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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 50,342

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dear investigative journalists- how are congressional pages these days?

if members of congress and their professional staffs are not safe, still, then what is happening to the pages?

y'all remember the pages, right?
john shimkus, who was in charge of the pages, still sits in congress after mark foley quit when caught stalking and harassing pages.
he should be in prison, but no.

i say we should check in w them.

correct me if i am wrong- the anita hill moment.

some people are asking if #metoo is different from the moment that anita hill pulled back the curtain. will it stick this time?

my recollection of that time is that a flood of stories ensued back then. it looked like it might be a flood that would upturn the world of politics and power.
but it died away.

i dont remember who else was outed for doing what.

but this feels like a lot the same, where more and more people were hit, but then stories became more and more ambiguous. then it died.

did the media get tired and move it off the front burner?
or did people get tired of hearing about it?
or did we get compassion overload?
or did powerful people snuff it out?

seed saving ??

will you get viable seeds from tomatoes or peppers which ripen off the vine?
is there any impact on pepper seeds if given the tomatoes rot treatment?

doing last round of seed saving w the mushy tomatoes and the first frost sweep of hot peppers.

louis gutteirez having big fun batting jeff sessions around.

baiting him about putting hillary in jail.

while we are talking about flynn and turkey,

might we mention that the whole coup they are trying to pin on gullen was as phony as a $3 bill?

no doubt they would have loved to hang the dude for it anyway, which is why obama wouldnt hand him over.
all i know about the dude is that his org owns the charter school around the corner from me which is a model damn school.
and that the fbi raided the central office, and it was a nothingburger.

dear tweety. this story isnt STARANGE!!! it's as common as mud.

maybe it is playing out in not the usual trip to the memory hole, but powerful men been fuckin w powerless women/boys/girls/men forever and a day.

just stop acting like this is such a shocking story. especially at this moment in time.

big thanks to all the first time candidates, win or lose.

thank you for stepping up. i know how much work it is to stand up a campaign.

thanks for jumping into the arena, and super congrats to the winners.

drumph still working on his speech, 15 min late,

they are trying to talk him out of calling him rocketman.
oh, and launching the nukes.

cuz he is stupid enough to push the button on himself.

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my sister has walked on.

got the call this morning that my sister's trials are over.
dont think there is anywhere that she is now, i just know that she isnt in the last place on earth i want to be, myself.

she was in hospice, but nobody thought it would be this quick.


my youngest shares a birthday w her, and was very upset about the move to hospice. she is in the hospital herself, with a mysterious liver problem.
i talked to her this morning, intending to tell her, but right now she is in out of control pain, so i am just gonna wait on telling her for now. hopefully later today she will be a little more able to take the news.

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