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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 17,383

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Doesn't Forgiveness Come After The Person You Will Be Forgiving Says They're Sorry?......

I didn't hear Trump say he was sorry for having an affair with Stormy Daniels - i year after he married Melania and she was pregnant with Barron. Instead - he had his lawyer pay Daniels - hush money to keep her quiet.

I don't buy Graham's forgiveness defense of Trump.

Was The Press Presentr At Mar-A-Lago Last Night....

even if it was outside the gates of the place? I want to know who showed up there and paid $100,000 per couple ro attend that party.

Who was in line seeking Trump's attention? Has anything been reported on this yet?

The White House Is The People's House - Can Trump & The Repugs Use The Telephone Answering Service..

there for political purposes. AM Joy just played the recorded message you get when you call the WH.

It takes shots at the Dems.

SNL So Far Isn't Very Funny Tonight....

they had so much material to work with this last week and they are bombing.

Seth Meyers & Cobert are funnier on a daily basis. One would think SNL has a whole week to put together a funny show that it would really be funny. They just aren't doing it.

Well Trump Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine Today - The Trifecta......

1. government sh*tdown on his one year anniversary of his inauguration

2. a very successful Women's March in protest to him; throughout the US & World

3. not being able to go to Mar-A-Lago today for golf and his big fund raising party

Well deserved Donald!!!!!

And you ain't even seen the worst of it yet - Mueller is coming for you.

Kudo's To The Women All Over The USA & Around The World That Marched Today....

I see where their were record crowds in many cities. They beat last years crowds. Take a bow ladies. You deserve all the accolades. You should be very proud of yourselves and your participation. I'm sure proud of you. Congrats!!!!!!!

Already The Repugs Are Using Weasel Words For The Trump Sh*tdown....

calling it a 'lapse in services' vs a Sh*tdown.

They are keeping some services open because they know they are feeling the brunt of the blame and they want to lessen the blow and look like heros.

Why Do The Repugs Keep Saying 'Unlawful Or Illegal Immigrants'....K

when referring to DACA?

I'm Calling It The "Trump Sh*tdown"....

He deserves it.

Are The Majority Of The American People Even Concerned About The Sh*tdown?.....

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there is a big portion of the American People that don't even know that we're in a sh*tdown now.

We've gone through sh*tdowns in the past and they always seemed to be resolved one way or another. I don't even know if the majority of the American People even felt the effects of previous sh*tdowns.

So - the cable news channels are relishing in this sh*tdown and it is the story of the day. It pays their bills.

The only way such a sh*tdown will have any real effect is that if the majority of the American People feel and hurt bad from its effect. That will only happen if this drags on for weeks and months.

Maybe this is why Trump said what he tweeted about a sh*tdown. - "what this country needs a "good 'shutdown."

Maybe if we had a prolonged sh*tdown that really hurts. Maybe then we'll be able to work on bipartisan solutions. Maybe then the Dems and Repugs will come together.

Could this be what Trump was going for when he tweeted that tweet.
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