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debm55's Journal
debm55's Journal
May 26, 2024

Rich got his official PET results back. He still has malignant prostrate cancer but it has not spread. He will get shots

and radiation, No calls or cards from my family. Rich is my love and my concern. Thank you all for posting on this matter.

May 21, 2024

I had an online appointment with my therapist today. Rich goes for his PET tomorrowTuesday. I am nervous. Have not

received a card from "family" She called four times over the week end. Told me sister has covid and wanted to know if that is normal. I told her it was , since she works in a nursing him. Preceded to tell me about the flies in her house. I said i need to go. Called again and told me about all the people in her family that died from cancer. Called on Sunday, left a message that this was her mother calling and she shit me out, she owes me nothing. Sister is screaming in background about getting a taxi down to Pittsburgh. Also for Father's Day they want to get a combined Husband/ Wife headstone. I am to chip in. Got one more but didn't answer it, No calls since, No card for Rich, My sister does not and never had cancer, She had a polyp removed, Rich was in PreMed at Cornel. I spent two years in the Nursing Program at Penn State. . It breaks my heart that after spending my entire summer carting them to and from Pittsburgh and sending her balloons, flowers, candy and a teddy bear for a made up cancer, I should have known better as when his parents died, no cards were sent. I guess we should block the phone, The old thing about all of this is that I was 2 classes from getting my PhD in Art Therapy for abused and troubled teens, and I can't put it together why she has always treated me so awful. Doctor heal yourself


May 16, 2024

I want to thank everyone who sent us good wishes in Rich's upcoming fight with Malignant Prostrate Cancer. The love

you have shown us through your e-mails and posts touches both of our hearts.I have gotten no empathy from my family . I was told everyone dies and now my sister will have to get a taxi for her "cancer" visit. I hope all goes well with Rich. He seems to be holding it together more then myself. For right now , I can't think of anything funny, different or otherwise to post. Right now it ia not in me. When I feel that I can do it, I will be back . Thank you and love to all of you for the fun I had.

May 15, 2024

A lack of understanding and kindness. I had described here the toxicity in my home. I last talked to my my mother on

her birthday. January 2. When I sent her a card with 50 dollars and called her. She neither called or sent me a card for my birthday feb 20 or my son anything on April 25. She said it got lost in the mail. Whatever. Yesterday after the news that my husband has malignant prostrate cancer. I called her. I was heartbroken and was crying. My mother's response was" when you got to die, you die, There is no use crying about it. like a child that has had their toy taken away. Even Jesus died. Don't you believe in Jesus? Stop that crying. Since the phone is on speaker so my sister and mother can hear mutual conversations.My sister states " I guess I'll have to pay for a taxi to take me for my check=up." Mother chimes in the same. These are the folks that had Rich and myself all last summer for my sister's "cancer" which wasn't. Back to call, she gives me a litany of relatives that have died from cancer and ends talking about the flies in her house. Never one frickin word about how Rich was feeling. let alone speak to him. Call ended with, "let us know how he does" Oh yes. my cousin bought her a strawberry pie and I heard how good it was. Nothing to say about Rich except if he is going to die. he'll die. I saw them for what they were when my Mother and sister and a group of relatives said my dad and I have a Jewish nose. Laugh, laugh. and she went bananas having me get the my rosary out of his hands. I guess it will be back to no contact. My husband is kind, will do anything you want. is smart and well educated, loving to me and our son. What selfish , useless people they are.

May 13, 2024

The doctor just called for the biopsy. Rich has malignant prostrate cancer. Doctor ordered a PET --see if it spread.

That will be done tomorrow. And them chemo/radiation. I love him with all of my heart and soul.

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