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Do we not like to talk about our atrocities because WE were on the receiving end sometimes?

How much abuse have we put up with because we'll "be billionaires someday"? Because we don't want to be seen as liberals, socialists, or communists or sympathizing with them? How much hostility have we taken because as long as "the other guy gets it worse" then it's all good? To protect profit margins or the "world's greatest healthcare system"?

I was curious to what exactly "atrocity" meant here, it led me to articles about "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity".

Examples of crimes against humanity include war crimes, murder, massacres, dehumanization, genocide, ethnic cleansing, deportations, unethical human experimentation, extrajudicial punishments including summary executions, use of weapons of mass destruction, state terrorism or state sponsoring of terrorism, death squads, kidnappings and forced disappearances, use of child soldiers, unjust imprisonment, enslavement, torture, rape, political repression, racial discrimination, religious persecution, and other human rights abuses.

I want to focus on that one particular thing... unethical human experimentation. Which our government has done... to its own citizens. Sidney Gottlieb, MKUltra, eugenics which continued into the 1970s, the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, and something that hits a little close to home. My own family was on the receiving end of this.

I had an uncle, when he was in the Navy, he was unknowingly and purposefully dosed with high amounts of radiation; he got multiple cancers that ravaged his body about 20 years later, and the cancers killed him pretty quickly. Nobody else in my family has ever died from cancer or got anything besides precancer besides my grandfather who worked enriching uranium. It doesn't take an oncologist to link the two things.

I'm not going to compare what happened to my family to slavery, to Jim Crow, to Manifest Destiny, to the Trail of Tears, to the Iraq War, or funding the Contras, it's not, but at the same time, I think I can say it's not acceptable that it happened, to my family, or to anyone's family. It's also not acceptable that the government has ever acknowledged that this was wrong or that it even happened.

I'm a little curious that if we all knew what "atrocity" truly meant, the full scale of what an atrocity is, how much of us can look back and find something that was taken from us, maybe in our own lives or the lives of our parents, and why? Was there even a reason?

I think at some point, we'll try something other than the standard solution - pretend it didn't happen.

America is great BECAUSE a potus can lose reelection (And did)

It's funny, they say "critical race theory" teaches that America is a horrible place but yet they turn around and act like Trump's LOSS was abnormal, or did not happen.

That's why they push these conspiracy theories, these fraudits, claims that Trump will be 'reinstated' at some point, etc.

Trump's loss was not abnormal, his loss was well-earned. Buffoonery, passing the buck, "owning the libs" as an ideology, and general incompetence - of course he was going to lose.

Despite serious flaws in the system as seen through how race is handled or the electoral college as examples, the system ALSO works, and it showed can be a very well-oiled and efficient machine when Trump was given the boot by the people.

No president is entitled to reelection. That's something that works great! And it's sad, frustrating, that this was the first time for a lot of young Americans that this had to come with all of this hate and conspiracy-mongering. Instead of celebrating a part of our system that works just fine, we are all deluged with these conspiracy theories to save face for this incompetent man-child.

It should also be telling that Putin and the Kremlin are also chiming in, Putin is counting on and exploiting the same ignorance of this fact, that no president is entitled to reelection, and this is why authoritarian dystopia states like Putin's Russia are not great - the United Russia party doesn't have a mandate from voters, people are terrified of Putin and very real "deep state", they don't want to be the next Ryazan or Alexander Litvinenko.

Just remember, this applies to us too, no president is entitled to reelection, don't let complacency drag us down!

If teaching about race and racism is so horrible, then why use race in application forms at all?

GOP rep. Ralph Norman (From South Carolina) insisted that the country is in the middle of “cultural warfare today,” adding, “Critical race theory asserts that people with white skin are inherently racist, not because of their actions, words, or what they actually believe in their heart—but by virtue of the color of their skin.”

Also from South Carolina, the registration form for adoption/foster parenting...

Since racism has ended, we supposedly live in a "post-racial society", and systemic racism is just a myth; then we can go ahead and say my race and ethnicity should have no bearing, use, or value in adoption/foster parenting and should therefore be deleted from this, yes?

I'm eagerly awaiting for this to happen.

Want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here?

Because of people who took an oath to the Constitution and not one to one pretend-billionaire man-child or to another man-child that posts "q-drips" on the same website that is used by mass shooters to post their manifestos.

And because of Heather Heyer and those who follow in her spirit.

I hope that answers your question, you're welcome.

"Civil war", "armed rebellion", "what happened in Myanmar". Unnecessary when 1 word suffices...


It's funny, they say Trump bucked the status quo, blah blah blah, but they themselves don't want to buck the status quo and become the first self-proclaimed terrorists.

