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I heard some guest commentator say there were a few

GOPers in DC doing Kegel exercises.

Google is your very good friend!

Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

To the victims.

Rest In Peace.

to those whose work cost them life itself.

Words to the wise in that last paragraph, rpannier.

Never forget that. His mom is Anne Gorsuch.

The apple doesnít fall far from the tree.

I think you make a good point, Volaris.

Remember, itís called ďThe Roberts Court.Ē Thatís how itís referred to, in coverage and in books - including history books. Heís the Chief Justice. So itís labeled with his name as long as he stays in that job. He may be one of those players who has a sense of history and the part his position decrees he must play in it. Accordingly, predecessor Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, ran whatís known as the Rehnquist Court.

Therefore, John Roberts may be highly conscious, maybe even painfully conscious, of what history will say about him.

Iíd want to sit on the new wise ass too. FIRMLY sit on him. And stay glued there, indefinitely. To save him from himself and to save the respectability and credibility of the Supreme Court era that bears his (Robertsí) name.

He's the last legitimate President. Legitimately elected.

Legitimate public servant. Legitimately working for AMERICA. NOT the Kremlin! That other individual (Individual 1) is nothing but a Russian asset. A wholly-owned subsidiary. An imposter. Worse than Species 8472. (Watching some ďStar Trek VoyagerĒ episodes at present.)

Yep. But who the hell would want that job?

Either a total masochist or a Russian, I guess.

Hey it wouldn't be all that surprising anymore.

Stunning to see how, since last Friday, the "I" word

has been openly spoken - all over the place. Itís definitely A Thing now. Realistically. Thatís a rather remarkable change.

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