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jeff47's Journal
jeff47's Journal
March 1, 2016

Why did DWS just co-sponsor the bill to help payday lenders?

After all, it really doesn't mean anything in terms of getting the bill passed. It's not like DWS's vote in the House is necessary - there's plenty of Republicans to advance the bill.

So why'd she do it? Because now Clinton will come out against the bill.

Clinton will trumpet this to try and claim she is not a pro-big-money, pro-establishment candidate. "See! I even oppose what the DNC chair is doing!!"

December 9, 2015

Google is a right-wing web site now?


Seriously. Google. A search engine. You're claiming it's a right-wing website.

Are you trying to do some sort of Third-Way Manny character or something? You can't possibly be this poorly informed.

September 25, 2015

How Team Clinton screwed up the security on her server

What we know so far:

1) Communications with her server were not encrypted for the first 3 months.

2) They left the default VPN keys installed on her server

Using those addresses, McGeorge discovered that the certificate appearing on the site Tuesday appeared to be the factory default for the security appliance, made by Fortinet Inc., running the service.

3) They were using, and continue to use, self-signed SSL certificates

4) They set up a .com domain, enabling the typosquater who has registered clintonmail.com (no "e" before "mail&quot . Whoever registered that domain is in a perfect position to steal login information or perform spear phishing attacks.

5) Her ISP was repeatedly hacked by China

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