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Member since: Sun Dec 3, 2017, 10:40 AM
Number of posts: 7,176

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I was in Atlanta area today and saw a huge line of people waiting to vote.

The area is East Cobb near Marietta and is considered a somewhat liberal, blue area according to our local friend. I did see one moron carrying a sign to vote for Walker. He looked like he was missing a few chromosomes so I don't think he was very convincing.

The people we visited while here are very focused on voting to make sure Warnock will win.

I also saw some very good local ads on TV supporting Warnock. I am feeling cautiously optimistic about this election.

Fingers crossed!

A clue tonight will be if Ivanka and Jared show up.

Rumors suggest they dont want to be involved in the Trump 2024 campaign to protect themselves and their family.


If they dont show that will be huge blow to Trump's ego and plans to use them to help his campaign.

Anyone know about this "box 3" controversy in Arizona?

Apparently there was some misinformation spreading about voters not to use "box 3" which caused a huge problem for election workers in AZ. This is being discussed right now on a live Maricopa election press conference.

I dont know the details on what this is about but apparently it was caused by some GOP leaders in AZ.

i did find this but still not not entirely sure what the issue is.


Data Guru AZ: "This is it folks. The vast majority of what is left in Maricopa is incoming tonight."


Please let this be the end of Poison Lake!

AZ MARICOPA COUNTY: We can expect next "vote drop" of results in 6pm hour, again. MST, of course.

I am assuming this vote drop should put an end to any speculation that Lake could win.



AZ Gov big update just a few moments ago - Lake net gain +8,911 not near enough

The AZ - abc15 - Data Guru @Garrett_Archer

97k ballots dropped in Maricopa

@KariLake 54.6%
@katiehobbs 45.4%

Lake net gain +8,911

Updated numbers:
KATIE HOBBS 50.5% 1,211,595
KARI LAKE 49.5% 1,185,584

I think this means Hobbs wins.

Ralston NV this morning: "if the trend continues, she [CCM] is going to win."

Jon Ralston @RalstonReports

Bottom line: This first batch of 35K mail ballots shows a partisan breakdown that strongly favors CCM, and if the trend continues, she is going to win.

But miles to go before I can finally sleep, and we will know a LOT when Clark/Washoe post tonight.

There are alot numbers flying around his twitter account but the bottom line CCM is likely to win.


NV: Tweet from Jon Ralston just a few moments ago.

Jon [email protected]

This, from @JohnRSamuelsen, who has been unerring in his predictions of what is left to be reported because he has been tracking the mail file at Clark County, makes the most sense:

50K Clark ballots uncounted

26K counted and should be reported tonight.

We will find out soon.

This dump of 26K votes tonight should be telling.

I am beginning to think the likely outcome of these mid-terms is going to be good for us.

I know its not over but it does look like the R's will take the House and we keep the Senate.

Keeping the Senate allows Biden to get judges and other nominations approved. Also adds a firewall to stop any bogus legislation the House tries to push through although Biden would veto it anyway.

Republican control of the House will probably go to their head and will attempt to do crazy things just to harass Biden like investigations into Hunter Biden, the FBI and DOJ. These will fail and will remind voters Republicans are not fit to govern. But I think the biggest mistake they are going to make will be regarding the debt ceiling. I think they are going to hold the country hostage by not approving a debt ceiling increase. I think there will be a government shutdown and Biden wont flinch. I wont predict what specifically will happen but I believe Joe will win this face off and will come off looking like an amazing leader and make the Republicans look like desperate fools.

This will be an excellent precursor to the elections in 2024.

Ransomware targeting healthcare systems

From Axios..

A crippling ransomware attack on the second-largest U.S. nonprofit health system is showing how much patients can be left in the dark when critical health care infrastructure goes down.

Why it matters: The attack earlier this month on CommonSpirit Health, which has 142 hospitals in 21 states, left IT locked, delayed surgeries and caused widespread disruptions in patient care.

It also left millions of patients waiting at least two weeks to learn if their personal information was compromised, experts say.

This latest attack comes as the Biden administration examines how to beef up minimum cybersecurity standards within critical infrastructure like health care, the Washington Post reports.

There's been a nearly 50% increase in interactive intrusion campaigns this year, with some of the most notable increases against health institutions, per a recent report from Cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike.
In 2021, 45 million individuals were affected by healthcare attacks, up from 34 million in 2020, Fierce Healthcare reported.
At least 68 healthcare providers in the U.S. were impacted by ransomware in 2021, including multiple hospitals and multi-hospital health systems with a total of 1,203 sites between them, according to cybersecurity firm Emisoft.


The company I work for is doing a simulation of an attack to prepare for if/when it happens to us. As an IT/software professional I can see how this is a huge risk to almost any organization. All it takes is someone who has admin access to a server and has an open Remote Desktop session and at the same time opening emails and clicking a link or downloading an attachment that has the ransomware virus. The virus executes and "sees" the RDP connection and jumps to the server and installs itself. Once there is begins to encrypt every file on the server. Then the ransomware criminals send emails to the organization leadership telling them to pay up to get the encryption key. If they dont pay (in Bitcoin), they begin to publicly expose sensitive data from the server. So it many cases organizations pay up because the risk is so high.

So by paying up they perpetuate the problem. In fact its becoming a big business model with more and more ransomware groups going online.

Its a huge problem that needs to be resolved. One "solution" would be stop paying the ransom. Bitcoin is also part of the problem in that the ransom payments cannot be traced.

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