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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
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feminist anthems- bring em out.

i'll start- kristen lems
i 1st heard this album in about 77-8. i was a member of the fox valley women's coalition, a single mom, an apprentice carpenter, and a pretty newly minted feminist. for obvious reasons.
one of the members was about to divorce her quite wealthy hubs. we got together at her spectacular house, drank wine and listened to this album and 'in the out door'. a couple of them knew the words. i wouldnt have sung along then if had known the words, but i would like to propose singing our lil hearts out in this moment.
bougie, i know, but...


full album

i'd like to recommend this song in particular for our daughters.

c'mon, lets get the choir together.

reasons to science- a small distraction from the news.

so, i've been thinking about this post for a couple days. it seems like a dumb time to post it, but hey, look over here for a minute.

i've made a few posts here about taking voice lessons in my 60's. i highly recommend it. it's good for the body and the soul.
one of the most surprising things to me has been how much my science background has helped.
knowing your anatomy helps, which i know about through both art and science.

but there's sooooo much physics here. it's one thing to think of your lungs as resonators. it's another to be able to see it's shape, and the shape of that wave. to know that your chest voice is a big round shape, and your head voice is a small round shape, and the place where they overlap is an hourglass.
to be able to just sense where the sound is coming from is gold. it lets you place it exactly where you need it.
i still have a few more high notes to find, but i'm starting to get control of that crossover. the trick to that is opening up your throat and flattening out that shape, making it more like spock's coffin than an hour glass.
understanding the opposing forces at work is helping me control them. making them symmetrical, or not, is where the color is in all this.

and off i go into a whole other field.

i've had many, many reasons to be grateful for the science i started learning when i was knee high. this is the best so far.

while we're talking about pardons

let's talk about stone, bannon, flynn, manafort BEFORE j6.
clearly, they were pardoned to help w the coup.
manafort planned the f'ing rally.

it's called accelerationist. it's a thing. wisdom from beau of the 5th column-

posted as a reply in this thread, but i think it's worth an op.

I had dinner last night with a very progressive friend of mine.

if you arent a fan of beau, i suggest you up your game. this guy is sooo good at talking to the other side, all along the political spectrum.

i wonder how many previously normal people

have been pushed over the edge into stalkerhood by fb.
i'm being tormented by a face shot profile pic w a lil green light. every.damn.time i pop in there.
it's mostly in my peripheral vision, but zuck keeps telling me we should get a room.

i had a difficult dad.

ok, so, for starters, i'm my father's daughter in ways big and small.
someday i'll write my story, but i long ago wrote the 1st line-
to my mother's everlasting chagrin, my father infected me at an early age w the ability to believe in dreams.
i was 17 when he died, and if you had asked, i'd have told you i hated his guts. the grief that hit me, shocked me. i had no idea where the tears came from.
i walked in that haze into and out of my 1st marriage.
i credited him for the gifts he gave me, sure. i can tell a story or a joke. i can sell everything but myself.
and as long as i dont drink as much as he did, i'm good.
other than that, i didnt give him a lot of thought.
until i started my farm.
i had to admit that i had him to thank for the skill set that was everything i needed to build this. i had been his garden buddy. he did the heavy stuff, like dig holes. i did the stoop work, planting tiny seeds and little plants.
i carried that with me all my life.
but it wasnt until José Agustín Donoso made this little film as a grad school project that i finally got on the path of reconciling it all. i thought i was talking about dirt and chickens and heirloom veggies, but he heard the story of my da.
i did a bit too much navel gazing in 2020.
for complicated reasons a lot of old memories surfaced. many of him. like me, knee high, standing on a chair next to the stove, burner on, and he's explaining atomic absorption spectra. he put coins on the burners and tossed salt and baking soda in the fire to show my how those thing all have a different color glow.
and his hugs when he came in from a sales trip- smelling of cigarettes and booze and sweat, rubbing his 3 day stubble on my cheek.
and the stories of his pet squirrels.
and like i say in the film, i wish you were here to sit in my garden w me, da.


you know what the committee CAN do when they wrap up?

they can start expelling the traitors in congress.

notes from the earle family rabbit hole.

so, i was pretty vaguely aware of jt before his death. in part cuz he lived in my hoood and wrote a song bout it- rogers park. it was a bad time in his life.
steve's tribute album has been my 'get up and go' music for a couple months now.
i started bumping into justin's versions of those song, and down the hole i went.

current fave-

but the songs on 'single mothers' both crush me and give me hope. i wasnt technically a single mom but the hubs was also married to his job.
the pain of his growing up is deep.
the arc of his relationship w his dad is the hope part.

ya know, for all the conspiracy theorist out there, take a lesson.

you are seeing what happens in a big conspiracy.
they never hold.

a fb memory this a.m. not sure what massacre this was but...

i saw the shooter's ex-wife says he beat her.
you want to know where to start w ending the madness of guns?

i dont know how many states are like illinois where this gets your foid card shredded, but i doubt that even then many have guns actually confiscated.
i know that tom dart was doing this is cook county.

and is there a type of violence that is less prosecuted than family violence? we say the family is the cornerstone of society, then we turn a blind eye to cracks in that stone.
lets turn that into a thorough search that makes a colonoscopy look like wave hello from the other side of town.
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