which shattered the previous mark of 22 set by the Anaheim Angels and the San Francisco Giants in 2002.

For all of the drama of the previous six games, the winner-take-all Game 7 was relatively quiet after Houston exploded for five runs in the first two innings against starter Yu Darvish and then simply held on to win.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/sports/world-series-dodgers-astros.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fsports&action=click&contentCollection=sports®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront&_r=0

Americans Deeply Divided Over Who They Want to See Go to Prison First


Excited Crowd Outside Muellers Office Awaits First Arrest

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands has gathered outside the office of Robert Mueller in eager anticipation of the special counsel’s first arrest in the Russia probe.
Minutes after news was leaked that charges had been filed, Americans from across the country descended on Mueller’s office to witness firsthand what many called the beginning of the end of the nightmare.

“I can’t believe this day has finally come,” Carol Foyler, who drove from North Carolina, said. “My husband is having surgery today, but I didn’t want to miss this.”
Although the gathering has been largely peaceful, isolated arguments have erupted over which member of Trump’s circle the attendees would like Mueller to arrest first.

A faction shouting “Don, Jr.” started pushing and shoving another group chanting “Jared” before police intervened.


Report: Majority Of Money Donated At Church Doesn't Make It To God

WASHINGTON—A shocking report released Monday by the Internal Revenue Service revealed that more than 65 percent of the money donated at churches across the world never reaches God. "Unfortunately, almost half of all collections go toward administrative expenses such as management, utilities, and clerical costs," said Virginia Raeburn, a spokesperson for the Lord Almighty, adding that another 25 percent of heavenly funding is needed just to cover payroll for the angelic hierarchy. "People always assume God is filthy rich, but they'd be surprised to learn His net worth is only around $8 million—and most of that is tied up in real estate." According to Raeburn, God currently has enough money saved to live comfortably throughout all eternity, but He may be forced to shutter a number of† under-performing religions.


Thought we could use a laugh.

Chris Rock on Gun Control

With all the horror is the world humor keeps us sane. I think Chris Rock had the right idea about guns.

Americans Opposed to Being Shot Seek Representation in Washington

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Americans who are opposed to being shot, a constituency that has historically failed to find representation in Washington, are making a new effort to make its controversial ideas heard in the nation’s capital.

“When you bring up the idea of not wanting to be shot with members of Congress, there’s always been pushback,” Carol Foyler, founder of the lobbying group Americans Opposed to Being Shot, said. “Their reaction has been, basically, ‘Not being shot: who’s going to
support something like that?’”

Foyler, however, believes that the right to not be shot, much like women’s right to vote, the right to same-sex marriage, and other rights that were deemed controversial in their day, may be an idea whose time has finally come.

“For years, we’ve been talking about the right to not be shot and people have been looking at us like we’re out of our minds,” she said.

“But recent polls show that a vast majority of Americans, in fact, do not want to be shot.”


Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE -- Netflix Special

Part 2 can be found on YouTube.

It is sad when it takes a Aussie comedian to tell the truth about guns.
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