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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 12:17 PM
Number of posts: 1,335

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I see they forgot to give Gaetz his meds again today.

He came out yelling and insulting.

Will someone wake me when

One of the reporters loses his/her mind, gets to the last straw or casts cares to the wind and asks the fake president, “Why the hell should we believe ANYTHING you say? ANY DAMNED THING?!” And, as they tug him/her toward the exit shouts, “YOU LIE ALL OF THE TIME! ALL WE’RE DOING IS DOCUMENTING LIES!!!” As they cling to the doorsill, while being tugged on by security, “NO ONE BELIEVES YOU! THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU . . . US!”

I agree. The Mango Menace does not

Have “A” racist bone in his body. He has a “Racist Skeleton.” Big difference.

I bet McTurtle's Mrs. never

Anticipated being compared to, held out, or lumped in with people from shit-hole countries as proof her president is not a racist. Tag . . . You’re a token. Stevie Wonder had a song titled, “You Can’t Cash in Your Face.” Money will NEVER make anyone acceptable to a true racist.

You people are upsetting the Orange infant!

How dare 90% of your comments refer to Robert Mueller? Robert Mueller’s report. Robert Mueller’s opinions. Robert Mueller’s lack of respect for the Orange Infant’s delicate feelings. Robert Mueller’s refusal to bow down and worship at the feet of the Orange Infant. Even the judge on Fox has betrayed him. How dare you all?! Please stop. Orange Infant can’t cope with this lack of adoration.

You’ve made the Orange Infant send out his “friend” to vouch for his cheerful mood. He’s probably laughing hysterically while ambling through the corridors pulling out those few fragile strands of hair he has left. Stop! Please. Say his name. Say his name.

If the Republican Party does not care

What the Tangerine Terrorist has said or done and will support him anyway, what’s the problem with releasing the unredacted Mueller report, allowing testimony, and blocking subpoenas? This is definitely an ego trip. Being like his idols is all that’s left. Dictatorship.
Posted by madashelltoo | Wed May 8, 2019, 04:47 PM (0 replies)


REPUBLICANS! The next two years will be filled with one issue after another regarding Democrats. The reason black face did not come up during election was because REPUBLICANS DID IT TOO! Old sexual assaults did not surface because REPUBLICANS did it too! This trifecta of Democratic troubles is not an accident. Nasty attitudes toward employees . . . REALLY? Has anyone listened to some of these guys speak? Nasty dripping all over the place. It’s all noise to keep everyone’s attention off of the thing in the White House.


The border children our government refuses to reunite with their families because they say it will be too “traumatic” for them. What will their status be a few years from now? Undocumented whats? This smells like indentured slavery to me.

I cannot be the only one who

Realizes the Tangerine Terrorist is out of his mind. I don’t care what psychiatric label he gets. He’s crazy. And, the media keeps interviewing a sick man like he’s sane. Please stop! Please. Get the straight jacket and walk him out before the bombs fly.

Please note: The Tangerine Terrorist said,

“I’m going down in January and it will almost be ‘LIKE’ a ground-breaking.” In other words, he said absolutely nothing. Bum.
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