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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 1,258

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How can His Orangeness be a germaphobe

When he has sex with random women without a condom? Stormy and the Playmate both said he did not use one. Thatís his #1 excuse for invalidating the pee pee tape. Just asking.

Why is Chuck Todd

Allowing Jay Fant, a Florida AG candidate, to lay the blame for no action on shooter when there were 36 local police reports on this guy and nothing was done? They will say anything to avoid gun control discussion. Sickening.

How must the Scalia family feel right now?

Not being a Scalia fan by a long shot, I can't believe I'm writing this, but how can people jump on the political train before the body gets cold. Regardless of how he voted, the things he said, his influence on America; the man served America and he deserves a modicum of respect. Damn! They had not even pulled the sheet over his body before Ted Cruz and some airhead assistant to a congressman starts talking about his replacement, and who can and can not participate in the process. They are so eager to trash President Obama that they disrespect their own people. This crap is sadder than sad.

I offer my condolences to the Scalia family. Death is difficult. Sudden death is an emotional shock that takes time to accept.

tRump invites media on plane

And he says the same thing he has been saying and MSNBC gives him more free air time. Not one new syllable has he uttered. This is pathetic.

Trump + Apology = AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

A man, at least I think he is; who claims to be a Christian who says he has never asked God for forgiveness for any wrongs known or unknown will never apologize to any man for any reason. Donald's head is so full of himself, I don't know how he manages to stand up straight. The media is right to call him on this, but he could care less what any or all of the world thinks about his behavior.

After all, his investigators have found "unbelievable" things about the President in Hawaii. Does he have to share unbelievable with the masses. Hell no. The masses are beneath him. It's his knowledge and it's treasure. It's all right for T-Rump to question President Obama's religious affiliation, but he sure got his hackles up when Ben Carson questioned his. I thought he was going to slap Toady in the face when he asked him if he would produce his college transcripts since he was demanding the President produce his. "He should have taken the five million." Too stupid to realize everyone can't be bought. And, they don't have to be rich already to say no to money.

Every time T-Rump steps in it, he covers it with sweet smelling bullshit. Carly's ugly until everyone yells about it. T-Rump says she's a beautiful woman. He says Mexicans are rapists, murderers, etc., and Mexico is sending them here on purpose. When everyone yells about it. He says he loves Mexico and the Mexican people. When he said some nonsense about Black people. He said he loves "the Blacks".

Old people used to say, "He needs to be shot with shit and hung for stinking." T-Rump just needs to be hung for stinking because he's already full of shit.

Is the word "B I G L Y" a new word in American?

T-Rump just said, "We will begin to win b i g l y." We'll forfeit the English language, but we will win b i g l y.

"Stupid" Everybody except Trump.

Why ask a question when the response is everybody's stupid? To borrow a word from Mike Tyson, "Ludicrous!"

Trump news conference . . . Not one new word

I can't believe this man has garnered this much attention without saying one new word from the day he announced. I am speechless. This country has officially lost its mind.

Do the Repugs know their mindless thrashing

only emphasizes their impotence? They thrash at every syllable out of President Obama's mouth. Now, they've launched a campaign to show he has no authority to grant clemency. If his presidency has not made it abundantly clear how (some) Americans feel about ANY minority, I can't imagine what will.


I am left without words, yet compelled to share. POWERFUL!!!
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