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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 12:18 AM
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Why Tucker Carlson loves UFOs: Jason Colavito on the hidden links between conspiracy theories

Why Tucker Carlson loves UFOs: Jason Colavito on the hidden links between conspiracy theories
There's immense overlap, Colavito says, between QAnon believers, UFO enthusiasts and Donald Trump's superfans

PUBLISHED JUNE 21, 2021 6:00AM

(Salon) The American people live in the same country. That does not mean they share a common reality. This inability to agree upon basic empirical facts and the nature of the truth is undermining the country's democracy.

Moreover, a type of collective malignant narcissism, in which entire communities of people believe that their opinions supersede empirical reality and scientific fact, is undermining America's present and future prosperity, stability and freedom, not to mention the basic health of our society.


Jason Colavito is a professional skeptic, researcher and author whose essays have been featured at The New Republic and Slate. He has also appeared on the History Channel and the American Heroes Channel. Colavito is the author of several books, including "The Mound Builder Myth," "Jason and the Argonauts Through the Ages" and the forthcoming "The Legends of the Pyramids: Myths and Misconceptions about Ancient Egypt."

In this conversation, Colavito places these "new" conspiracy theories about QAnon and the Big Lie about the 2020 election — as well as the decades-long popular obsession with UFOs — in a larger context of fear and anxiety about social change in America, arguing that a particular version of insecure white masculinity (and white supremacy more generally) is central to many of today's most widely believed conspiracy theories.


QAnon, the "Deep State," Donald Trump's Big Lie and and now a report by the U.S. government on UFOs. How do you explain this confluence of events?

First, it's important to understand that all these conspiracy theories are interrelated. It's not like QAnon is completely separate from UFOs and that is completely separate from a conspiracy about Jewish bankers taking over the world — as Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested, by using "Jewish space lasers." These conspiracies are all connected by this idea of rejected knowledge — that there is a secret body of knowledge that can tell a person how the world really works, and is being hidden away from the public by elites.

People who believe in conspiracy theories are searching for a means to understand a complex and changing world in a simple way, one that flatters their own particular prejudices, particular beliefs and feelings that they should be the ones at the center of the historical narrative. ................(more)


Police: Florida man pulled gun on chief's daughter over cream cheese

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — Police say an angry Florida man pulled a gun on a drive-thru worker because they forget the cream cheese with his bagel. The employee just happened to be the daughter of the Miami Gardens police chief.

Police say the man became angry at a Starbucks drive-thru when they messed up his order earlier this week.

According to an arrest report, he returned to the window, screaming at the employee and pulled out a gun. ........(more)


California authorities hunt suspect behind 'atrocious' attacks on Pelicans

(Guardian UK) Authorities in California are looking for a suspected human culprit behind attacks on more than two dozen brown pelicans who have been found seriously injured in the south of the state.

In an alert issued last week, the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Orange county said 32 of the slow-flying water birds have been found between San Clemente and Huntington Beach, with all but 10 showing compound fractures to their wings.

“Someone is intentionally breaking Brown Pelican’s wings,” the center said in a statement on Facebook. “We need your help to find whomever is performing this atrocious act. Be OUR eyes and ears.”

At a press conference Wednesday, veterinarian Elizabeth Wood said the injuries are “very serious injuries that require emergency surgeries and long-term care.” One bird, CNN reported, had been taken to emergency surgery. “Bone was protruding through the skin, and the wing was actually twisted all the way around,” Wood said. ...........(more)


'It's brutal': Las Vegas cooks amid blazing heatwave - and it's going to get worse

(Guardian UK) By midnight on Wednesday, two days into a scorching heat wave to hit the US west, the air in Las Vegas had barely cooled.

Throughout the day and for the days that followed, temperatures in the desert city hovered close to historic highs, peaking at 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46.6 Celsius), and setting a new record for such dangerously hot weather so early in the year. Meanwhile, dust and smoke from nearby wildfires hung in the stiff hot air, casting a brown haze over the valley.

