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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 49,520

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so let me get this straight- opioid addicts get a carve out but

if you have cancer, chronic illnesses, brith defects, any other pre-existing conditions you can go fuck yourself.

wow, how they change their tunes when it is white people w a drug problem.

the russian campaign to crush american democracy- part 2.

what if electing cheato sporkhands was not the end game here for putin?
first- hack the election, elect a brainless idiot to the highest office in america

is there a part 2?
crush the puppet that you just elected. expose american democracy as a game for fools.
leave the u.s. in knots for at least 4 years, if not for a generation.

i think so.

would you run for an office where you might be the only dem?

my sister is mulling a run for a county board seat. red county, tho trending a bit purple.
one dem, also a woman. 3 republican women. 18 member board.

county dems hoping to get one dem in each of the 6 3 member districts. they are fairly well financed, and have good data and active members.

board chair is a super asshole. voting integrity has been totally stymied.

would you do it?

eta- hillary took her district by 15%

chicago trolls cheato- real fake.


re protest at mcturle's office yesterday- does anyone know how many injuries

resulted from the way they yanked people out of their wheelchairs?

it doesnt take much to hurt someone who has those kinds of handicaps. even repositioning someone in bed requires a trained cna per medicare/medicaid rules.

any word?

urban farming on the front page of the chicago tribune.

oui, ce moi


slow news day in chicago.

front page.

‘Chicken lady’ in Rogers Park ruffles neighborhood feathers
Some dismiss people who try to bring farms into city as quirky — or worse


eta- this is me.


i just wanted to post something here that i hope doesnt sound preachy, pull yourself up by your bootstraps or anything like that.

but i just thought i would post something about my volunteer work.
i have spent much of my life trying to make the world a better place. but it doesnt seem like any of it really did.
i do have to my credit that i helped to found a support org for hard hatted women. it still exists today, 30 years later. it does a lot of good work, but the percentage of women in blue collar trades has hardly budged.

the rest of it, fighting wars, working for the era, even helping to elect barack obama, seems like it has all just slipped away.

but for the last 2 years, inspired by du'er mucifer, i have been a hospice volunteer. i was really afraid it might be a weight i couldnt bear. but i did it anyway.
and i just cannot tell you what it has done for ME.
this is a door we will all walk through, for ourselves or for family.
to face it once a week seems to take the fear down a notch.

but most of all, to be of service to people in crisis has been one of the most fulfilling things i have ever done.
i give most of the credit to my amazing dog, biff.
i got him certified as a therapy dog, and he goes w me every week.
he opens doors and starts conversation in an amazing way.
he totally disarms people.

and then they talk to me.
they teach us that our most important job is "holding space", being there in a non-judgemental way.
with his help i am able to walk into the lives of people at a most horrific moment, and have them open up.
they tell me about the struggles in their family. the trials and tribulations. the conflict.
and i just listen, and tell them that it is a horrible moment, but i am here to make it a little lighter.
and we do. it is almost impossible not to smile at biff. many folks pet him and feel that there is some peace somewhere.

i walk out almost every day feeling that we have accomplished something. feeling like we have actually made a difference in the world. a difference that sticks.

the obligation that i feel to this job is sorta like having a pet, and having to set yourself aside a little bit every day, and take care of them.
hardly a week goes by that i dont feel like bugging out, and blowing it off. but i very rarely do.
especially on special days. like mother's day, father's day, christmas.

instead of being swamped by my own problems, i am there to lighten that for others.
the talks, the hugs, the smiles.
it fills my heart.
fills it w the satisfaction of making the world a little better.

i know that a lot of folks here cant hold a job. to volunteer is a job that is not a job. i could quit tomorrow and no one would be mad. it would have no consequences.
but i would miss it. i am lucky that i dont need the money.
but i sure need the satisfaction of doing something good in the world.

anyone here who is looking for a way to get out of their own little world, think about a way to serve others.
the rewards are immense. the costs are few.

what will be the breaking point for the deplorables? anyone want to start a pool?

at some point, the base has to crack, imho. i know there will be dead enders, but we see them starting to slip a liiittttttlle bit.

i am watching my personal trumpkin (a former obama supporter who decided he was a cia plant.) for signs of cracking. so far the only criticism i have gotten out of him is that he does not like the nepotism.
perhaps as the rats leave the ship he will have to bring qusay and uday into the west wing after all. i mean, someone has to answer the damn phones. that cant win any friends.

what do you think could cause the scales to fall from their reptilian eyes?

Out-of-district money flows into effort to oust Democratic senator

If a measure to recall state Sen. Josh Newman ever qualifies for the ballot, donors from outside the Fullerton Democrat’s district will have had a major part in making it happen.

Campaign filings by the main pro-recall campaign committee make clear that the effort to oust the Fullerton Democrat so far has a heavy San Diego flavor.

Of the more than $44,000 in contributions reported by the Reform California committee since early April, at least $29,000 has come from donors in San Diego County, where recall leader Carl DeMaio, a former city councilman and congressional candidate, hosts a radio show, according to a pair of filings by the committee in recent days.

About $2,000 has been raised by donors listing residences within Newman’s 29th Senate District, the filings show.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article154515194.html#storylink=cpy

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