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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 17,130

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Did Rudy Giuliani Have Anything To Do With Wikileaks & HRC's E-mails?....

I seem to recall that he said he "knew something" and that there is "a surprise or two that you are going to hear about in the next few days".

Was this in relation to wikileaks and Don Jr. correspondence with wikileaks?

Just wondering - because one doesn't hear much about Guiliani anymore. He has seemed to have dropped out of existence.

We Can't Let The Repugs Get Away With This Tax Bill Under The Cover Of The Holidays.....

They are purposely using the holidays - between Thanksgiving and New Year's to pass this tax bill - knowing full well that We The People will be focused on the holidays and not politics. They will try and slip this in. We have to stop it. We need to activate now and let them know we won't tolerate this.

I guess this is what Trump meant when he said it will be a Merry Christmas. I guess it will only be a Merry Christmas for the rich and the corps. The rest of us will get a lump of coal.

Just Listened To The Opening Segment Of Rachel's Show....

Now I'm looking for suggestions on Russian as a second language classes.

We have Trump to thank for this.

With Respect To Trump Jr. And His Communnications With Wikileaks......

I hear that he might be given a pass because he wasn't a member of the campaign. Is that true? He might not have been a paid member of the campaign staff because he is family - but he was intimately involved with the campaign.

Or were the Trump people so smart - to keep him free from the campaign - so he could engage in dirty tricks and get away with it?

Also - the way Trump shoots his mouth off - I got to believe somewhere that there is a clip of Trump saying something about Don Jr. being part of the campaign. Hope some MSM outlet finds that.

An Observation About The Trump Campaign & White House.....

One of the excuses I hear from some talking heads regarding some of the actions that some of the Trump campaign people took and some of the WH staff took - is that they are new to politics (Trump was a businessman) and that they made newbie mistakes because they were inexperienced - they didn't know this or that.

Seems like they hide behind that excuse when it is convenient for them - yet they seem very experienced in covering things up and lying about stuff. Can they have it both ways?

Also - ignorance is no excuse for the law. I've heard that saying countless times during my life. Many people paid fines or worse yet went to jail because they pleaded ignorant to various laws - and "I didn't know that" was no excuse.

Mr. Sessions If You Have Such A Bad Memory - How Can You Serve In Such A Job As Attorney General?...

Perhaps you are beginning to experience a medical condition - such ad senile dementia. I would think that memory is an important quality to have in such a key job as attorney general. Perhaps you should see a Doctor.

Will Mueller Ever Interview Bannon?.....

Bannon was at the right hand of Trump. Seems like a natural for Mueller to interview him. Do you think Bannon will be one of the last persons - before Trump himself - that Mueller will interview?

What Do You Expect From A Party That Allows An Admitted Sexual Assaulter To Lead Their Party?....

Now a number of them had made their statements and can hide behind them - knowing full well that Moore will most probably be elected to the Senate. They are in a win-win situation. Win: They say he should pull out of the election. Makes them look like they don't condone his actions and if he does pull out - they look good. Win: If he wins - at least they can say that they took a stand and supported him pulling out of the election. They can't be responsible for the actions of the voters that elected him. The People have spoken.

I'm almost sure this was their calculation before they made their statement on Moore.

Will The Repug Drubbing Last Night Due To Backlash On Trump Hasten Impeachment.....

of Trump - now that the Repugs are getting the message that he is destroying their Party?

Trump Says Repugs Won 4 Out Of 4 House Seats .....

Where? Who? & Why? (gerrymandering maybe?)
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