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donald J trump.

Now we know. The "J" stands for Jerk. And also Jackass.

I am so humiliated by the thought that THAT is America's face to the world.

As a mom, I go directly to "who the hell brought you up???"

My husband saw that and immediately said "I wasn't brought up to do that." I responded "neither was I. And neither were our kids!"

Disgusting and Disgraceful. And those "D's" I will capitalize.

Hmmmmmmm indeed.

Outstanding point!

Welcome to DU to you, too, RhodeIslandOne!

I'm really stunned that people are griping about the lack of diversity. What? Because there aren't mostly men? (And white men at that?) Hell, they should have ships staffed almost completely by alien species! How 'bout a Vulcan captain? Or Andorian? Or Bajoran? Or Betazoid? Or a crew that includes a token Romulan?

Welcome to DU, JoeStuckInOH!

Chris Pine does a great job - and he's the feature film Captain Kirk. I'm a trekker from WAY back, and I've loved every series but somehow Deep Space Nine seems to be my favorite. I just love ALL those characters and their various story arcs.

Original series: I had a crush on Mr. Spock.

Next Generation: I had (and still have) a crush on Patrick Stewart. I thought he made an outstanding captain of a different kind than swaggering brawny Jim Kirk - more cerebral and more of a diplomat than a warrior. I thought that was COOL!

Deep Space Nine: Just the absolute coolest. For all kinds of reasons.

Voyager: Left me with a new slogan - WWJD (What Would Janeway Do?). First of all, I was DELIGHTED to have a female captain. She inspired me. She could swagger with the best of 'em, go to battle stations with the best of 'em, and diplomatically handle funky situations with the best of 'em. Thought Kate Mulgrew was truly MARVELOUS!

Enterprise: Frankly I'm still trying to get into that one. Something just hasn't jelled for me on that one. Maybe it's the piss-poor disgrace of an opening theme song. The music sounds like she cobbled together parts of other songs she'd already attempted and gave up on. And the lyrics - CRIMINY!!! The lyrics are the LAMEST ever!!! Every time we try to watch it, I just grit my teeth and hiss "LAME!!! Just damn LAME!!!" Never heard lyrics that lousy and utterly meaningless and just one cliche after another! Even I could write a better theme song and I'm NO songwriter whatsoever! My husband and I make fun of it and the Rod Stewart-wannabe vocalist who seems to have only one vowel in his arsenal. It shouldn't even HAVE a vocalist. It should be an instrumental like all the rest of 'em are. Maybe songwriter Diane Warren is an award-winner and lives in luxury in Malibu and is at the top of her industry and writes hits and is respected all over everywhere, but that theme of hers SUCKS. STINKS!!! Shame on her! Sounds like she was out of ideas and just threw the damn thing together at the last minute because she had to turn SOMETHING in by the deadline. I found it so off-putting that I didn't even want to watch the series! It's long into reruns lo these many years later, but I'm still just starting to force myself to get into it. Funny how a bad theme song can sour even a loyal viewer on the whole project. I didn't even bother trying to get into "Enterprise" until after it had been canceled. It still misses the mark with me.

But then again, I was one of those hoping for a series that took us inside Star Fleet Academy...

Looking forward to this new one, though. VERY excited about this!

Michelle Yeoh?

I love Michelle Yeoh! Sounds like a great start - she has the gravitas to be captain! Superb choice of actress! Don't know as much about Sonequa Martin-Green yet but this sounds tremendously exciting!!! Why the hell would we not have a black first officer? Why would we not have a black woman as first officer? It's a signature of the whole Star Trek "thing" for Pete's sake. Diversity. Period. Deal with it!

And we haven't had an Asian captain as a series lead before. So that's pretty neat, too. Came closest when Mr. Sulu was promoted to captain, but only in guest star status.

Can't wait!!!!

That's Zippy the Pinhead to you, pal.

Get mah name right, K?

The Pope doesn't look very happy.

I can understand why.

The "crown princess" looks like she dressed to look like a crown princess. At least she's doing the modesty thing here, thank goodness. Must realize this isn't the State of the Union speech or something...

Love for Shenmue!

Wishing you a speedy recovery, sweetie!

Thanks for letting us know, irisblue!

Welcome to DU, Delmette2.0!

EXCELLENT news! And thank you for your service in this very important but often overlooked regard!

I have friends in Boise now. I messaged them a few minutes ago. Let's flip that sucker!
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