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Member since: Sat Jun 6, 2020, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 8,456

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Besides heat waves, and mosquitoes - What does Summer mean to you?

If Spring 🧡 in many places warming weather no more snow & ice (w a rare April eary/mid storm) plus 🧡 greening trees, crab apple & cherry tree blossoms - wonderful possibilities reopening; Summer in its best state means expansiveness 🥰 to me!

The wonderful possibilities that haven't happened yet - many will happen now, or over 6/21 - 9/19-20!

When it's not above the low 80°Fs, on dry side; no over clothes except a rain poncho if not umbrella, even sometimes mid 80°F to just 90°F especially earlier on in the season there's a Sense Of Freedom! (I swear the ole freedom from any school still sticks with me even at 69 yes on. 😄 )

So many ourdoor summer concerts! Free ones (well not since effing Covid ) More flowers in gardens & parks.

Going down to the World Financial Center/ Brookfield Place Big Plaza, 🥰 and the long Beautiful Esplanade by The Hudson River that ends near Battery Park.

Hanging out with family/friends in backyards! Fourth of July firework. Firework on Fridays on Coney Island beach at the A Team Stadium of The Yankees or The Mets. The beach. Vacations for many people. Even the hustle and bustle of NYC streets when not (over)crowded I get energized; it varies in location.
All this and more!

(while covid has reduced much or ruined of this the past 19 months 😥 )

A Shout Out to 🥰 Summer on it's last weekend 2022!

(gI'm going to a Chineese buffet, and eating in a little park place 👍🧡 then going to a different 🧡 park later )

What does the 🧡 best of Summer mean to you? 👍🙂
Posted by electric_blue68 | Sun Sep 18, 2022, 11:31 AM (8 replies)

Yippie!!! 💗 I just made my cellphone a hotspot, and successfully connected my tablet to WIFI...


I need to take my tablet to our library (free WiFi) so I can register my tablet.
I only have WiFi through my phone but now I can get there throufht my hotspot!

Bigger screen - bigger photos, vids, etc! 😄😍👍💃

ETA: I did listen/watch 3 music vids

and looked at the marmoset vid 🥰

And wow do I need to go to sleep nao! 😴😄
Posted by electric_blue68 | Tue Sep 13, 2022, 04:59 AM (4 replies)

I've been reading (ebook) Watergate: A New History off & on since mid June...

from my library in chunks of 100 - 150 pages before my borrow time runs out. 😄 I guess they don't have many copies bc it takes 20 days until my next hold on it switches to "borrow".
ETA: The other reason I chose this time to OP (then I forgot) was that the Chapter 32 which I am about to start
is called...
"A Russian Novel". (!!!!!) It seems to be an actual quote; but I don't know who said it... yet. How appropo!

The style of writing is easy, but it's still a lot to keep track of. There's a bunch of earlier pre WG scandals/crimes I've mostly forgotten; though not Ellsburg. (I may have to reread The Chenault thing at some point)

I decided to read it bc I did live through it although I probably only caught nightly news snips & specials because I was in college. Read the (then Liberal) NY Post. I had seen in the movie theater All The President's Men when it came out. Almost positive I do remember Dean, and the taping system revelation/shock! Plus the 18 min "gap", and Mary Woods.

As I'm reading I do remember a bunch of the names, and sometimes what their occupations/titles were. Besides bringing old memories to the fore, plus learning new information; the sort of "Gotcha!!" sense there that is so satisfying(!) -
even with Ford pardoning him being a downer (and a 'parhway' for drumphf) - as we watch the walls tightening around drumphf now (yes, I still believe he might end up in prison). It's like Echoes of The Past "influencing" the Present.

I've gotten to the first few days of The Hearings w the Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox (whose name I remember), Sen Ervin (name and face ✔️ ), and Dash (name ✔️ ).

I can't wait till Dean's revelation!

Anyone else reading/read it? I think it's going to take 2-3 more borrows to finish it. 👍

Posted by electric_blue68 | Mon Aug 29, 2022, 12:29 AM (4 replies)

I took a whole day off (Sunday) with No news other than local weather. I might make that a habit...

