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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 18,407

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Mr. Trump - With All The Accusations Leveled At You - You Claim No Wrongdoing....

You always say you've done nothing wrong - like no collusion - and you're innocent.

Mr. Trump - have you ever done anything wrong in your life?

I would like someone to ask him that question.

It's Really Interesting With All The Accusations Of Wrongdoing Against Trump.....

with so much piling up and on him - somehow he continues to maintain that he's innocent of everything. No collusion. No pussy grabbing. No money laundering. etc, etc, etc.

Usually folks - where there's smoke there's fire. Trump is so crooked it isn't even funny. Yet somehow he winds up skating by everything.

What will ultimately be his undoing?

I'm thinking he and the Repug Party are asking for trouble by inviting Putin to D.C. before the midterms. He always leads with his chin and his mouth and actions always get him in trouble. Reminding the voting public of his miserable showing in Helsinki by being next to Putin again - is leading with his chin again. I think it spells trouble for the Repugs that close to the Midterms. If they were smart - they would stop this visit.

Why Is It People Are Embracing Putin & Russia And Their Ideology But.....

find the terms 'democratic socialism' or 'democratic socialist' negative?

Have All The Caged Children Been Reunited With Their Parents?......

Seems like this story as well as others have vanished from the news.

What about the Parkland Students? They are on a two month tour of the country registering voters. I haven't heard much about them lately?

Where's Juliani? Don't you think he would have chimed in on the Trump/Putin meeting?

Things have been quiet around Michael Cohen too.

What about Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Jarad?

Just asking?

Did Pelosi Have Her Presser?....

Was supposed to be at 2pm EST.

So Do We Have A Rash Of Resignations Today?.....

We heard many calls yesterday for people close to Trump to resign - like Kelly for example. Has that happened? Any announcements?

How many Repugs in office have switched Parties? Do we have any defections over to the Dems or Indeps?

Why Did Putin Invoke The Name Of George Soros Today?.....

And where does he get off on having that right to do that?

So Have Any Repugs Said They Will Hold Up All Trump Judicial Appointments....

especially SCOTUS until Mueller files his report and Trump is either found guilty or exonerated?

We can't let this illegitimate treasonous so-called president make judicial appointments if he is beholden to Putin and the Russians. The Repugs should understand that - right?

But I don't think we'll see the Repugs do that because they are walking lock step with Trump. They've been carry Trump's water for him since day 1 of his winning the Repug nomination.

Additional Thoughts:

Somebody needs to get McConnell on record about the SCOTUS appointment. We all know if the shoe were on the other foot - McConnell would be making the most noise to stop any SCOTUS appointment of a Dem president. Look what he did to Obama on his rightful SCOTUS appointment.

Someone needs to get a statement from McConnell regarding this SCOTUS appointment. We need to see what McConnell is made of.

I Feel That Trump's Statement At The Start Of The Press Conference.....

today following this summit was written well in advance of his meeting with Putin.

Putin and Trump went on for 2 hours - but really didn't talk about what they said they did in the news conference.

They strategized as to what their next moves will be. Putin making sure he continued to put pressure on Trump to cooperate with him - lest he releases the Kompromat he has against him.

It's Time To Put The Repug Senate On Notice And On The Spot.....

they can't allow this illegitimate treasonous so-called president the ability to make a SCOTUS appointment until after Mueller issues his report. They shouldn't allow Trump to get anything through the Congress now until we confirm whether Trump and his cronies colluded with the Russians and are guilty or Trump - like he says - didn't collude.

Get McConnell on the record now as to whether he still thinks Trump can make a SCOTUS appointment.
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