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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 23,811

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I Find It Interesting That Most Of Congress (H & S) Is Out Of D.C. On Recess At This Time.....

It's convenient for the Repugs especially - in that they aren't confronted by the MSM to answer or comment on the M-A-L search or Tr**p's treason and his lame and lying excuses for his possession of these files.


There seems to be a silence from the Repugs about this situation and this recess can be used as their excuse.

There's No Question About This - If A Dem Former Pres Was The Subject Of What TFG Is.....

that Dem would have been locked up by now. The Repugs would be relentless in their crucifying a Dem.

Why does TFG always get the benefit of the doubt?

I'm Curious About This CCTV System Tr**p Has Installed At Mar-A-Lago.....

They're saying that Tr**p and his family watched the search on CCTV while in process.

What else do we know about this CCTV system? Were these FBI agents being filmed without their knowledge or was there some sort of 'camera crew' doing the filming?

When I think of CCTV systems in relation to Tr**p - I think of a few things:

1. the Pee Tape
2. didn't I hear he had camera's in condo's at Tr**p Tower in NYC
3. I think of Epstein taping people in his residences
4. I believe that even Hugh Hefner did some taping at his mansion

What do we know about this CCTV system Tr**p has installed in Mar-A-Lago?

Wasn't There An Issue In TFG's WH About Him Doling Out Security Clearances To.....

His family members without following proper protocol? I thought it had something to do with Kushner.

A Tr**p Indictment Can't Be Far Off Now.....

When do you think we'll see that happen?

So When Will TFG Flee The Country?.....

As the noose closes in on him - I expect TFG to make a break for it.

They should watch his movements closely now. He's more in the corner now than ever in his life.

I 'm thinking he's gonna run. And it's not for office in 2024.

What Do You Think The Talking Points Are Tonight That Are Being Distributed To Repugs In Congress?..

We know that the Repugs get coordinated talking points so that all of them sound like they are talking from the same hymnal.

What do you think they are being told to say (or not to say) tonight?

I got to think they are browning their underwear tonight - given the nuclear news that is being reported tonight.

Some of them might be privy to what TFG was up to. Others might be blindsided babes in the woods - that had no idea that he could take things this far. They bought into his lies and just went with the flow.

Either way - I got to think that there is going to be a lot of lost sleep tonight in Repug circles.

Your thoughts are appreciated!!!

Who Packed The Boxes That Found Their Way To Mar-A-Lago?......

Who gave the orders for them to pack these boxes?

Who told them what to pack into these boxes?

Who moved the boxes to Mar-A-Lago?

How did they move these boxes? (if classified or top secret documents - How were they protected when in transport?

Who received the boxes when they arrived at Mar-A-Lago?

Who placed what documents from these boxes into the safe at Mar-A-Lago?

Lots of questions here. It will be interesting as they unravel this one.

Let's Explore The 'Deep State'....

The conspiracy theorist's (CT's) ;Tr**p cultist's and the Repug's use the term 'Deep State' whenever there is some sort of action that's anti-Tr**p or anti-Repug. They claim that it's a sinister force created by the Dems to impart harm to them.

But I'd like to pose this alternative explanation of the 'Deep State' to these CT's; cultist's and Repug's.

If there really is a 'Deep State' operating under the radar of our government - wouldn't the 'Deep State' really maybe try and fool you into thinking it is the Dems behind it - when in reality - the 'Deep State' is really a CT; cultish; Repug creation used to take advantage of your penchant for conspiracies; your racism; your hate for LGBTQ; and sexist way's to con you into supporting their anti-constitutional, fascist, racist, anti-american platforms to benefit the super rich and the corporations?

Haven't you ever given it a thought that you might be being taken advantage - and that this is a real conspiracy.

Look at all they are wanting you to support. Did you ever think you'd be supporting a treasonous criminal and anti-american groups that ransacked the Capitol (the symbol of our Government).

We can go down the list of how this 'Deep State' is taking you down a rabbit hole to destroy our Democracy.

Just ruminate on those thoughts for a while if you really are a conspiracy theorist. Is this 'Deep State' is really a - double agent in disguise.

I Don't Know Why - But I Keep Thinking About The Original Ocean's 11 Movie With The Rat Pack.....

They hid the money they stole from the Vegas casino's in the casket - and didn't realize that the deceased was to be cremated.

Why is this stuck in my brain?

Because of the picture of Ivana's grave on TFG's golf course.

Maybe the FBI should exhume the body and check the casket.

What a perfect place to hide evidence.
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