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intheflow's Journal
intheflow's Journal
November 20, 2023

Not spreading propaganda.

Palestinian Authority condemns Hamas attack: https://edition.cnn.com/middleeast/live-news/israel-news-hamas-war-10-15-23/h_2d24edd7bb9d823840329113a304a166 (Oct. 15)

Current Palestinian death estimate: https://wapo.st/47BiVHA (gift article, 18th paragraph)
Also at this link: 1,200 Israeli deaths on Oct. 7th vs. 11,000 in seven weeks.

That is a disproportionate response. Netanyahu's literally killed 100 times more Palestinians than Israel suffered in the terrorist attack. This in turn makes Israel MORE of a target as most of the rest of the world views that kind of OTT response as genocidal.

Stating facts doesn't make me an anti-Semite.

November 20, 2023

I just want to note: the overwhelmingly disproportionate retaliation

by the Israeli government allowed this lie to bloom. No one denied it was Hamas when it happened, including the Palestinian Authority. With little/no infrastructure left, this lie will blossom via oral retellings by Palestinians who no longer have reliable access to global news networks, who have lost their homes as well as multiple friends and families, who are rife with trauma and prime targets for propaganda. Latest casualty estimates say 10-14k Palestinians have been killed in the last seven weeks. Compare that to Ukraine, at war now for just shy of two years, with an estimated 30k killed. That's 30k killed in 21 months juxtaposed against 12k in 1.5 months.

November 18, 2023

I have a theory about Latino voters.

First of all, they're not a unified body in the US, so any theory is pure supposition. My city has a 40% Puerto Rican population, when I lived in Colorado, it was mostly people of Mexican descent. Florida has Cubans. Etc.

However, biggest factor might be that they weren't kidnapped, brought to another continent, and enslaved, they are either immigrants or their families have been in what is now the US all along. By the time US settlers got west, the Mexican-Americans were speaking Spanish and wearing clothes influenced by Europe, so they were considered innately friendlier/"more relatable" than than the Native Americans the settlers found here.

That, and the conservative Catholic church influence.

November 8, 2023

I doubt this SCOTUS will take this up again.

They threw it back to the states to decide, it's been put to votes, The People decided. AND the Court thought turning over Roe would be a boon to Republicans, but it's proving to be a huge liability. The states are deciding and Republicans are losing handily everywhere abortion is on the ballot. I know the Roberts court is filled with Federalist Society trolls but I doubt any of them will want to touch abortion again unless a Republican is in the WH, because that level of political interference might lead to a Democratic president expanding the court.

October 29, 2023

Yeah. The rule of religious law.

And misinterpreting both Jesus' message and the Jewish faith that Jesus practiced. So pretty much, just issuing edicts from their asses.

October 20, 2023

These people are nuts.

It's okay for a 12-year-old to carry her rapist's child to term but lord forbid that same child have access to books about safe sex. And also, what makes them think it's acceptable for them to impose their Puritan "ideals" on everyone? No one is forcing their child to read GenderQueer. Meanwhile, there are plenty of Puritanical and racist books - referred to as "classics" - still available in school libraries everywhere. My question for these folks is, "So you admit you can't control your own children so you need to control everyone else's?"

October 20, 2023

So.... My only complaint about DU4:

The header/navigation bar is pinned to the top of the page so the logo never disappears. This means I can no longer use DU as a news agragate at work. 😞 I’m a librarian and can read news while on the public desk because it’s easy to be interrupted while doing, and all news informs collection development. But I can’t have overtly politically biased images on the screen at all times. The name of the site pinned at the top of the page as I scroll down to read the story means I’ll never be able to read DU at work again.

October 15, 2023


The slave patrols is the basis of where we are today AND it’s the 2nd A, crafted for and by white men, who wrote the right into the Constitution.

To sum up:

Constitution written by white men to preserve wealthy white male privilege.
Slave patrols formed by white men to preserve their human property.
Proud Boys and Kyle Rittenhouse worship guns because they’re scared of becoming a minority, so, to preserve whatever privilege they currently have over POC.

October 7, 2023

I have a question: how come posts in this forum end up on the Greatest Page?

This forum is a safe space. The Greatest Page is not. I was kind of upset when a post of mine in here ended up in the GP. Everyone who responded was kind, but there’s a reason I posted here instead of in the Lounge (for example). I know mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of AND some people may weaponize the knowledge to the detriment of the poster. Anyway, mental illness - and all medical stuff - is personal and posters may not want their struggles bandied about to a wider audience. Since my post went up in the GP, I’ve been hesitant to post my struggles here. What do you all think?

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