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keep_left's Journal
keep_left's Journal
December 6, 2023

He may be the only Democrat who can stand up to Trump's bullying and abuse.

That may actually be the most important trait that any candidate opposing Trump possesses. It sounds insane to say so, but if you're going up against a professional shitposter like Trump, you'd better be a master of shitposting yourself.

November 30, 2023

It's been said before, but it bears repeating once again...

...these people are just asking for it. These morons can't help themselves; they just keep saying the quiet parts out loud. Even their own followers (the ones who actually work for a living, that is) are getting tired of hearing this shit.

November 29, 2023

Men's Rights Activist...

...better expressed as MRA/PUA (PUA = Pick-Up Artist), one of the worst examples of toxic masculinity. These losers are now about a decade out of date. They burned the candle at both ends for a few short years on the internet and then flamed out. A handful of extremely-online incels still think they have something valuable to say.

November 26, 2023

And Sarah Palin attacking Bloomberg's sugar tax in NYC.

November 15, 2023

Johnson quotes Jefferson, but he forgets that Jefferson would be condemned as a heretic...

...under any sort of Christian theocracy (which do tend to be obsessed with small-o orthodoxy). One of Jefferson's more controversial endeavors was creating one of the first "Red Letter Bibles": essentially a New Testament with only the teachings of Christ (all other material having been removed).


Separation of church and state protects both church and state. A lot of historians think that's the reason so many religions continue to flourish here while being severely repressed elsewhere.

November 15, 2023

How similar their rhetoric is to the alt-right incels who whine about...

..."femoids"/feminism, LGBTQ people standing up for their rights, POC doing likewise, etc. Their favorite term is "degeneracy" (which they simply plagiarized from the Nazis). The Christian nationalists and alt-right chuds both want to "escape from freedom" through participation in a mob; ultimately, they want to rain violence and destruction upon whatever enemy du jour they have been told to hate (by talk radio, Fox, OANN, etc.).

November 15, 2023

LOL, apropos...

November 15, 2023

Somewhere in America: a bizarre Trump (double-decker!) billboard.

This picture is from "Hexbear", which is the website that replaced the old Chapo Trap House subreddit. I have run the image through a couple of reverse-image-search engines, and haven't had much luck tracking it down.

Here's the Hexbear post for the picture: https://hexbear.net/post/1077857

(Content advisory: Hexbear may be considered extremely leftist by some DUers).

Someone there suggests that the billboard may be in Ohio or Indiana. I've seen my share of far-right billboards, but I've never seen a double-decker chud billboard in my life...until now.

November 14, 2023

Speculation is pretty much useless, but I still find myself wondering who this person could be.

This statement in the article doesn't really help narrow it down much; most Trump officials were there more than a year. Of course, then there was Anthony Scaramucci...

Karl explained that the person was in the West Wing and worked alongside Trump for more than a year at a "high level." The key title is "official," indicating it wasn't a staffer or aide.

I'm wondering if it's one of the Trump officials who flamed out spectacularly like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Or maybe it's someone with a lower profile like Kirstjen Nielsen (Secretary of DHS).

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