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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 49,945

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no lindsay graham, i dont think that dc wonks know better than states-

i think that the right to healthcare is the same in all 50 states, that's all.
handing out block grants to the mostly rethug governors of america is a recipe for discrimination and disaster.

what is being done to evacuate puerto rico?

the military should be there, scooping up anyone they can.
we should commandeer cruise ships.

especially those poor folks that fled there after irma. can you imagine the trauma? i cant.

Judge rules in city's favor on sanctuary cities, grants nationwide injunction

In a ruling with national impact, a federal judge in Chicago on Friday blocked the Trump administration's rules requiring so-called sanctuary cities to cooperate with immigration agents in order to get a public safety grant.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber held that Chicago has shown a "likelihood of success" in its arguments that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions exceeded his authority in imposing new standards governing Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants across the country.

He also said Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration has shown the city could suffer "irreparable harm" in its relationship with the immigrant community if it were to comply with the U.S. Department of Justice's new standards.

"Once such trust is lost, it cannot be repaired through an award of money damages, making it the type of harm that is especially hard to rectify" were he to wait until the lawsuit is settled, Leinenweber wrote in the 41-page ruling.

The preliminary injunction granted by Leinenweber applies to districts nationwide.


hadnt seen this posted here.
hate on rahm if you will, but he aint gonna let cheato turn us around.

if you were to run for a local office in a purple area, how much

would you link up w national politics?
my sister is running for a county board. nothing about the purview of the job matches up w what cheato is doing to the country.
it is leaning more and more blue, after decades of being solid red. i have no doubt that the resistance is alive and well there.

but i hate, hate, hate when candidates stand on issues that have nothing to do w their office.
her dem challenger is having a conversation on her fb page about the aca. this is my sister's biggest issue. it is life and death in her family. but the job has nothing to do w healthcare or the aca.

she needs to walk a fine line, and i am not sure where she should be standing.
(i am her defacto campaign manager till she can raise some money to hire one.)

what would you do? what would your slogan be?
i think something like- resist at every level- would make her happy. but i dont know if this doesnt alienate more supporter than it attracts.

help us out here, du.

why isnt bernie's medicare for all paid for w corporate taxes?

seems to me this could end up revenue neutral for corps that now provide health insurance for their employees, while taxing those that dont do that now. win-win.
i dont know what that dollar amount is, but maybe someone here has that.

hoping the cbo score for this isnt totally whacked.

we really need to be focused on buying people out, and building

new, green, sustainable cities on higher ground.
dont have to force anyone, but make it worth people's while to move out of vulnerable areas.

we also need the fed flood insurance to be like mass's. rebuild once, sure. second claim? sorry. rebuild elsewhere.

how much of the hatred of the obamas was ginned up in macedonia?

came across this story via news and guts. if this guy goes back a decade, how much of this bullshit started waaaay before 2016?

Mirko Ceselkoski has more than a decade of experience running websites that target American readers.

He started with sites that specialize in dubious health tips, muscle cars and celebrity gossip. But then he discovered fake news.


well, if nothing else, hillary's book

is getting under cheato's skin, so there is that.

just a first nudge. my sister is running for county board.

dupage county in illinois used to be solid red. but these days it is getting more purple by the day. (and peter roscum should be looking over his shoulder. there are a bunch of good candidates lining up for his job.)
there is an 18 member county board that has 1 dem. and they treat her like shit, of course.

so my sister is stepping up to level the playing field a little. dupage dems hope to get one dem from each of the 6 districts. sheila is the strongest candidate so far.

stop in and say hi.
when we get a little more up and running, you know i will be puttin on the big ask. so, put a little aside while we ramp up our paperwork.


seed saving- how to keep bugs out of seed.

so, i saved a bunch of hollyhock pods. of course they were full of weevils. i soaked the seeds in a cup of water, and they all came crawling out. or i hope all. when i spread the seeds out on paper towel, i picked off a couple dead ones, and they seem to be clean now.

also have a bunch of sunflower seed. last time i saved sunflowers i opened the cigar box in the spring, and they had all been eaten by some little moth, i think.

also lost a box of pumpkin seeds, tho it didnt happen until they were about 3 years old.

so, anyone have good tips for preventing insect infestations in their seed?
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