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maspaha's Journal
maspaha's Journal
July 2, 2023

Scared Dogs and Fireworks in Phoenix

I live in a place that hasn’t seen a drop of rain in over two months…turning just about every plant that grew and flourished in the spring rain into dry flammable brush.

But, please go out, buy some fireworks and set them off! Fire danger? Who cares, it’s revenue for the state!

We have 4 of the best dogs ever! All of them are considered big dogs. Two (one 75 lbs & 12 yrs, the other 91 lbs & 8 yrs) are from westside Maricopa county shelter (aka death row), a basset from Daphneyland (he’s the oldest and smallest) and Maynard, the 160 pound St. Bernard puppy who’s 5 years old. All of them, except Maynard, are terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms.

So yesterday, I loaded up everybody but the St. Bernard into the Honda Civic and off we went to the Vet’s office for our yearly prescription of Xanex. Because fireworks. More revenue for the state.

Last year, two houses in Mesa burned down. One because the idiots put hot sparklers in the trash can next to the house. The other was hot BBQ coals and the garbage can was in the garage.

My dogs hate fireworks. I hate fireworks. I’m pretty sure more than a few firefighters hate fireworks.

Did I mention it was a republican governor that made ground fireworks legal in the state of Arizona. Yep. Jan Brewer. She was looking for a second term as governor and she thought it could boost her polls. Jan is also famous for pointing her ugly, crooked, bone-y finger in President Barack Obama’s handsome face on a visit to Arizona. How did Jan get to be governor? President Obama appointed Janet Napolitano director of Homeland Security. It’s my personal study in actions and consequences.

But mostly, I f-($ing hate fireworks and republicans.
However, I love my dogs and go to great lengths to keep them happy

PS…July 5-7th Are the most overcrowded days in municipal animal shelters. Please put ID tags on your dogs and keep your dogs indoors with you after dark on July 4th!!

March 22, 2023

UK wins 2023 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament???

After a cancelled 2020 tournament where Kentucky could have brought home Championship number NINE, no 2021 tournament invite, and an early 2022 exit, Sunday’s loss was devastating for this long time Kentucky basketball fan (and alumna).

So, yeah, now I’m a Kentucky basketball loss denialist! I think living in a red state may have effected my judgment. But, at least I didn’t start a riot in Greensboro!!

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