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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 50,720

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my son thinks he is a sovereign citizen.

le sigh.
he is in cook county jail. he got nabbed speeding in wis, and decided it was a good idea to try to outrun the cops.
he blew off his court dates, of course. i dont know how he got picked up, but presume he got caught pretending the traffic laws dont apply to him.

his public defender begged him to ask for extradition to wis, instead of going to cook county jail. but no.
he actually tried to play that shit in court. and his gf almost joined him in jail for yelling at the judge. (she paid his $1500 bail w money she couldnt really afford to lose.)

have no idea what is going to happen to him in jail. but sorta hoping he has a full on meltdown, and gets kicked to the psyche ward. i had to have him picked up twice just recently. the first time he got 72 hours, but the second time he was able to get out after a night in the er.
i just hope that he isnt traumatized by more than 30 days w no weed.

i always thought those people had real issues. now i know they do.

when you have lost the burbs,

you have lost america.

thugs- write you living will now. you will be on life support soon.

should du have a singles forum?

i remember back in the day several couples who started out here in the lounge, and got married.
it's a different time now, and trolls would prolly be thick. it seemed like a perfect way to find the right person, tho.

i am trying to do dating in my 60's, and it seems insurmountable. not interested in anyone who isnt a dyed in the wool liberal.
not real interested in online dating forums. i at least think that here just sticking your head up would not result in a deluge of dick pics. i could be wrong, i guess.

anywho. anyone else?

vote on the damn bill. you have a daca bill, congress.

vote on it. make cheato use his veto.

vote on the bill you took to the white house. put yourselves on record.
i dont get how now we let this idiot have a pre-emptive veto, when he changes his mind every other day.

dick durbin bringin it.

just introduced 2 dreamers.
now asking homeland security about the shithole comment.
she is dodgin like a trapped rat.

any opinions about email blast/contact capture companies?

thinking of using mailchimp for my sister's campaign. but we had darn well better exceed the free levels. it is prolly gonna cost us $25/mo by the time we get to the primary.

anyone have any experience w other services?

so proud of my hood. and my rep.


so who grows dwarf heirloom tomatoes?

looking through the selection at http://www.victoryseeds.com/tomato_dwarf.html

my head is spinning a bit.
i have grown them for several years thanks to NRaleighLiberal.
i have a couple faves.
to be honest, i mostly grow them for my annual plant sale, where they are pretty popular for the many small and balcony gardens in the hood.
but i grow a few to get a little more variety out of my larger but still limited space.

which ones would you want to grow?

do eye vitamins actually work?

23andme tells me i have the marker for macular degeneration.
dont know of anyone in the family that has it, and my eye sight is ok for someone my age.

need to see the eye doc, and pretty sure they will recommend the vitamins. just wondering what folks know.

my sister is running. can du tweeters give her a boost?

please help my sister boost her signal on twitter. follow her, and she will follow you.

(imma squeeze y'all for money soon, but this is just a quick click way to help her out.)


and, oh yeah, please knr here.
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