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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
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Democratic women make unprecedented gains in DuPage County

Source: daily herald

DuPage County Democrats longed for it.

DuPage Republicans feared it.

When it finally came Tuesday, it wasn't so much a blue wave that swept down the DuPage ballot as it was a political tsunami that both carried and lifted Democrats -- all women -- to unprecedented heights in county government in an area that long had been a GOP stronghold.

When the night began, Democrats held just one seat on the 18-member county board and no countywide posts. By Wednesday morning, Democrats had captured seven of 12 available county board seats -- including at least one in all six districts. Another Democrat had become county clerk and two relative unknowns had put serious scares into other Republicans, including the county board chairman.

It was the largest Democratic victory in DuPage County in anyone's memory, giving the party far bigger gains than in the post-Watergate years or any of the eight years of the Obama presidency.

Here's a quick look at the newly formed Blue Women Group -- the Democrats who won county seats.

Read more: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20181107/democratic-women-make-unprecedented-gains-in-dupage-county

my sister, sheila rutledge wasnt the only one. she is part of a small blue wave that also flipped il6, and sent peter ro-scum off to spend more time w his family.

i love it.

(ps, i am now 1 for 1 as a campaign manager.)

my sister is winning

still a little early. killed it in the early voting. ahead so far. this is a top 2 race. looks like the only real question is if she bests the longest serving member.

thank you du for all the help.

eta. almost all the votes are counted and she appears to have won.
lots of other dems winning here too.

aaaaand 100 % of the vote in now. we win!!!!!!!

my sister is running- how about a shout out to the downticket races?

here in longtime red dupage county, there are dem women for every spot on the county board, plus judges, county clerk.

sheila has knocked on HUNDREDS of doors, as have all these candidates.
doors win elections. they have all been greeted by enthusiasm for having dems in races that often had none.

it is one thing to have a volunteer for a congressman knock on your door, but to have an actual candidate show up, shake your hand and ask for your vote? that is what blue waves are made of.

so how about a shout out for those running for these un-glamorous seats? they are carrying us all on their shoulders.

my sister is running- morning report

despite high levels of early voting, there was a pretty long line when the polling place opened.
lots of young people voting.
out of 150 people who voted while she was there, only about 10 did so on the ev machine.

it's cruddy and cold here. but i feel sunny.

my sister is running- mapping polling places to place our signs, and

we find a strange correlation between where the white people live and where there are polling places seemingly on every corner. every busy street seems to have one on either side, not far apart.
strangely, where the brown people live, not so many.

my sister is running. you helped to do this. thank you, du.

sheila cut her wcpt spot on tuesday, and she and i got a half hour on the ben joravsky's show.
here is a link to video of our visit. sheila and i come in at the 1 hr mark.


please knr.

eta- i sorta blanked on his question about my first political experience, but i have since remembered that it started w a running trash talk w a girl 1 year ahead of me in high school about nixon v humphrey.

my sister is running. do you want to support progressive radio?

we are fortunate here in chicago to have held on to our former air america affilliate, wcpt.
they have a combination of syndicated talent like stephanie miller, thom hartmann, bill press, and local talent like ben joravsky. ben is a long time investigative journalist from the chicago reader, and a great repository of local political lore.
his show has been visiting each of the collar counties, talking to the dem candidates that are popping up all through the area. recently, they had my sister on the show, along w the rest of the blue wave at the bottom of the ticket in formerly solid red dupage county.
here is the podcast, sheila comes in at about 1:05.
one thing sheila says is that most of what she knows about politics she learned from ben.
and here she is on the ballot. proof of the importance of progressive radio.
and here is progressive radio, helping her and all the rest of those often overlooked down ticket races, giving them a platform.

we have had many a conversation around here about how to counter rw talk radio. air america took a shot at it, but it was sabotaged from the start.
i have to say i still grind an axe about the dem candidates in those early days who DID NOT ADVERTISE. i dont remember ever hearing a spot for john kerry at the time. what a great place that would have been to hit back at the swift boaters. what a great place it would have been to build the necessary public support if he had challenged the ohio vote count.
but no.

well, here we are, at the bottom of the ticket, wanting to give back.

here is what you can do to help local, progressive radio-
sheila wants to run a spot of wcpt. we need to raise $1,000.
sheila doesnt want to take my money, and does things like sending me checks to cover things that i wanted to pay for. but she will take it this way- i will match whatever duíers give to this effort to build the blue wave.

so dig deep my friends. i promise this is my last ask.
címon. support progressive radio, and sheila.


also, if you want to do paypal instead of actblue, send to sheila4dupage6@gmail.com

c'mon folk. build that blue wave. it starts at the bottom of the ballot.

eta, please knr if you cant give.

Chicago's Sip of Hope - a cafe where it's OK not to be OK

Prompted by the suicide rate in the United States, a coffee shop in Chicago is trying to reach out to those struggling with mental health issues.


imma have to check this out.

eta direct link.

and imma have to bring biff.

has anyone here ever done mass text messaging?

want to do a couple gotv texts to our lists.
i think i can manage this from my laptop, as i can connect to my phone. but wondering what else there is.

my sister is running. she is on wcpt right now. all the dupage dem candidates.


the ben joravsky show.
just sayin.
will post the link to the podcast when it comes up.
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