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Great. HE'S mooching off the taxpayer now, too.

Adding insult to injury.

Doesn't matter. What's more important is that Congress actually DO it.

Work on it.

Talk about it.

Go on the news about it.

Write editorials about it.

Make noise about it.

Add to the growing pile-on.

Chip away at the support.

Keep telling the truth about it.

And repeat. At least three times, each time. BECAUSE itís necessary.

It's actually pretty clever.

THIS! No wonder the bad guys are so deeply into voter suppression.

Because they KNOW this. They KNOW there are way more of us than there are of them.

All we EVER have to do is get up off our asses and VOTE when itís time to do so.

Thatís IT. Thatís literally and simply and essentially IT!!! Thatís literally all you ever have to do. Just get up off your asses and VOTE!

Our greater numbers will take care of the rest of it.

They stand with him because he made it okay to be racist bigots.

He brought it out of the closet and into the open, where it could gain a little ďrespectabilityĒ instead of being locked away in shame - where that kind of antisocial, regressive, selfish, mean-spirited piss-ant attitude deserves to be - and to STAY.

They love him for it. He made it okay to be ďout Ďní proud about it. He made them feel justified and even righteous - especially when he ďwon.Ē Because that then, in effect, made it right.

Call your Congresscritter about it!!!

Do it TODAY. Leave a message since itís a weekend.

Call your Congressman and complain!

Thereís evidently a resolution taking shape in the House Rules Committee about this.

I sure as hell donít want my tax dollars going to pay to spruce up his fucking resort!

This afternoon writing up the next Call to Action email that our Indivisible group is putting out for the coming week. Iím gonna make that an ask.

NO Doral! Have that G7 meeting SOMEWHERE ELSE! Do NOT let him mooch off us taxpayers!!!

Uh-huh! That bastard just wanted to upgrade Doral and have US taxpayers pay for it.


Bookmarking for when I can unmute.

I think this really nails it.

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