Throngs of tourists still ambled along scorching-hot sidewalks on the Vegas Strip, and many others lined the labyrinths of slot machines, restaurants and shops inside air conditioned casinos. But not everyone is able to escape indoors.

“I am dying – I feel like I’m going to pass out,” said Violet, a woman clad in a denim thong and crop top.


The changes are particularly pronounced in Sin City and its surrounding areas, which is warming faster than almost anywhere else in the US. Heatwaves are not only getting hotter, they are also becoming more frequent. Summer weather is increasingly encroaching on spring, with less and less room for relief. ..........(more)


Florida man charged after alleged burnout over Pride street intersection

A Florida man was arrested and slapped with felony charges on Thursday after he allegedly did a burnout with his pickup truck over a Delray Beach intersection that was painted in honor of Pride Month.

Alexander Jerich turned himself in and is now facing criminal mischief, reckless driving, and evidence of prejudice, which makes the offenses felony, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Washington Examiner. Law enforcement said the 20-year-old was seen in video footage on Monday skidding over the rainbow pavement and leaving black tire marks on his way to a "President Trump Birthday Rally" in the area.


A witness recounted that moments before the incident, a nearby car screamed, "Adam, tear up that gay intersection." Workers later tried to scrub off the tire marks, but their efforts were in vain.

Two days prior to the alleged crime, city officials unveiled the rainbow road, which cost local government upward of $16,000, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony, police said. The display consists of 11 colors, including black and brown, which symbolize people of color, in addition to light blue and pink, the colors that resonate with transgender people. ..............(more)


'Rats Get Bats': Boston Police Investigating If Officers Made Capitol Riot Posts

The Boston Police Department continues to investigate complaints against at least two officers stemming from the Jan. 6 insurrection and comments made in its aftermath.

Police records obtained by NBC10 Boston name a pair of officers facing ongoing probes, details the department has declined for months to release, citing the open investigations.

They show police launched an inquiry into officer Joseph Abasciano on Jan. 19 after he was publicly identified on Twitter as the author of a series of controversial posts about the event.

Those posts, from user @mailboxjoe, have since been deleted. They suggested the writer was traveling to Washington, D.C., on the day of the insurrection, and accused Vice President Mike Pence of treason. ........(more)


For toddlers, pandemic shapes development during formative years

For toddlers, pandemic shapes development during formative years
Normal toddler behavior like touching and playing became suddenly unsafe. Kids suffered psychologically for it

PUBLISHED JUNE 18, 2021 9:00AM

CASTLE POINT, Mo. — Lucretia Wilks, who runs a small day care out of her home in north St. Louis County, is used to watching young children embrace, hold hands and play together in close quarters.

But the covid-19 pandemic made such normal toddler behavior potentially unsafe.

"It's weird that they now live in a time where they're expected to not hug and touch," said Wilks, founder of Their Future's Bright Child Development Center, which cares for about a dozen children ranging from infants to 7 years old. "They're making bonds, friendships, and that's how they show affection."

Day care and other child care providers said they are relieved to see covid cases drop as vaccines roll out across the United States. But even as the nation reopens, mental health and child development experts wonder about what, if any, long-term mental health and development consequences young children may face.

In the short term, medical and child development experts said the pandemic has harmed even young children's mental health and caused them to miss important parts of typical social and emotional development. Besides not being able to get as close to other people as usual, many young children have seen their routines interrupted or experienced family stress when parents have lost jobs or gotten sick. The pandemic and its economic fallout have also forced many families to change caregiving arrangements. ...........(more)


Thousands Of 'Ballooning' Spiders Cloak Australian Town In Webs


A region in Australia’s southeast has been cloaked in sheets of web after floodwaters forced thousands of spiders to find higher ground.

Residents in Victoria’s Gippsland region witnessed the spectacle after intense rain and heavy flooding rocked the area last week, damaging dozens of homes and leaving two people dead.

The waterlogged soil sent thousands, possibly millions of spiders scrambling for refuge on plants, signs and anything else above ground.

