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Gender: Do not display
Current location: Virginia
Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 08:42 PM
Number of posts: 20,992

Journal Archives

Neighborhood power failure while we were gone.

Neighborhood power failure while we were gone.

Computer was on but not when we got home.
Tries to boot up but fails. Windows 7.

Tries to do a self repair but gives up.
Hoping that the hard drive is still ok but maybe corrupted.

Buying another computer is not the problem.

Want to try a docking station that hooks up with usb and retrieve data.

Any suggestions other than sledgehammer?


What is diff between 3.5 and 2.5 size? Is the smaller one for laptops?

Trump eliminates top cyber adviser post (2018)

Newer republican meme… “Russia is our friend.”
Bolton pushing to eliminate White House cyber job

White House eliminates top cyber adviser post


When Christians get their theocracy, which Christians will be in charge?

When Christians get their theocracy, which Christians will be in charge?

Which Bible will be the basis of the replacement Constitution?

Will the other Christians accept it as such? Would the Protestants and Catholics accept Mormons in charge? Jews and Muslims have major differences in denominations and have had wars/battles between themselves. Christians have their own true believers who are certain that the other Christians are false Christians. Surely some of them would turn their plowshares back into weapons to ensure their place and power on this earthly Kingdom.

We have plenty of Christian mullahs who want to be the Ayatollah of America.

Abortion should come with a free gun.

Abortion should come with a free gun.

Fetuses get law after law after law imposed to reduce abortion.

Dead school children from mass shootings get thoughts and prayers because conservatives do not want to reduce killings if it reduces gun sales.

Yeah! Yeah! Lots of here.

It just gets freaking old... Fraternity deaths.

It just gets freaking old... Fraternity deaths.

On the news tonight, they talked about the trial of seven fraternity brothers in the death of an incoming initiate. These people are old enough and smart enough to know the history of such deaths. More pressure should be put up on the national fraternities for not condemning it enough.

Just my rant about needless deaths

Lin Wood recent topic? Link(s)?

Lin Wood recent topic? Link(s)?

There was a recent topic about Lin Wood in the last couple of days where he says Trump still has authority to fire nuclear weapons.

Anyone got the link(s) to the topic?

Poe's law. Removal of posts. Sarcasm/satire/parody.

Poe's law. Removal of posts. Sarcasm/satire/parody.


Poe's law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the views being parodied.[1][2][3] The original statement, by Nathan Poe, read:[1]

Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is utterly impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone won't mistake for the genuine article.

Similar to Murphy's Law, Poe's Law concerns internet debates, particularly regarding religion or politics.

Was it too subtle?

Sometimes I have had posts removed because the s/s/p was not recognized. Sometimes I have been able to get the removal reversed by pointing it out.

The emoji can be crucial.

Ladies of trump calendar

Ladies of trump calendar

Could also use some nudies of First Escort Melania

and Trump fondling Ivanka in public

Bishops Could Vote on Biden Taking Communion

Bishops Could Vote on Biden Taking Communion

President's support for abortion rights bothers some in the church

What is this 'vote' stuff?

They have a Pope in Rome who is supposedly infallible in matters of faith.

Their own credibility is low after protecting and hiding child molesting priests for many decades.


They could ask Pat Robertson who claims he talks directly with God.

Draft email greatly increases in size when saved.

In my NetZero email account, I keep a draft email where I put in different links, comments, and jokes for later. It has the option for plain text or Rich text.
Once in a while it decides to go wild. It almost doubles in size every time you save it.
When I look at it in the email system, it looks fine.
It takes forever to load, forever to copy, and forever to paste into a word processor.
I finally figured out what it's doing. It takes a single forward slash symbol and multiplies it many thousands of times.
In the email program, it only displays the single forward slash.
It got up to about 51 MB in size before I figured it out. That eats up a lot of memory limit.
I deleted the many thousands of forward slashes and now the file/draft is under 200k bytes.

Copying it into a regular word processor and playing with it was very slow and awkward due to immense file size.
Now it only reboots into safe mode.
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