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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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Too Many Commercials In Olympic Opening Ceremonies....

Very distracting. Missing a lot of countries because NBC keeps cutting away every few minutes.

Beware: Of Fake 'Proof Of Vaccination' Cards.....

If you know people that used fake ID's to get into bars before they turned 21 - many of those same are now getting their hands on fake 'proof of vaccination' cards.

In many cities around the country - getting into certain summer events required one to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test for Covid.

There's a rash of fake 'proof of vaccination' cards going around - and what I fear is that many well intentioned summer events will turn into 'super spreaders' because of those people willing to take a chance on their life as well as others by using a fake 'proof of vaccination' card.

This use of these fake cards seems to be most prominently used by youths - who think they are invulnerable to Covid and this latest delta variant.

They are putting themselves, their family and the rest of us in danger because they think they've outsmarted the system.

Beware!!! - Just Beware!!!

Do The Texas Dems That Left Texas Really Have Covid Or....

is it a ploy to deter Gov.Abbott from being able to convene a session for a vote when they come back to Texas?

When They Provide Us With Total Americans Vaccinated They Also Say "X" Amount Have 1 Shot......

I've always wondered about that statistic - "X" Americans with 1 shot - and what that means.

A couple of questions:

1. Does that mean these people stopped at 1 shot and are not getting the 2nd shot?

2. Are these people that are already vaccinated with the 1 shot - awaiting the time period in-between and they will ultimately get their 2nd shot?

3. Can't we make a calculation as to how many total Americans will be completely vaccinated by projecting those that have 1 shot and when they will get their 2nd shot to be totally vaccinated?

August 13, 2021 Is Exactly.....

60 years to the date that the Berlin Wall was built - 8-13-1961.

That's the date the pillow man says that Tr**p will be reinstated.

Can We Enlist The Help Of World Leaders To Get The 'For The People' Voting Act Act Passed?....

Here's where I'm coming from.

Not only us in the U.S. has gone through this disaster that was called the Tr**p Administration. The leaders of the worlds countries also had to endure this criminal.

The Repugs in the Red States are doing everything in their power to suppress the votes and cheat so they can win back the House, Senate and White House.
We are hearing that Tr**p is the de facto head of the Repug Party and quite possibly their nominee for president in 2024.

Even with all the recent revelations that are coming out about Tr**p in these newly published books - the Repugs are still circling the wagons around Tr**p.

Now we don't want to go back to another Tr**p Administration and I'm sure that world leaders don't want to have to deal with him again either.

We're getting back to normalizing relationships with these countries and the last thing anyone wants is to undo all the good that the Biden Administration is doing to make the U.S. credible again.

Still a most critical element in recovering from Tr**p is to remove the filibuster and pass all those laws that are needed to assure that we won't creep back into another Tr**p Administration.

Also - now might be the last Dem Administration we'll have if we can't get those laws passed without the threat of a filibuster.

I'm thinking that the world leaders can help put some pressure on the Manchin's and Sinema's of the world and appeal to their patriotism and perhaps get them on board with the Dem Party to do away with the filibuster.

Things are getting tense for 2022 and 2024 and if we don't do something soon - we'll miss our chance and perhaps never recover.

I'm just thinking that world leaders can make some appeals to help us through this situation. It's in their best interests as well.

We've Used The Carrot - Is It Time To Use The Stick?.....

We'll never get out of this pandemic if we don't reach our goals on getting the American People vaccinated.

Things look like they are taking a turn for the worse again - with this Delta Variant. Numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are again climbing.

I just wish the MSM would report what percentage of the new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are attributed to those that are un-vaccinated. Maybe some of those un-vaccinated will be sufficiently scared into going to get vaccinated if they hear those numbers and know that they are the ones now in the cross-hairs of this pandemic.

We've appealed to peoples 'patriotism' - to get vaccinated.

We've used the carrot approach and have offered everything from free beer, tickets to popular events and cash lotteries. Still the numbers of those seeking vaccinations is down considerably.

My question - is it time to start to use the stick?

Maybe not right immediately - but to provide a date - that if you are not vaccinated by that date - there will be some sort of repercussion.

Not sure what that would be - but - fines; barring the un-vaccinated from participating in events; not being able to travel; prohibiting them from being able to go to a bar; for a haircut; to a restaurant; from going to school (and I'm talking those of age to be eligible for the vaccine; etc.

The way I am looking at it now is that these un-vaccinated people are infringing upon my rights to live a normal life. They need to be coerced, forced - if we have to - but they must get vaccinated unless there is some very legitimate medical reason they can't. If they don't - they need to be held accountable.

For the sake of all of us - we need to reach 'herd immunity'.

I believe we are getting close to having to 'use the stick'.

It shouldn't have to come to that - but we can't go on forever being afraid to live a normal life because of those that throw caution to the wind and endanger the rest of us.

I Still Want To Know Where Tr**p Was Viewing The 1/6 Insurrection And.....

who was with him and what was his reaction to what was going on.

I sure hope that info comes out in time. The sooner the better.

Has Anybody Studied What Indoctrinates A Person Into The Trump Cult?....

I don't know where I'm going with this post - and I don't know if I'm using the correct words - but has anyone done a psychoanalysis of a Trumpist/MAGA? What radicalizes them and alters the way they think about Trump, our country, our government?

Is it simply listening to Fox and Rupert? Does that news network employ subliminal messages? Is something else going on? How do they suck people in?

What about the Repug Party (i.e., our politicians in D.C. and the states, etc)? Have they been brainwashed as well? Do they contribute to the indoctrination, radicalization of the common folk Trump cultists? How does a politician that runs for office and attains that office go so far off track from the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? What makes them try to out lie or create weirder conspiracy stories than the next guy?

How much does Trump himself play into drawing the people to him? Does he have some kind of strange hypnotic-al power? Why don't people see through him and realize he's a con artist? Why don't they recognize his criminal ways?

I believe that other cults have been analyzed. I'm just wondering if anyone has studied the Trump cult in any major way to help us understand what's happening to a large portion of the American People.

This has gone much further than just Republican and Democrat/Left and Right politics. We're venturing into Right versus Wrong.

What drives a person to want to rush the Capitol Building and beat police with American flags? What makes a person want to endanger their life as well as others to not wear a mask or to believe that the Covid vaccines are harmful? How have they watched over the last year 600,000 + American's die of Covid and believe someone that tells them it's a hoax?

It's like something has insidiously taken over half of the U.S. electorate. What's going on?

Is There A Dem Equivalent To CPAC?.....

It would seem that something of this sort should be around to counteract the lies that are spread from CPAC.
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