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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 16,518

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I'll Give Trump The Benefit Of The Doubt - He Might Be Innocent - But I Want Some Assurances That...

if he and his staff and family are guilty of crimes - that they pay for their crimes and not get off with a 'get out of jail free card'.

I would like to see Trump and his family suffer the same faith as Bernie Madoff's family did. Madoff swindled some wealthy people out of a lot of money. However, if Trump and his evil cabal is found guilty, they conned the American People and are well on their way of destroying this country.

So could someone out there - Repug or Dem - someone in government, law enforcement, etc - provide me with the assurance that if Trump and his evil cabal is found guilty - that they will pay for their crimes?

If You Didn't Think We Experienced A Coup d'etat In Nov......

are you finally getting there?

Just Inquiring About Pardons Trump Is Admitting To The American People....

that he lied to them and is guilty of some or all of the accusations that have been following him, his staff and family around.

This needs to be pointed out and shouted from coast to coast and around the world that Trump is guilty. Every journalist, cable news host, talking head, Dems in the Senate and the House need to keep hitting him on this.

I don't know if Trump's ego could handle this. And the American People need to keep the pressure on the Repugs in Congress to disavow him and not circle the wagons around him.

Any Repug in Congress that tries to stick up for Trump in this case - needs to be ostracized from their job.

This might be the straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to the 'deplorables' when they realize that he's admitting guilt and he's let them down and won't be their savior that they voted for.

If We Wind Up With A Constitutional Crisis Here And....

Trump fires Mueller and pardons all his people and himself (God knows everything else he's done he's got away with so pardoning himself is not so far-fetched) - we have to hold the Repugs totally responsible for whatever comes with a constitutional crisis.

They better step up to the plate and do something - and sooner rather than later.

Maybe McCain is the one that initiates going to Trump and getting him to resign or risk impeachment. I don't think McCain - if he makes it through his present problem - will be running for office again. So he has nothing to lose.

I Would Consider Any Lawyer Advising Trump On Pardoning That Knows That Trump....

and his team committed 'treason' - should be considered committing 'treason' themselves.

One would hope any of Trump's lawyers have the integrity to step down from defending him - it they realize that Trump and his team committed treason.

Any Word On Michael Moore's New Documentary On Trump?.....

When will we be seeing it? Is it even coming? I remember hearing about it a while back - then nothing.

Have You Seen The Commercial With The Little Girl That Keeps Asking "WHY?......

That's the kind of response these TV Moderators need to have when they are interviewing Repugs.

Repugs spit out talking points - but they don't know the details behind the talking points. In order to keep them honest - when they spit out one of their patented talking points - the interviewer needs to ask "Why?" When they answer - the interviewer needs to ask "Why?" again. They need to keep on asking "why" until the Repug trips up on his or her self and their head explodes.

I Asked The Other Day And I Didn't Get An Answer - Has Hannity Issued A Statement On Jr's Lying....

directly to his face on his program? Has he taken Jr to task or is he protecting Jr?

Repugs Held Hostage....

So they don't go home for recess (summer vacations - which I'm sure a lot of them had plans for) until they place a healthcare bill on his desk for him to sign.

Why Would Jon Huntsman Take On This Ambassorship In Russia Given.....

all the furor that surrounds the Trump administration with respect to Russia? Why would he subject himself to such controversy?
What am I missing here?
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