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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 5,508

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If you could play one character in a movie who would it be?

I would choose Chuck Yeager's character in "The Right Stuff." Hard to beat the late, great Sam Shepard.

Emmett Mueller and Ernie Koy

Muller of the Phillies, and Koy of the Brooklyn Dodgers, remain the only players on opposing teams to hit home runs in their first at bat in the same game. April 9, 1938.

5 Deferment Drumpt disparages a kneeling protest after he attacked

a Gold Star family. He is a bloviating bag of disgusting vomitus and excrement.

Humor for the morning.

What did the cow say to her calf last night?

It's pasteur bed time.

Humor for the night.

Why do the Norwegians have bar codes on their warships?

So they Scandinavia.

Jimmy Fallon: "Dotard Trump."


On this day in 1999:

West Wing premiered.


Rethugs continue to be just disgusting, vile excuses for human beings.

Their "health" care plan will kill tens of thousands of people. No committee examination. No CBO score. Just get rid of all things Obama.

20th Anniversary of my favorite movie:

L.A. Confidential. Who knew Rollo Tomasi would become President.

If Drumpt manages to start simultaneous wars with NK

and Iran he would have to begin the draft to increase the size of the Armed Forces. We don't have the forces to fight both those countries at the same time. The Draft might get otherwise disinterested folks to vote again.
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