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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 13,646

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Naming a garment "tactical shorts" is stupid, but...

... having them available in size 6X is even stupider.

-- Mal

2030 Zulu (4:30 pm EDT): American astronauts to return to space.

Screw politics, coronavarus, and your dear Aunt Minnie, I'm gonna watch the launch of Demo-2.

Ah, well, weather didn't cooperate. Try, try again.

-- Mal

A subjective note about masks

In the local (central KY) Walmart this morning, it seemed to me that virtually no men were wearing masks (except the employees), while most of the women were. No doubt this would prove something profound if the sample pool were more diverse.

-- Mal

If you're gonna get religion, this is the religion to get:

-- Mal

Ragtime "Ode to Joy"

Warning: do not watch if you hate blasphemy.

-- Mal

As long as you have got the bread, there's nothing more that need be said.

-- Mal

The President appoints the ambassadors.

The latest revelations puzzle me. If Mr Trump was dissatisfied with his ambassador, he could just fire her and appoint someone more to his taste. Indeed, he did fire her and appoint someone more to his taste. Why would agents acting on his behalf (allegedly) go through such an elaborate and risky surveillance, to say nothing about what action was contemplated that required such surveillance? Only if one were hoping to create a provocation and pin it on someone else, it seems, would it be worthwhile to go through such a charade.

-- Mal

I seem to recall a Tomahawk strike a while back...

... on Syria, IIRC, where we warned the Russians in advance about the strike so there wouldn't be any casualties among them. Let's see, the Syrians evacuated the buildings and all we did was blow up some facilities and runway structure. Which had some on DU whining about how "ineffective" the response was, and others angrily defending it as really quite serious.

Dunno why that came to mind just now.

-- Mal

Merry Hollidays

-- Mal

Copyright violation IS a real problem.

I used Google search to try to identify the provenance of a painting I've seen around. A million sites may use the pic, but none credit the painter. So I reckon when creative artists bitch about their work being used without compensation or credit, they have a legitimate beef after all.

-- Mal
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