That's kinda sad.

Look, a transgender person *might* have touched the money I use to pay for things

And since transgender people are so deviant that all you Republicans are passing bills to limit their access to restrooms, sports, and medicine; then I think for the protection of the community, we should withhold giving money to the "world's greatest healthcare system" which is apparently being totally subverted by the needs of the deviant transgender community.

It's clear we need to relieve the healthcare system of the burdens of the needs and even being around transgender people, so you won't need to worry about coming into contact with transgender-touched money.

Not paying.

Employers: Want employees? Maybe work to mean "Must have reliable transportation" includes the bus.

On Craigslist, I can find close to 5,000 "help wanted" ads featuring those four words.

Now employers, from what I read in these ads, it's clear it means one thing: You need to have a car in order to even work at your establishment.

But having a car is not cheap:
* We're talking about gas
* We're talking about insurance
* We're talking about if the employee is ticketed or fined to/from work, then that is on them
* And if the employee is purchasing a car to get to work... well, let's just remember that cars do not grow on trees

"If you want a job, why don't you just move to where the jobs are at?" - The unemployed are told.

Have you considered moving to a part of the city where the buses are at?

"I guess you're going to have to be more thrifty and organized..." - The unemployed are told.

Have you considered putting aside long vacations and bonuses in order to lobby city officials to improve public transportation services... or have them at all?

"You are lazy, you don't want to work!" - The unemployed are told.

Have you considered that maybe people don't want to take the meager wages you give them and don't want to just see it go into getting to and from work?

I don't know... something to think about instead of just blaming unemployment benefits. Anybody want to give it a try though?

They are going to do WHATEVER it takes to keep the narrative of "unskilled" labor going

Maybe the pandemic made people think there's more to life than minimum wage, mind-numbing, soul-crushing, physically taxing work with toxic managers and some customers who act entitled and demand to be treated like royalty.

I don't know...

But whatever the case, people don't want to work for this kind of environment anymore. People are looking for ways out, or at least delay a return to 'normal'.

It's going to get worse, the smears that people are "lazy" are just the beginning. Expect blanket cuts to as many benefits they cab cut, expect red tape, and more.

They don't want employers competing for that "unskilled" labor instead of the other way around, how it "should" be, and we have to flip the script on this.

Usage of the term "cancel culture" has officially jumped the shark, er, horse

The latest victim of cancel culture is a horse. After Kentucky Derby–winner Medina Spirit failed a drug test in advance of the Preakness, the second race in the Triple Crown (a.k.a. America’s most prestigious form of animal abuse), the horse’s trainer Bob Baffert went on Fox News to defend its honor. “We live in a different world now. This America’s different,” he said, calling the horse’s disqualification a “cancel culture kind of thing.”

Nearly a half-dozen of Baffert’s horses have tested positive for banned substances in the last three years alone, including 2018 Triple Crown–winner, Justify. Baffert blamed that positive test on a weed that somehow got mixed into the horse’s food or bedding. Baffert blamed two of the other positive tests on a salonpas patch one of his trainers was wearing for back pain. In the case of Medina Spirit, he suggested that the positive test came after a groom peed on some hay after drinking cough syrup and then fed the horse the hay.

Horse racing is famously corrupt and has a doping problem so bad that Congress got involved last year, but even by its abysmal standards, these are hilariously contrived excuses.

That, of course, is how you end up invoking cancel culture. Baffert, who looks like an extra from Uncut Gems or a risqué Bob Barker, has nowhere else to turn. His horse hasn’t been disqualified because it was roided out but because powerful forces had aligned to silence it. Why was this horse being silenced? Baffert never quite explains it. Medina Spirit has not, to the best of my knowledge, been accused of any inappropriate behavior or problematic comments. He has not objected to critical race theory. He is just a horse, albeit one who seems to be on a fair amount of illegal substances.


This guy is no dummy, he knows what is going on; if you say "I'm a victim of cancel culture", then you will get INSTANTLY acquire support of the people who think there are roving bands of antifa all across the country, that gay people are ten foot tall wizards, would run screaming from a building if they were told a Muslim is next to them, and that George Soros stole the election.

Is it possible to overplay voter suppression? I think so.

If you see 30-40% turnout and say "Whoa, too many people voted! VOTER FRAUD!"...


If your vision consists, not of running on sound ideas and good candidates, but of hoping the people who probably won't vote for you just stay home or turn away because of long lines...

Then at what point do WE say...

These are not the actions of a legitimate political party?
They have pushed so many people aside from the polls and have no claims to "mandates"?
They are no longer seeking the consent of the governed and therefore no longer have it?
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