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Trump Proves Again He's Not Fit for Office

Trump Proves Again He’s Not Fit for Office
Wednesday’s news conference made little sense and was full of denials, lies and deflections. We should stop expecting anything else.

(Bloomberg) Even with everything going on, I can't let Donald Trump’s Wednesday news conference go. It was … something.

I will give credit to Trump for holding a post-election news conference. He’s now doing these events regularly, and that’s a good thing. The downside is that he used the occasion to demonstrate once again that he’s simply not fit for the office he holds.

The president showed he is fully committed to calling the Republican defeat in the midterms a glorious victory. Spin is one thing; saying that a party that lost its House majority, six or seven governorships and more than 300 state legislative seats had actually won something “very close to complete victory” is either insulting to his audience or delusional or both. ...... (more)


Republicans elected two people under indictment.....

.... open white supremacists and a dead man.

Says all you need to know about 21st century Republicanism.

Florida result sux, but it reminded me of this funny Chris Rock show bit...


Democrats rebuilt their 'blue wall' in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisc. It's a big deal for 2020

CNN) President Donald Trump demolished the "blue wall" in the Great Lakes region two years ago. On Tuesday night, Democrats rebuilt it.

The party's candidates won races for governor and the Senate in the three states that delivered Trump the presidency -- Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Democrats padded their new House majority in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Detroit, while Milwaukee delivered the surge they needed to finally, on their fourth try, beat Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The Democratic victories set the stage for a 2020 battle royale in the three states that could decide the presidency. ...... (more)


You Can't Fix Stupid

In a series of interviews conducted by the New York Times, female Trump voters attending his rallies across the country continued to stand behind the embattled president, believing he is doing a terrific job.

With Trump boasting how well he did with female voters in 2016 — without noting that he only did well with white women — the Times set out to see how his support is holding up with women who voted for him as polls show women fleeing the GOP over him.

According to Joan Philpott, 69, who attended a Trump rally in Missouri, the president still strikes a chord with her.

“He understands why we’re angry and he wants to fix it,” she said. “He wants to protect this country, and he wants to keep it safe, and he wants to keep it free of invaders and the caravan and everything else that’s going on.” ....... (more)


Macomb County clerk suggested fecal-eating worms for office toilets

(Detroit Free Press) Macomb County's ousted clerk, Karen Spranger, once suggested installing toilets over holes in the floor containing fecal eating worms as a way to add more bathrooms to a county building without having to run additional plumbing.

That was among the odd, and sometimes outright bizarre, revelations that came out in depositions taken in a federal whistleblower lawsuit filed against Spranger by two of her former top deputies, who she fired within months of appointing them.........(more)


On the ballot in 2018, a clear contrast among those who would move into Governors' mansions

(The Transport Politic) November’s U.S. elections will determine the control of the Congress, and as such may play an important role in impacting the nation’s transportation policy. Over the past two years, the Trump Administration has put dozens of transit projects in limbo. Even as the Congress has reaffirmed its funding for new investments in rail and dedicated bus lines throughout the country, the executive branch has put most grant-making on hold. As a result, long-planned projects in places like Dallas, Minneapolis, and Seattle are simply not being funded.

If Democrats retake the House of Representatives or the Senate, they may gain more power to force the Department of Transportation to release funds needed for transit projects, and potentially reorient the BUILD discretionary grant program, which has reinforced the administration’s focus on rural, rather than urban, projects.

Yet the real action this year may actually be in the nation’s states and cities, where 36 gubernatorial seats are up for grabs, dozens of transportation-related referenda are being considered, and several major mayoral positions are being contested. Voter input on these races will orient the course of action for states representing about 80 percent of the U.S. population.

If state and local elections are less visible, they are likely to be quite impactful in terms of actually defining how urban transportation works, since cities decide what projects they want to pursue, states allocate resources between transportation modes, and referenda often determine funding streams. ...........(more)


Report Card Grades Miami's 'Abysmal' Transit Options. Hint: Nobody Even Got a C

from McClatchy, via MassTransitMag:

Oct. 26--The report card is out for Miami's public transportation system, and if our trains, buses and trolleys were students, they would be flunking out of school.

Think trolleys are the answer to gridlock? Think again. The shuttles ferrying people around 25 municipalities in Miami-Dade County earned a grade of F. Only Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Doral and the City of Miami earned more than one star on the five-star scale.

Shouldn't Metrorail be an efficient option for commuters in a major metropolis? (Insert bitter laughter from regular Metrorail riders here.) Metrorail got a D for deplorable: Trains are late 69 percent of the time, the rollout of new cars has been plagued by delays and breakdowns and the system that was originally meant to span 55 miles of track has only expanded 2.4 miles since it opened in 1985 -- for a grand total of 24.4 miles.

You could take the bus -- but why torture yourself? Metrobus received a D. Average wait time is 35 minutes, the circuitous route network is outdated, and the lack of dedicated lanes means buses are stuck in the same traffic as cars. ............(more)


Mammoth Iceberg Five Times the Size of Manhattan Splits From West Antarctica Glacier

(Newsweek) An enormous iceberg five times the size of Manhattan dropped off West Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier.

Images shared by scientist Stef Lhermitte from the Netherland's Delft University of Technology showed the 115 square-mile chunk of ice had slowly split from the glacier over several days. Other massive pieces of ice fractured around the berg as it splintered off.

“Iceberg B-46 did not live very long, as it already fragmented in several pieces today, one day after calving from Pine Island Glacier,” Llhermite wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

The video shined a light on Antarctica’s retreating ice. Warm waters were thought to melt the bottom of ice shelves, making them weaker and more likely to fracture, the iStar science program reported on its website. IStar—supported by numerous international universities—works to understand the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. ........(more)


Fascism has arrived in Brazil - Jair Bolsonaro's presidency will be worse than you think

(Independent UK) The world’s fourth largest democracy and the biggest economy in Latin America has elevated a man who promises to imprison or banish his political enemies and who has openly declared he will enact a historic cleansing of the left after taking office. Jair Bolsonaro is not a normal presidential candidate. He is openly hostile to democracy and will probably be the most extremist elected leader in the world.

Bolsonaro is not the straight talking man of the people his supporters claim he is; instead he is the embodiment of the most hardline faction of the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil for 21 years. He claims fidelity to those like his hero Colonel Ustra who embraced torture, murder and rape, as necessary tools in the fight against communism..........(more)


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