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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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It keeps getting worse for Trump

Trump's former appraiser, Cushman and Wakefield, failed to produce Trump financial documents. Two days after the due date they asked for an extension, the judge was not impressed. The judge has imposed a 10,000 dollar per day fine on the appraisers starting July 7th.

Letitia James was pissed. I keep thinking of the movie The Color Of Money, it just keeps getting worse for Trump, like a nightmare.


The Fani Willis special grand jury

I was told that Mark Meadows and Pat Cipollone couldn't be subpoenaed to the Georgia special grand jury because they were out of state.

A Georgia judge has ordered an attorney from former President Donald Trump's campaign team to testify in a special grand jury investigation about efforts to overturn the 2020 election. A state judge just ordered Kenneth Chesebro to testify before the Fulton County grand jury.

So I ask my question once again, since Fani Willis has the guts, why can't she subpoena Mark Meadows, who was involved in phone calls with Raffensperger, and Cipollone, who may be able to prove Trump's criminal intent?

Special immunity and privilege do not apply in the commission of crimes.

Asking for a real legal opinion this time. I understand if Garland is afraid that the fascist SC will grant Meadows and Cipollone immunity but doing nothing doesn't get them to testify.

A Fulton County, Ga. indictment of Donald Trump.

Let's cut to the chase, Fani Willis is way ahead of DOJ. A DOJ trial of Trump would never happen until mid 2024 into 2025. A Fani Willis trial could occur much sooner. To be fair, Fani is only going through a special grand jury where she is gathering evidence, but the next step would be an indictment of Trump for as many as 4 crimes.

I have a question for the legal beagles, why can't Fani Willis subpoena people like Pat Cipollone and Mark Meadows? Would she have to go through the courts to get them to show up? If they did show up would they get immunity in just the state of Georgia but not immunity in a federal trial, were that to happen?

I wish that DOJ had run a parallel investigation along with Georgia, but it didn't.

Fani Willis may be the person to hold Trump accountable.

A question for the wait and see crowd,

Should the FBI be questioning the Mark Meadow's associate who sent the threat to Ms. Hutchinson? Should it wait so that the associate and Meadows can get their stories straight? Or maybe the associate will get a threat?

Maybe Mark Meadows, being a former Chief of Staff is off limits? DOJ has already failed to follow up on a criminal referral.

The J6 Committee Seems 1 Step Ahead of the Traitors.

Doesn't it seem that way? I have a crazy, nutty, probably dumb question; did Trump make a big mistake attacking Liz Cheney? Is it possible that Dick, and Liz too for that matter, have loyalists in the middle of the traitors feeding the J6 committee leads and information?

Just a dumb thought.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

The United States Supreme Court has said it will review whether state legislatures have the authority to ignore courts on election rules even if they are found to be unconstitutional.

This is scheduled for the next SC session. The case is Out of North Carolina.

Gym Jordan, Rudy, Roger Stone, are Piss Ants.

Donald Trump would throw them under the bus in a NY minute.

Donald trump is scared shitless that DOJ, not the select committee, will subpoena Pat Cipollone. Donald Trump gave Mark Meadows a million dollars for a reason, to buy his silence. If DOJ puts Mark Meadows in front of a grand jury he cannot plead the 5th. It would be GAME OVER for Trump.

I understand there are other ducks for DOJ to get lined up, but Cipollone proves Trump's criminal intent, and Meadows is the link between the militias, the people at the Willard Hotel War room, and Meadows and Eastman are the link to the fake electors.

Meadows can use the million dollars that Trump gave him to have plastic surgery and go into hiding, or he can do the right thing and testify before a grand jury and the government will pay to put him in the witness protection plan.

132 Days until the Election,

DOJ should not pause anything for anyone who is not on the ballot. DOJ is investigating an attack on our Capitol, an attack on our democracy, it is nonsense to suggest it pause anything because of the election. We are in unchartered waters where past practice should be thrown out the window.

Merrick Garland should give a press conference and state that DOJ will only pause public pronouncements for prosecutions involving people who are on the ballot so as to not sway the election. Everyone else not on the ballot is fair game.

The Pipe Bombs Were Part of the Plan

Let us not forget the pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC. If they had exploded it would not only have diverted resources away from the Capitol it would have been a big reason for Trump to pause the counting of ballots, or if events went badly, declare martial law.

Someone planned putting the bombs at both the RNC and DNC for a reason, to add to the confusion and mayhem. A pipe bomb placed at the RNC would have been exploited by Fox News. In rides Trump to the Capitol riding in his Suburban to save the day and declaring on live TV that he is ordering a pause in the proceedings until he can figure out what the hell is going on.

To Those Who Bash Liz Cheney,

You bet she voted for most of Trump's policies, but we aren't talking about that.

When law enforcement wants to take down a gang it plants a mole in the group to learn all about the gangs plans.

Liz Cheney was a part of the gang, she knows who the hit men are, where the bodies are buried, she was #3 ranked in the gang. She is the perfect person to take down the Don. Liz Cheney most likely will be out of a job come election so she will devote her time to bringing Trump down.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Trump hates her with a passion. I bet Trump throws his lunch against the wall when Liz questions a witness.
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