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global1's Journal
global1's Journal
November 25, 2023

Any Truth To The Rumor If Tr**p Retakes The Presidency In 2024 That He's....

going to Nationalize the oil companies?

November 13, 2023

What's The Background Story On Alec Baldwin's Cameo On SNL Last Night?.....

Is this his re-launch back into the limelight?

Who's idea was this? He's a friend of SNL. Are they helping him relaunch his career?

November 9, 2023

Third Party Candidates Don't Scare Me.....

Voters wanting to vote for Biden will still vote for Biden.

I believe, however, a third party candidate gives the option to Repugs that are equivocating on Tr**p - to vote for one of the third party candidates.

The 3rd party candidate will steal away more votes from Tr**p is my prediction.

November 8, 2023

I'm Watching Nat.Geo's Docu - JFK: One Day In American & Have An Observation.....

I was 15 & in high school on Nov 22, 1963. I remember the events of those days pretty vividly as I was glued to the TV - taking it all in.

I'm on Part 2 - Manhunt - of this documentary and the observation I am commenting on is how law enforcement that day handled the crime scene and the evidence they found at the Texas School Depository.

A group of LE's converged on the site. They didn't seem to isolate the site and take the precautions that are taken these days of protecting the evidence that they may find on site.

I was appalled at watching how they handled the rifle that was found at the scene and how many people handled it and how it was transported away from the site.

Just wondering - because I don't or can't remember what was said about this at the time and since.

Was this discussed at the time? Because I think if such an incident happened today - that it would be handled completely differently than what they did back then.

Just curious now as I take in this 3 part series.

November 6, 2023

Is There A Companion Case To This Trial Where He Inflated His Numbers....

to boost his wealth?

Didn't - when tax time hit that they actually deflated the values on properties to pay less property tax?

Is that part of what's going on in this trial? Will there be separate charges filed on 'deflated values'? OR Did they just ignore that part of this whole thing?

November 6, 2023

The Woman Sitting Next To Tr**p This A.M. At The Trial - Was That.....

a lawyer or Melania?

Did anyone else think that?

November 2, 2023

Someone Must Ask These Repug Senators That Finally Came Out Against Tuberville.....

why they waited 9 months to confront him?

Certainly the points that they are making now to take him on were in play from the beginning.

If they are so fervent in their criticism of him now - why didn't they have the same opposition to him from the beginning.

Some talking heads are patting the backs of these Senators now - and in my opinion - they don't deserve it. Why did they wait to oppose him?

Are they looking for praise now that their Party has put our Country in peril the last nine months?

October 27, 2023

I'm Having A Real Hard Time Understanding How The Maine Shooter Was Able.....

to shoot up two (the bowling alley & the bar) sites.

How did he move between the two? Were they right next to each other or blocks away? Did he move on foot? Did he jump in his car? Do they have any security camera footage of his movement between the sites? Has anyone come out and say they witnessed his movement between the sites? Wouldn't you think someone would have seen this going down in real time?

What am I missing here?

October 26, 2023

Is It My Imagination Or Has This Maine Shooting Dominated The News & Taken.....

the Repug disarray, Tr**p legal troubles, Ukraine/Russia and the Israel/Hamas Wars out of the news?

October 25, 2023

So After All This Disarray We've Witnessed With The Repug Party Over The Last Months.....

and many of the MSM talking heads talking about the demise of the Repug Party - how long will it be before the MSM does an about face and talk about how the Repugs recovered and that they are leading the way into our grand and glorious future.

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