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Hometown: Springfield
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Member since: Mon Aug 9, 2004, 12:39 PM
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We've tried "criminal justice reform."

The cops are forced to go to a 2-hr diversity training and then get lots more money and retired military equipment. Defund the police and criminal justice reform aren't even the same thing. Defunding means reallocation of police department budgets to less cops and more social service responders to many 911 calls. Criminal justice reform still frames the issue as assuming criminality in most 911 calls. That's exactly the mindset we have to get rid of; most calls to cops do not require someone who responds with a gun and cuffs.

You're really scared by peaceful protests, aren't you?

I've been peacefully protesting for 35 years, the only fear I've ever felt was from the police and other racists/warmongers who opposed us. GTFO with your wildly distorted and unsubstantiated views.

All protests DO NOT involve fear and intimidation!

Bridge/road blocks by the left are not led by people wielding guns. When peaceful protesters block a road it is to raise awareness, to disrupt power. That is in no way the same tactic as using fear and intimidation.

The difference being one group protests against injustice and the other

protests in favor of injustices. The left's protests are nonviolent. The right uses fear and intimidation. You can't equate the actions because both the aims and the intent are miles apart.

I don't have to imagine because I know about the Freedom Riders in 1961.



Thanks for calling me irrational.

I’ll say it again: I agree with him. Prisons are needlessly punitive to most of their prisoners and also serve as advanced criminal training camps. Police are out of control (and spare me any “not all police” bs) and emotionally and intellectually incapable of handling most of what they encounter while protecting property rather than people. The system is beyond broken and needs to be dismantled to be reborn in a more humane, just, and restorative system.

Thank you for this post.

I don't understand why so many "liberals" seem to think policing as it stands today is a fantastic institution that can't be challenged. It's a killer combo: lack of imagination and white supremacy. A literal killer combo as "because it doesn't affect my white ass, I don't have to spend time imagining why and how it's not working for others" as Black bodies are incarcerated and killed by police and the current criminal justice system.

Do you buy new clothing in the US?

If so, then you, too, are paying companies who "engage in questionable business practices which exploit workers including kids." My former job was writing up reports of companies who were engaged in in just these kinds of practices, it's definitely not just Nike. Same goes for computers - if not the finished product, certainly the parts, and almost definitely the parts that contain toxic chemicals.

Misleading headline.

Fuck yes, we'll turn out. This isn't 2016. Trump is reviled. They will turn out to vote him out, which is enough for me right now.

What will end their future support will be if Joe does not aggressively seek prison for Trump and Barr, if his administration does nothing about reinstating racial justice and voting laws, and if the party weakens New Green Deal goals in favor of monied lobbyists.

That's a lot of eye-blinking from DeJoy during testimony.

Dead give-away that he's lying, per this article in the US National Library of Medicine: Detecting false intent using eye blink measures. I was so struck by his blinking I looked it up to see if that was, indeed, a sign of lying. It was so... blatant.

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