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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 51,722

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i have no idea who this is, but interesting- ronan farrow-


Ronan Farrow has Trump N-word tapes from "The Apprentice."

If you've done something even remotely bad, keep a distance of at least 10 thousand miles between you and Ronan Farrow.

For instance, if I was, say, Brett Kavanaugh, I'd already be on my way to Australia.

about that "booming economy"


jeebus msnbc- ads for scientologists?

this i prolly the cable provider, direct tv, but i cant believe they have no control over ads on their channel.
why there is even a scientology channel in the first place, i dunno. i guess it shows how stupid we are.
but i want to throw a brick at my teevee.

"this is not normal"

of everything my president said, this is the one that made me say-
hallelujah- sing it.


link to obama's speech right now.

i am sure there will be others, but

is it normal for the chair to be representing the nominee, testifying away?

grassley just answered coons' questions/points about kavanaugh's record of dissents.
is this normal? i dont recall other confirmation hearings.

the monster puppy turns 1. yes, i still have him.

previous posts about mr monster punky here-

well, i have meant to post updates a couple times about the progress we are making, then he eats a couch, or a chicken or something, and i start to lose all hope for the kid, but-

we are in week 6 w an e-collar, and i think i can make a good dog out of this nitwit yet. it is really helping. it has 3 buttons- a buzz that you can use like a clicker, a 1/10th of a second shock, and a stop that shit right now button. after laying a foundation w the recall, it has become invaluable. he wears it all day, and i wear the controller around my neck. i finally have a definitive way to tell him- NO!!

honestly, in a lot of ways, he is a good kid. he is bright enough to be trainable, and does well when he is in a calm state. and he does have the aptitude for the job that i got him for- chasing rodents. he has been catching mice and rats, and chases bunnies and squirrels like a hellhound.

he remains unhousebroken, the little shit. he is getting there, goes quickly when let out, but he is a sneaky lil shit.
part of that problem comes from his troubles w my old terrier girls, whom he torments seriously. he just wants to play, but they have zero interest. i havent been able to really corral him during the day, since they give him hell. but one of the benefits of the e-collar is that i have been able to lower the temperature on that shit. hence, i can corral him w a gate and he is even able to hang w the pack on the bed w me.
they are starting to accept him, as is his big brother, biff. this is really helping.

but chickens, yeah. he has killed several, and eaten 2. my fault that he was allowed his evening crazy time in the yard after the chickens are in the coop, but a couple of times, for one reason and another, there has been a kid who wasnt in the coop, when i thought they were all in. he behaves for the most part when i am around. i am convinced that he just wants to play, but he destroys most toys in minutes, so...
but w the e-collar, he is getting corrected if he so much as looks at them. so he is even better when i am there, and i can also watch him from a window, and zap him when he goes after one.
it isnt impossible for me to keep them separated. i may never be able to trust him alone. but i think that w time, he will forget about chasing chickens and stick to the rodents.

the e-collar is also letting me work w him off leash, which is a must if he is going to do the job i need him to do.
if he gets his hunting time, and some exercise and training time, he is pretty good. calm. controllable.
he is certainly a loving dude. sticks to me like velcro, and wants so bad to be good.
i hate so much to give up on a dog. at 1 year, i feel like we are well on our way. still got a lot of the puppy doofus, but calming down. and clearly an intelligent guy, motivated to please.

patience, patience, patience. and good tools.

i sorta feel sorry for the next dem pres already.

we will be back to tan suits and grey poupon, cuz- we cant have another drumph!!!! we cant let him be the new standard!!!
quelle horror!!!!!!

it's not donald drumph that mueller was tasked to investigate.

it was the health and security of our democracy.
it was the attack, act of war, by our long term enemy, on the foundations of democracy.

but spanky has made it about himself from day one.

what does that tell you?

somebody needs to break the rules.

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