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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 3,984

Journal Archives

There is a Reason Barr is Hiding the Muller Report

Trump & his sycophants are working overtime to spin the findings. We should not take the bait and be discouraged. Republicans have taken dirty tricks to unbelievable levels. Now, more than ever, we need to keep fighting.

Let's Remember, Ken Starr Posted His Report About Bill Clinton on the Internet

Starr was delighted to include all of the salacious details—Republican zealotry at its finest. The Mueller Report needs to be released to the public now.

Rest Assured, Trump is Going Down-It May Not Be Soon Enough or Awful Enough to Suit Some of Us...

However, rest assured it will eventually happen. Keep in mind, Trump sits atop a mountain of corruption and illegality and there are currently multiple investigations in Congress, in SDNY and New York State and potential investigations in other venues. We may not even be aware of all of the investigations. Ultimately, Trump will be held accountable and he will see the comeuppance he so richly deserves. Have patience.

John Brennan was on Lawrence Tonight & Provided Interesting Insight into the Mueller Investigation

Brennan stated he thought Mueller would hold any indictments of Trump family members until the end of the investigation because once that happens, Trump will shut everything down. Brennan also hinted the investigation might be coming to a close soon.

Aren't Taxpayer Subsidies of Pro Football Stadiums & Pro Basketball Arenas Socialism?

With Trump's Legal Jeopardy Increasing, Will He Be Planning an Exfil Strategy in Vietnam?

Trump has no intention of being held accountable for anything he’s done.

Why Isn't Mark Harris Behind Bars for His NC Election Fraud Scheme?

Neither Harris nor the GOP should get a pass for their blatant election fraud scheme, and they certainly shouldn’t get a second chance and a do-over election. Instead, they should be made to forfeit the election and the congressional seat for their cheating scheme and Dan Mc Cready should immediately be declared the winner. It’s stunning to see the GOP get away with this, especially since they’re always outraged and campaigning against election fraud.

Has William Barr Said (or Done) Anything About Trump's National Emergency Declaration?

Trump Administration Plans to Build Migrant Detention Centers on Texas AFB Toxic Waste Dumps

What kind of monsters would lock up children on top of toxic Superfund sites?

How Does a National Emergency Get Planned Ahead of Time?

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