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cayugafalls's Journal
cayugafalls's Journal
November 6, 2023

The Big Push - It's Alright

November 1, 2023

Echo & the Bunnymen - Happy Death Men

Happy Tuesday!
July 10, 2023

"It's Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban"

From an article in 2017.

“The Council For National Policy” is a Conservative Think Tank, made up of a who’s who of prominent conservatives; Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Reince Priebus, Tim LaHaye, Bobby Jindal, John McCain… the list goes on…

This article, published by the Washington Post, but reported elsewhere, lays out the group’s plan to “restore education in America,” by bringing god into classrooms....more here

We knew the plan was in place. There were many, some here on DU sounding the alarm. But it never got any traction. They distracted us with the simple fact that the RETHUGS have some many schemes playing out you don't know where to look.

Now the plan is coming to fruition and we need to start calling them out. It is good to see people pushing back. But we need to SAY the words. "American Taliban."

We will not cower to "The American Taliban", religious extremist and their views have no place in a meeting on public policy.

How do we properly push back? The people in the videos on DU yesterday are doing a great job of pushing back...because they are informed and prepared. For every organization the crazies start, we need some benefactor on the left to start a mirror to fight them.

However, me personally I need to brush up on the Establishment Clause and understand how to properly use that argument effectively. Here is a little primer for anyone else who is going to go to meetings.

Establishment Clause (Separation of Church and State)

Even though our kids are way out of school, we have started going to meetings of our local school boards. It has been enlightening and now I feel empowered to speak up, but I need a good script...lol. I'm an ex IT guy not a public speaker...lol
April 23, 2023

Manu Chao - Clandestino - Full Album

Clandestino is the first full-length solo album by Manu Chao, released in 1998. The album contains many soundbites throughout, two of which are bits of a speech by Subcomandante Marcos and, like Chao's subsequent albums, was mostly recorded by the musician himself in various locations around the world, using a small laptop—which is referred to in the liner notes as Estudio Clandestino. The French edition of Rolling Stone magazine named this album the 67th greatest French rock album (out of 100).[4] The album was also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.[5] The album was ranked number 469 in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2020.


April 18, 2023

Barnstorm - Joe Walsh - Here We Go - October 1972

A brilliant album and prized pressing. This album upon first play, left me in utter silence.

Here We Go is merely the beginning track on an incredibly blissful album that takes you on a journey into the lush tapestry that Walsh later mastered during his long solo career.

With this album, Walsh moved away from the hard rock sound of the James Gang, with Barnstorm exploring a more folk-based, acoustic sound, influenced by such artists as James Taylor and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Taking a cue from The Who's guitarist Pete Townshend, Walsh utilized the ARP Odyssey synthesizer on such songs as "Mother Says" and "Here We Go." Walsh also experimented with acoustic guitar, slide guitar, fuzzboxes and keyboards as well as running his guitar straight into a Leslie 122 to get swirly, organ-like guitar tones. The lone hard rock track on Barnstorm, "Turn To Stone", has become the best known song from the album, since Walsh later re-recorded it for his solo album So What.


March 30, 2023

Call them what they are. GQP are gutless sellouts to the NRA. Don't stop saying it.

We all know this as a FACT. The GQP are Sellouts to the NRA.

Why is this an important message? Because it is the only one that matters right now and it will stop dead in the tracks ANY OF GQPs' OTHER SOUNDBITES.

Drag Queen bans? You're a sellout to the NRA and let CHILDREN DIE in schools because you won't ban AR15s', but you think a Drag Queen is more dangerous? Please explain yourself? Go ahead, we're listening.

Books that discuss slavery or racism? You're a sellout to the NRA and won't ban AR15s' and will let CHILDREN DIE in schools, but you will BAN a book because some child might get some feels. Please explain yourself, we're listening.

Transgenderism? You're a sellout to the NRA and let people murder innocent people in mass shootings and will not ban AR15s' but you want to ban a Transgender person from using their preferred restroom because someone might get some feels? Please explain yourself, we're listening.

Woke Culture? You're a sellout to the NRA and continue to SLEEP on the fact that a simple BAN of the AR15 will SAVE LIVES, yet you focus on "woke" as if being awake and aware of the PROBLEM is somehow bad? Please explain yourself, we're listening.

Time to throw these GQP'ers out with the bath water...let them open their ugly mouths and then shove it back at them.

You are a SLAVE to the NRA and have nothing else to say except utter bullshit deflection and ignorance.

Carry on...no peace until they shut the fuck up.

March 22, 2023

They School while we are living in a Police State.

The news is full of white pepo...it is as if there is no color in this country but white, yet the only time we see black or brown is when it is stained with red.

Every now and then the media trots out someone who has been beaten down and tamed to 'color' their message and try to make it seem as if they are not full of BULLSHIT!

White supremacists' are raising their ugly heads like cockroaches in the moonlight. Whitewashing school agendas even worse than before and killing people for just BEING.

Dead Prez - Police State

Dead Prez - They School (Fuck Ron DeSatan...)

Fucking sick of it...

Rant off...
February 10, 2023

Finally got tickets...

I heard they are resurrecting early proto punk

The Howlers ft. the Shrieking Boeboon

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