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Something sounds very shady with the newly-discovered "classified" documents?

What's going on?

Is the thief and fraudster trying to extort the new Special Counsel, Jack Smith?

People will ask, "If they only found two more "classified" documents, then there must be more?"

Yes, there are more. Or do they want you to think there are more??

Or is it only a couple of bread crumbs to get the DOJ off track?

Or is there a more innocent view of the matter?

It's a puzzle to me.

Why Republicans thought Herschel Walker was a "sure-bet" to win the Senate seat in GA?

Much of Georgia is rural and very Republican. They may primarily support Trump? They are primarily white.

Republican leaders feel very much in control of the white Republicans in Georgia.

In my opinion, Republican leaders thought that if they ran a black candidate against Raphael Warnock, especially a popular athlete like Herschel Walker, that it would divide the black vote enough to defeat Senator Warnock. But it didn't work.

The voters of Georgia are very savvy, in many ways.

"All I need is 11,780...........votes."

Time in a Bottle

I read the news today...


President Biden should give a speech to the nation?

"My Fellow Americans",

"I feel a responsibility to come before you today. There is nothing more important to the people of this country than the Constitution under which we live in this democracy. Our ancestors and our loved ones have fought and died for that Constitution. We cannot take it for granted.

It is unfortunate that we have politicians that are trying to destroy our democracy and are calling for the termination of Articles in our Constitution. Such speech is dangerous to our nation and we cannot be silent under such a threat.

Our Constitution and what it stands for is not simply for Democrats or Republicans. It is for all of us. We are all Americans before we are Democrats or Republicans. Many patriots have given their lives so we can enjoy those rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Each and every Senator and Congressman, and each and every President, has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Each of us, especially those of us in elected office, have a duty and a responsibility to speak up when our Constitution is threatened with "termination". We cannot remain silent in such a time. It would be dishonorable and un-American to say nothing.

I am requesting that each and every American hold their elected Representatives to the oath that they took when they were sworn into office. This is not a time for any of them to turn away and pretend this is politics as usual.

God Bless the United States of America."

Trump does not "own the liberals"...

He "owns" the conservatives and the silent Republicans.

His recent comments about suspending the Constitution and putting him back into power left no doubt to what he is and where he stands. There is no middle ground to stand on. It is no longer about Democrats vs Republicans. It is about Americans vs traitors.

There is no excuse. Either you stand with our country or you stand with Trump. There is not another choice.

If he is sick, then he needs to get help. We can no longer stand by and watch him destroy everything we have fought and died for.

It is obvious that with the silence of Republican leaders, Trump "owns" the conservatives. They are the most pitiful bunch of cowards that have ever breathed the air of this country.

If any other politician in America were to call for the termination of our Constitution...

They would be asked to resign or be impeached immediately. No other politician would dare say such a thing.

But Trump can say it and he doesn't even receive criticism from most in his Party. Everyone is supposed to just overlook it. That's just the way he is.

Why is that?

That cannot be permitted to be the way it is.

He's a victim, the most persecuted person ever to hold the presidency.

That may be true?

However, he is also the rudest, the crudest, the most name-calling, the most offensive, the most sick S.O.B., to ever hold the presidency, also.

He can dish it out but his wimpy, lying ass can't take it.

If he can't stand the heat, he shouldn't be anywhere near the kitchen.

Does he think he can do his bullying crap on everybody and nobody will ever say anything about it? He's a victim when someone slaps him back?

He is due for a rude awakening.

I smell desperation in the air...

By the former, twice-impeached, ex-president of MAGA Party of the United States.

As the Buddha stated, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”.

The path to the truth has been uncovered.

There is fear in the truth.

It will be laid bare.
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