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Will the Media Be Trump's Accomplice Again in 2020?

The long opinion piece by Frank Bruni in the NYT includes a chilling acknowledgement concerning coverage, supported by data outlined in a report from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy.

The study's author Thomas Patterson (who is Harvard's Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press) analyzed news coverage during the 2016 general election and concluded that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump received coverage that was overwhelmingly negative in tone and extremely light on policy.

“On topics relating to the candidates’ fitness for office, Clinton and Trump’s coverage was virtually identical in terms of its negative tone,” Patterson wrote.

Regarding their fitness for office, they were treated identically? In retrospect, that’s madness. It should have been in real time, too.

Read the rest here:



Chuck Todd Asks Tim Kaine if FBI 'Overreacted' By Investigating Trump As Russian Agent

Isn't Tim Kaine the candidate who may have been cheated out of the vice presidency through the complicity/machinations/collusion/conspiracy of Trump and the Russians?

The political world is still shaking over the New York Times‘ bombshell report that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into whether Donald Trump was acting as a Russian agent following the firing of FBI Director James Comey, but Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wonders if the bureau was overreacting by probing Trump’s behavior.

snip ===========================================

Kaine cited some of the many reasons that the FBI had to suspect Trump, including Trump’s actions during the 2016 campaign, as well as “nearly 100 documented instances of ties between the Trump campaign, transition and administration with Russia, bizarre failure to be honest about meetings, and now this indication that President Trump has gone to unusual lengths to hide the content of discussions with Vladimir Putin.”

Are you at all concerned though, that the FBI look like it overreacted in trying to investigate a sitting president this way?” Todd asked. “I mean, this is a pretty alarming investigation, that the sitting president was acting against the interests of the United States of America.

“Well, I flip the question around, Chuck,” Kaine replied. “I think it’s less, ‘Did the FBI overreact?’, I think the question is this. They had to have a very deep level of concern about this president to take this step.”


What Hillary Clinton is doing tonight...


Tonight, Donald Trump plans to give a live address from the Oval Office -- using the full force of the presidential bully pulpit -- to try and sell his border wall by lying to the American people that there's a crisis at our southern border. Lying and subverting is not a new tactic, but this is a new low for this administration.

The only border crisis we’re really facing is the inhumane detention of kids that has already lead to the deaths of two children: Jakelin Caal Maquin and Felipe Gómez Alonzo, who were just seven and eight years old.

Right now, do something to fight back against the administration’s hateful rhetoric and harmful policies -- donate directly to the organizations helping to reunite and provide support to families seeking asylum at the border:

Any contribution you make today will be split equally between Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, Families Belong Together, Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, Human Rights First, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), Texas Civil Rights Project, United We Dream Action, and Women's Refugee Commission.

Thank you,


Heidi Heitkamp - Claire McCaskill appreciation thread.

Thank you for your service, Senators!

The Oscar Meyer Holiday Hostess Tree...

NRDC: Rep. Castor an Outstanding Leader for New House Climate Panel

WASHINGTON (Dec.20, 2018) – According to news reports today, the House Democratic leadership has asked longtime environmental leader Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) to chair a new select committee on climate change in the next Congress.

John Bowman, Senior Director for Federal Affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, made this comment:

"Rep. Kathy Castor is an outstanding choice to help lead the House’s renewed focus on climate change. As a longtime environmental champion, few are better suited to help shine a bright light on the threats Americans face from the climate crisis and advance the solutions we urgently need.

“We look forward to working with her, and other congressional leaders, on measures that slow, stop and reverse dangerous climate change, and create economic prosperity for our future.”


Trump tweeted this video shortly before he signed the farm bill.


I'm from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, and I'm a progressive.


Happy Thanksgiving DU...both to those who drive me crazy and keep me sane!

Judge Strikes Down Mississippi's Awful Abortion Ban, Calls It 'Pure Gaslighting'

From New York Magazine's The Cut:

“The record is clear: States may not ban abortions prior to viability,” said U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves in his ruling striking down the ban. The rest of his opinion was blistering, laying bare the hypocrisies at the heart of abortion restrictions that claim to be concerned with women’s health.

The state of Mississippi insists that the 15-week ban “was passed in furtherance of the State’s legitimate interest in protecting the health of women,” Judge Reeves wrote. But, given the sobering reality of maternal care in the state, “the Court concludes that the Mississippi Legislature’s professed interest in ‘women’s health’ is pure gaslighting.”

“The State ‘ranks as the state with the most [medical] challenges for women, infants, and children’ but is silent on expanding Medicaid,” he continued, citing a Newsweek article from earlier this year. “Its leaders are proud to challenge Roe but choose not to lift a finger to address the tragedies lurking on the other side of the delivery room: our alarming infant and maternal mortality rates.”


“The real reason we are here is simple,” he wrote. “The State chose to pass a law it knew was unconstitutional to endorse a decades-long campaign, fueled by national interest groups, to ask the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.” He concluded the opinion by writing that men deciding the fate of women’s right to reproductive health is a “sad irony.”

Read the full take down and the ruling here:


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