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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 16,853

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Boy - Look At The Faces Of Tillerson & Haley.....

I wonder whats going thru their minds?

Is Trump Running Out Of The Good Things That Obama Did So He Can Undo?.....

Just asking!!!

By Trump undoing Obama's successes - Trump is finding out just how good a President Obama was.

Every Dem From Every State Where Their Dem Senator Is Not A Co-Sponsor To Medicare For All....

needs to get on the phone today and call their respective Senators and tell them to get on board and support Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Bill that he introduced today.

Currently there are 16 Senate Co-Sponsors.

We need to get all the Dem Senators on board and become co-sponsors.

Call now:

The U.S. Capitol switchboard number 1-202-224-3121
the operator will connect you directly with your respective Senator(s) office(s)

Ask why your Senator was not up on stage today with Bernie and the other Senate co-sponsors and tell them to get on board with co-sponsoring the bill. Our goal again is to get all the Dem Senators as co-sponsors.

Embarrass them if you have to - tell them they don't want to risk being the only Dem Senator not co-sponsoring the bill.

We Need To Call Our Senators Now - Dick Durbin & Tammy Duckworth To Support Medicare For All.....

Every resident of Illinois needs to call our elected Senators to get them to co-sponsor Bernie Sanders Medicare For All bill that he is introducing today. Currently he has 16 co-sponsors in the Senate. We need to get all the Dem Senators behind this bill.

Their telephone numbers to their Washington DC offices:

Sen. Durbin - 1-202-224-2152

Sen. Duckworth - 1-202-224-2854

Here's A Link To A Live Internet Feed Of Bernie's Medicare For All Kick Off....


It Pisses Me Off That MSNBC Cut Away From Bernie's Medicare For All Presintation...

and it is not on CNN or CSPAN & CSPAN 2. MSNBC would rather listen to the lies being spewed by the WH and Sarah Huckabee.

Just Heard The End Of A Discussion On MSNBC Of Talking Heads Discussing Bernie's Medicare For All...

proposal. Again - we have people that like to hear themselves talk and approach everything negatively.

What they fail to address - is that we already have a template for Bernie's plan. It is the current Medicare system - that if you talk to Seniors - they love. It works.

Note that Medicare is not a free system. I am on Medicare and I have to pay into it every month. It covers 80% of the costs of healthcare and I also have to have a supplemental plan to pick up the other 20%. That is managed by the current health insurance industry.

I think Bernie's plan will be rolled out much the same way. Also - in reading about Bernie's plan - it doesn't happen overnight - it is phased in over a series of years.

One of the things that a Medicare for All system will do is simplify things for the providers. They will in fact not have to deal with multiple insurers and fill out multiple forms - that make the current system - overbearing for them. They will have to fill out one form that is common for everyone. It takes a lot of the administrative costs out of the system.

The other thing that Americans need to take into account is that the current health insurance premiums that they are paying - will be reduced. That's another area where they will benefit.

With respect to employers that currently have to deal - most of the time on a yearly basis - with having to fine and affordable plan to cover their employees - all that will go away. Some of the costs that they now incur can either be saved as money in their pockets or could be pass along to their employees in pay raises. These pay raises - will be a stimulus to the economy - as people that have more money will now be more apt to spend it for the necessities.

All in all - a Medicare for All system is an idea whose time has come. We as Dems need to support this and help make it happen. It is ACA on steroids. It is what President Obama envisioned when he moved on ACA - that it be used as a stepping stone to Medicare for All.

I also like the fact that it is called - "Medicare For All" instead of 'single payer' or 'universal health insurance'. Those two monikers make it sound like the Repugs want to portray it - as 'socialized medicine'. Medicare For All - because of the current successful Medicare program - makes more sense.

Also - part of Bernie's plan is to also work on Big Pharma and make our meds more affordable - by letting the government negotiate prices with Big Pharma - much like the VA System already does. Savings that will be gained by doing this will also go a long way in reducing our healthcare costs.

Also building on ACA - preventive medicine - as it becomes for ubiquitous for all Americans - is another way of keeping our current healthcare costs down.

Yes - Medicare for All - is an idea whose time had come and all Dems should get behind it as it is a good common sense way of dealing with the provision of healthcare which should be a right for all Americans.

As Climate Change Continues To Devastate The U.S. .....

the monies allotted to rebuild will be a stimulus to the economy. It is a back door way of putting 'infrastructure rebuilding' into effect. It's almost a way of dealing with two major problems at once - climate change and infrastructure rebuilding. It's just ashamed it has to come at the feet of the people that have been ruined by Harvey and Irma.

Will Repug Voters In Florida & Texas Now Have A Different Perspective On Big Government?.....

Do you think that they realize that if government services were cut back - because big government is bad - how they would be able to cope with the destruction and rebuilding of their respective areas.

Has The White House Press Corp Moved On From The Devastation Of Florida Already?.....

Not one question was posed to Sarah Huckabee today to about Florida and the rebuilding that is needed. Nothing about climate change either. Just an observation.
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