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Understood, completely, she.

I'm conflicted about them too. But I do honor Barbara Bush - and the noteworthy marriage she had with George Sr. And I feel bad for him, having lost his mate and life-long love. I know she's waiting for him on the Other Side. They'll eventually be back together again.


SO glad to hear this! I'm a big believer in unions.


My best friend. As long as we don't talk politics, we're okay.

But she's a Republican. I suspect she's most bothered by the choice issue, which puts her as far away from me on the spectrum as the distance is from here to Alpha Centauri. She doesn't like trump either, but supported him because she does like Mike Pence! ("At lest HE has governing experience!" )

And despite her denials, I know in my bones she hates Hillary Clinton. Not hard to understand why. Most of her friends and people she hangs out with feel that way. Something I will NEVER understand, as long as I draw breath.

God Bless Ted Lieu! He doesn't miss much.

He's an absolute Gift From Above!

Yeah! That was really good thinking - asking the truckers to step up

and use their trucks to shorten the would-be jumper's fall. VERY creative! And even just the gesture of doing so helped diffuse a potentially tragic situation.

OUCH! Hurts just to look at them. I used to wear high heels all the time, too.

But not 5+ inchers! OUCH. My knees started complaining. And the toe box is so small and pointed - that's how women wind up with feet like my mother had. Horrible. Misshapen and gnarled bony toes, like horse's hooves and dogs' feet, jammed into those cramped pointy-toed shoes with high heels that thrust the foot down and forward - INTO those cramped pointy-toed toe boxes. And they hurt all the time. After awhile, if you care about the health and longevity of your feet, you begin to realize that it's time to give that up.

Hillary always wears low heels. That's what I do now, if the occasion calls for it. Nothing higher than two-inches.

...while yowling and whining about THEIR First (and Second) Amendment rights.

WOW!!! What a quote!

Explains a whole lot.

Andrea Mitchell and the like.

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