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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 18,140

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Who Is Responsible For A Shutdown?

First of all, I think there will be one.

Why is there even a debate? President Biden and Kevin McCarthy worked out a spending deal months ago. McCarthy is the Speaker of the House, he needs to keep his word, he made a deal.

Also, Schumer and McConnell came up with an agreement to keep the government funded with 70 Senators voting for it. McCarthy needs to bring that bill up for a vote if he is weaseling out of the deal he already made.

I heard Nancy Pelosi say that a discharge petition was not feasible to avoid a shutdown because it would take 30 days to implement.

Are we supposed to believe that President Biden or Congressional Democrats have anything to do with a shutdown?

C'mon MSM, it is obvious who will be responsible:

1. Donald Duck
2. House Magats

Great News From THe Magat Debate

Donald Trump was given a new name by Chris Christie - Donald Duck. All he does is quack and shit all over.

I struggled typing Donald Trump - I copied MF45, the slobfather from others, nope, from now on it will be Donald Duck for me.

No I didn't watch the debate I saw the headline on my browser.

A Scary Quote About Trump From Michael Cohen

“Donald doesn’t think like a normal human being,” Michael Cohen claims and adds he doesn’t see “a trial coming up in October”

We would give this guy the nuclear codes?

I am not a doctor but Trump has some form of mental illness.

Will Removal Of The Trump Tower Sign be Televised?

asking for millions of fans.

Hey MSM, It's Not That Hard

It's not that hard to discern when Trump posts on Truth Social and when someone else posts for him.

This latest all caps rant by "someone using Trump's account, attacked judge Engoron for shutting down Trump's NY businesses.

It isn't that hard; when there are big words, no mis-spellings, complete sentences, good grammar, understandable writing, it isn't Donald Trump.

Steven Miller where are you?

I will not post his latest all caps rant, it's too sad, I don't want DUers to cry. BWAHAHAHAHA.

The Senate Agrees To Stop Gap Funding Bill

The Senate has come to a bipartisan agreement on a stopgap funding bill that would keep the federal government running at least through Nov. 17, The New York Times reported Tuesday afternoon. Leaders in the chamber hope to hold a vote on the bill by the end of the week. The deal would give billions more in war aid and disaster relief to Ukraine—a measure that is sure to face stiff resistance in the Republican-led House, should McCarthy even introduce the bill on the floor. The GOP has struggled in recent weeks to keep its House caucus together amid a brewing far-right revolt, with many of the chamber’s most conservative members seeking deep cuts to the federal budget and a halt in funding for Ukraine’s war against Russia. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told reporters Monday that he refused to address “hypotheticals” about whether the House might be able to pass the Senate’s spending measure. “When they pass something, come back and ask,” he added.

Read it at The Daily Beast

I said this is what they should do a month ago. If McCarthy doesn't bring this bill up for a vote then there will be no disagreement about who shut down the government.


A Tribute To Liz Cheney and Cassidy Hutchinson

This may soothe their critics;


Cassidy Hutchinson Is The Loudest Anti-Trump Voice Out There

Thank Goodness for Cassidy's bravery. I had a time in my life where I spoke truth to power, including death threats. I cannot imagine how brave she must be to take on Trump and his Magat goons. It is because of Cassidy Hutchinson's J6 testimony that DOJ began investigating Trump. Cassidy has given first hand testimony before 2 grand juries. Cassidy Hutchinson wrote a book exposing the criminality, the chaos, in the Trump White House. Cassidy Hutchinson is going on TV rubbing it right in trump's ugly face and he can't reply or it may be used against him in court,

I read the criticism of her here. I heard her say on Rachel that she is a Reagan/Romney Republican, well shame on her.

She is also a brave, patriot that may be the reason our democracy survives. I wish there were more people like her.

Excerpt from Cassidy's Book re: Classified Documents

This excerpt is so damning, the Secret Service are involved. A Whole Food bag filled with classified documents and mark meadows desperately trying to have the documents declassified, to no avail. Trump and or Meadows made all kinds of copies of the documents. One copy was going to McCarthy and one was to go to McConnell. I guess that didn't happen. Everyone gets a copy of classified documents.

You know how I keep saying I won't click on articles from The Hill, because John Solomon was a big shot in The Hill, well Solomon was a person who received the classified documents, imagine that. Read this freaking excerpt it is so damning.


75% of Republicans (Magats) Believe Trump Lied About His Bone Spurs.

I forgot about this poll I did several years ago. I live among Magats in central Pa. and while at the golf clubhouse I asked the question about Trump's medical deferment to get out of Vietnam. I asked 8 people 6 were Magats and 2 were not, yet 6 people who I polled believe that Trump evaded going to Vietnam because he got a doctor to lie about his having bone spurs.

Maybe I should have more faith in polls? Nah.
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