It felt good!

I'm posting this before I've looked at anything.

Now into the maelstrom! 😮 😄

If a really big story re drumph in unfolding on a Sat I'd probably follow on Sunday
Posted by electric_blue68 | Mon Aug 22, 2022, 06:35 PM (10 replies)

Mary Trump will be on Lawrence O'Donnell after commercials

Posted by electric_blue68 | Mon Aug 8, 2022, 10:33 PM (2 replies)

Feds are going into Mara Largo... Trump tweets complaints

Source: MSNBC

No exert it's my radio stream

Read more: Link to source

Posted by electric_blue68 | Mon Aug 8, 2022, 07:05 PM (15 replies)

Sudden Thought About TFG/Drumph ...

Yes, we all wish he'd "go away!!!!!"; however you envision that.

For those who don't want to hear anything more about him here on DU... having just caught the OP headline about him and Brittany Griner.

He's both a menance, and very dangerous depending on the issue, and/or situation.
Imho it's important to keep tabs on what he's saying bc of his out right lies still influencing people, and spreading all his poisonous opinions (unfortunately(!!!!!!), according to some; less now, (hopefully!!).

DU is a central, great place to do that, since we have people from all over listening, watching, and reading to the same, and different media; able to keep us informed!👍

Just (understandably grumble, I get it!) skip those threads, posts is my suggestion.
Posted by electric_blue68 | Sun Jul 31, 2022, 08:05 PM (0 replies)

Food Fun! Your stories about eating out, searching* for less easy to find foods, cooking et al

(I need another distraction 😁 )

I was a very picky eater so LittleMe would be horriffied
by FoodieMe now. 😂
Finally in my teens I began branching out. Luckily I had Chinese American friends who helped me beyond soy drenched take out! From there another friend was introduced by her friend to Indian food, who then introducd it to me. 👍 A life long love affair started.

•I'm half 2nd Greek American. When I was a kid Greek food was sort of "exotic". Feta cheese, taziki were things you'd only find in a Greek Deli. Luckily because a fair amount of Greeks (not as many as in Astoria, Queens) settled in my neighborhood so we had a Greek Deli about less than a mile from us.

•Living in NYC we went to the '65/'66 World's Fair in Queens. Among the things they had was the International Section where in some pavilions you could eat new foods.
In the Indian Pavilion we had a mild chicken curry, but it was the Nan bread I fell in love with!

Well, my dad off and on for like ?5+ years whenever he was doing the shopping; would when he saw it because it was slowly becoming more common in general supermarkets - he'd bring home Pita bread thinking it was Nan bread.

"No, Dad, this is not Nan bread" for the x'd time. 😄
It was really sweet of him.
My problem, and it was sort of weird as a visual artist who had also a strong tactile sense; WHY I couldn't describe the difference. I'm pretty sure I had remembered otherwise why would I be so insistant!

Anyway those are the 2 stories that I've never forgotten.
I'm sure I have a restaurant, and cooking story somewhere, too.

What are your stories? 👍

*(Food searching is often easier once on line stuff really got going, still there must be stories)
Posted by electric_blue68 | Sun Jul 17, 2022, 11:26 PM (19 replies)

As far as a 2020 Post Election Meme went would it possibly change a few RW minds now...

The one that says (approximately)

If The Democrats
Then WHY aren't there
More Democrats in
The Senate and The House?

Maaaaybe a few RWrs have a couple of
logic circuits left?
Posted by electric_blue68 | Sat Jul 16, 2022, 08:38 PM (5 replies)

(prompted by the OP "Not Normal") When do you think "The '60s" stated?

(I was mentioning the divisiveness of "the '60s in response to a post [I lived through it in NYC] and saying now is worse)

I think "the '60s" started with The Beatles arrival in the USA (NYC) in 2/64.

What do you think? 👍

Posted by electric_blue68 | Thu Jul 14, 2022, 11:37 AM (44 replies)
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