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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 7,529

Journal Archives

Mueller testifies July 17th,

which will also be the start date of the war with Iran.

Mix a metaphor...Go!

Screw loose and fancy-free

Take the path of a different Drummer.

It's not rocket surgery.

Kennedy got us started to the moon

while the Orange Loofah wonít/canít deliver tooth brushes to children.

A philosophy professor, convinced of his sense of the world, believed that he was

a man who had died but still walked in the world. His family had for many years tried to convince that he was wrong. With no success. Finally, they convinced him to see a world famous therapist. After a year of therapy the professor remained as convinced as ever that he was a man who had already died.

The therapist, at wits end, finally asked the patient. "tell me do you believe dead people bleed?" The professor thought about that question for a minute and said "no, I believe they don't."

The therapist seized that moment by jabbing the patient in the forearm with a hatpin he had previous concealed. The patient winced at the pain and the therapist pointed to the pinpoint spot of blood coming from his forearm and said "what do you think now?"

The professor responded, "what do you know, dead people do bleed."

A man visits his daughter who recently graduated from college.

During their visit the dad asks his daughter for a newspaper. The daughter responds by saying "dad this the 21st century, here is an IPAD." The fly never knew what hit him.

Greinke hits HR off of Kershaw

It was the 7th time in MLB history a Cy Young award winner hit a HR off a Cy Young winner.

Last player to win a batting title without hitting a Home Run

Rod Carew



Marx Brothers for the Win

The table is set for 4, that's nothing my alarm clock is set for 8.

Groucho Marx. Genuis.

Walter "The Big Train" Johnson stat

IPs 5914

Career ERA 2.17

If my life depended on a win, I would want The Big Train starting for me.

Maybe if the Mueller Report was written in Dr. Seuss style

more people would read it.


OH The Allies you'll let go

How the Drumpt Stole Democracy

The Snitches

One Fish, Red Fish, oh hell there all Reds

Theres A Rocket in Drumpt's Pocket, but Putin Owns It

Drumpt Hatches the Treason

The 10,000 Lies of Drumpt Putin

If, no, I Run a Circus

Marvin K. Drumpt You must go Now

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