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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 18,007

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The Presidency Wasn't Meant To Be A License To Steal And Commit Crimes.....

with a get out of jail free pass. If this country is going to survive this attack on democracy - all of Trump's people involved in all the illegal and criminal activities that they have foisted upon this country and the American People need to suffer the consequences and pay for them by being prosecuted and punished.

If they all walk away with pardons it will be the end of the country as we know it. I don't think I can handle that sort of outcome.

Haven't Heard Much Of John Kelly Lately......

is he on the outs with Trump?

Are These World Leaders That Meet With Trump Just Being Polite Or...

do they really like the guy?

Has Mnuchen Made Any Comments On The Haley Announcement Of Sanctions.....

she mentioned his name when she made her statement last week. Was he confused too?

Why Is Scott Pruitt So Paranoid?.....

Is there something in his past that scares the hell out of him? Does he have a food taster too?

Is he somehow tied to Russians - like most of the rest of Trump's people?

Cohen Used Funds From A Home Equity Line Of Credit To ......

pay himself on Hannity's behalf. (sarcasm)

Comey Helped Trump Get Elected And He's Serving Trump Today By.....

giving Trump his book and book tour to use as a distraction from his lawyer Cohen's problems (which could really sink Trump) and the Stormy Daniels/Playmate issue.

This Comey book came out just in time for Trump to use as a distraction.

Think about it - what would we be talking about now instead of analyzing Comey's book and TV and newspaper interviews - if Comey's book wasn't there?

Trump is in a heap of trouble now. The Syria bombing didn't really help him much. Trump is going to Mar-A-Lago tomorrow to not be around for the Cohen stuff.

Comey is a convenient distraction now for Trump to use to his advantage.

Comey's fault is that he is just too honest.

Do These Guys Know What The Hell They're Doing?....

This Pentagon briefing doesn't give me a lot of confidence that they do.

Are The Repugs Throwing The Nov 2018 Election?......

I spent a day with a Repug friend of mine yesterday as he was visiting from Montana. I wanted to avoid any discussion of politics because I didn't want to get into any arguments or leave on a bad note. He, however, initiated the discussion by saying the following: " I don't want you to judge me on my Republicanism - but I don't like Trump and want him to be gone too."

He then unloaded this theory to me. He said the Repugs are purposely throwing the Nov 2018 election and want Congress to go back to the Dems. He said that the Repugs don't want to be associated with 'impeachment' of Trump or 'one of their own'. They'd rather leave that up to the Dems to do - and then when it's done - they can unload on the Dems for the impeachment.

He said the Repugs don't want to piss off their Repug voter base anymore than it already is and that being in power during impeachment proceedings against Trump - would piss off a considerable portion of their base. They'd want to leave that task up to the Dems.

He said the Repugs are always better on the offense then they are on the defense and letting the Dems do the dirty work leaves the Repugs to take up the offensive position. He said that this was also the reason that Ryan will not seek re-election. He said Ryan has his sights on the presidency and if he had to be Speaker of the House during impeachment of Trump - wouldn't endure him to the Repug voter base.

I reflected on that last night and that prompted me to post this. Do you think their is any credence
to his theory?

Maybe We're Looking At The Wrong Culprit With Respect To Social Media Like Facebook....

Maybe the attention should be placed on the advertisers and regulate what they are doing.

Madison Avenue is built on deception. False claims, lies, bending of the truth to influence. Maybe the ad execs need to be grilled on the Hill?
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