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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 11,293

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This is the reality.

MAGA used to scream "lock her up" and that started with HRC.

MAGA SCOTUS has now made it applicable to all women who want to retain control over their own bodies.

How does Bigfoot tell time?

With a Sasqwatch.

I think if Alien Spacecraft equipped with extra powerful

deathrays, were 5 minutes from landing on earth the media would still be reporting shark attacks.

Probably happened somewhere.

So a waitress has the misfortune of having to take care of a table full of MAGA hatted asshats. As she moves through the restaurant she overhears the conversation: "Putin is my guy, January 6 was fake, Stop the Steal, the Media is Fake, Pence was a traitor, etc...

After hearing this for some time the intrepid waitress, wanting to check on service, comes over and asks:

"Is anything right here?"

If we are at the point where

will women will have to hide their prescription abortion medication hereís a thought.

Many AR-15 magazines have a spring loaded internal system that can be removed. Place it there. That magazine has way more rights, Iím sorry to say.

Tip from old man infantry guy who doesnít own one, but has a long memory.

With apologies to the Bard.

Witnessing our times I can only think of:

Cry MAGA, and let slip the dogs of...racism, fascism, misogyny, no-nothingness, vile blustering, and putrid disregard for every value but bigotry and avarice.

When a Yosemite Park Ranger was asked why it was

so difficult to develop a trash can lid that keeps bears out he responded this way.

There is considerable overlap in intelligence between the smartest of bears and the dumbest of tourists.


Why are Koalas not classified as bears?

No Koalafications.

I have one question.

When is all the mobster, criminal, lying, insurrectionist behavior going to ketchup with Chump?

Hey Gym Jordan and other MAGAS

Note that when Chump released the zombie horde he didnít make any exceptions for you.
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