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Member since: 2001
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Merely further proof of how negative an effect The Asset has on people!

Makes me tear my hair too, Haggis for Breakfast. I'm surprised I still have teeth - for all the gritting and grating I do with them over this monster.

Back when we did indeed have a REAL President.

When she was speaker she never once got caught with her pants down like Boehner routinely did.

She never brought a bill to the floor of the House for a vote unless she knew for sure it’d pass. She never got outflanked or surprised by a small band of renegades or malcontents. Boehner got short-sheeted all the time. Rolled, and rolled again, and rolled yet again a third time. And onward. She wouldn’t have stood for that, and she never did. And I rather LIKE the idea of the House led by a WOMAN again. And second-in-line to the presidency.

Gee - just imagine. If we were able to get rid of trump and then Pence too, then we’d finally get the First Female President after all.

I will never understand how ANYBODY votes republi-CON. ANYWHERE, not just Florida.

He'd have to spend all his airtime begging for bucks.

Shake down his fan base like the prosperity “gospel” churches like to do. Shrill screeching about terrible horrible they’re-out-to-get-me hysteria like the NRA’s now screaming - about their impending “bankruptcy”. Yeah. Like I believe THAT.

The sad thing is - I’m pretty sure most of his fans don’t have the luxury of supporting their favorite Jabba the Hutt lookalikein the manner to which he’s become accustomed. He’s nothing but a big fat leech. An opportunistic infection if ever there was one.

My kid's band did. Lots of bands are into that.

Well how 'bout that.

Let's hope so! If memory serves, wasn't Wisconsin the birthplace of the union movement?

I can’t believe how far from that sensibility it’s lurched!

He's enlarged that now.

Oh-my-goodness Not-my-fault Human.

Not surprised.

I guess the only thing that could be considered as “surprising” is how someone in Miller’s own family would validate and confirmed the worst impressions we have of the guy (that he’s a fucking Nazi).
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