“We are constantly surrounded by spiders, but we don’t usually see them. They are hiding in the leaf litter and in the soil,” Lizzy Lowe, a postdoctoral researcher at Macquarie University, wrote in an explainer about the phenomenon for The Conversation.

“When these flood events happen, they need evacuate quickly up out of holes they live in underground. They come out en masse and use their silk to help them do that.” .........(more)


The curious science of liposuction

The curious science of liposuction: Why, exactly, can't doctors just remove all of my fat?
Everything you know about fat cells is wrong: the way fat works in the body is way weirder than most think

PUBLISHED JUNE 17, 2021 7:00PM

(Salon) "Tina," a 36-year-old Pennsylvania woman, didn't want her real name used for this story — but not because she had anything she should feel ashamed of. Tina has not committed a crime, hurt a soul or been convicted of anything. Her desire to remain anonymous stems, simply, from the fact that she gained weight.

Speaking with Salon, the clerk with raven-black hair, twinkling brown eyes and a warm smile said that she knows her self-esteem issues are caused by society's toxic body image standards and do not reflect any objective notion of beauty. That knowledge, unfortunately, doesn't make the toxic standards hurt any less. Tina ruefully doubts that she'll ever again be able to fit into her favorite 2000s-era clothes: tied-up belly shirts, corset tops, low-waisted gypsy skirts and blouses. Medically she is classified as obese, with much of the excess weight accumulating on her once-flat midriff. Despite multiple dieting and exercise campaigns, the belly fat stubbornly refuses to go away. Tina hopes that it may shrink some day, but despairs of ever being entirely rid of it — and admits that she wishes modern medicine could literally suck the fat cells out of her.


In movies, books and soap operas, liposuctions are often depicted as transformative; a patient enters obese, and leaves the surgeon looking slim. That trope, as it turns out, is another instance of fiction misinformation us about medicine. Doctors cannot simply remove all the fat cells from our bodies, whether through liposuction or through other procedures. As an overweight person, learning this was disheartening, as perhaps it was for others in similar situations.

But why is this the case?

First, liposuction is a bad idea for patients who are severely obese for a number of reasons, according to Dr. Umbareen Mahmood, a board certified plastic surgeon in New York City who performs liposuction surgeries daily and treats many bariatric patients. For one thing, the ideal candidate has to be less than 30% above their ideal weight and have good skin elasticity, so that the liposuction will make a noticeable difference and won't cause excessive loose skin. In addition, people who are obese have an increased risk of wounds, healing complications and clots in the legs. ............(more)


1984: Martina Navratilova, Wimbledon and the summer that transformed America forever

from the Guardian UK:


So well that his extravagant tennis stifled his volcanic temper. Facing little resistance, McEnroe won Wimbledon and, in turn, won over the British crowds that, before, had been so ambivalent – attracted as they were by his tennis and repulsed by his outbursts. This two-week cadenza on the grass would mark the highlight of his gilded 1984, a year in which McEnroe would go 82–3 and win 13 titles.

At the time, McEnroe was only the second most dominant force in the sport.

As the tennis circuit left Paris and wended its way to Wimbledon in the summer of 1984, Martina Navratilova had won 31 straight matches and, almost comically, 85 of her last 86. She had won the two previous Wimbledon titles and four overall.

While Chris Evert was Navratilova’s greatest challenger at the time, their rivalry approximated the rivalry between a lawn mower and a swath of grass, a hammer and a nail, Mozart and Salieri. Navratilova had won each of their previous 10 matches. Almost as an afterthought, Navratilova paired with Pam Shriver to hold the doubles title at all four Majors in 1984 as well, an achievement that no other player in tennis had ever pulled off.

At the time, the annual event in Eastbourne, a Wimbledon tune-up tournament, played in England and on grass, doubled as the site of the WTA’s player revue, something akin to a summer camp talent show. At one point in the evening, a group of players performed a spoof song of Michael Jackson’s hit from the previous year, Beat It. ......(more)


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