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Love George Takei!

Yep, unfortunate and true.

Also, there's another thread featuring lots of photos of Sarah Palin wrapping herself in the flag (and other cheap fashion desecrations of Old Glory). If Hillary had posed for any photos like that, she would have been crucified.

Looks like a fair amount of flag desecration to me.



Can I just point out one other thing?

I find it extremely difficult to see why people are getting upset at the sight of an athlete falling on one knee.

I've never met a woman who didn't somehow secretly hope to be proposed to, that way. Including myself (my husband did that). I see NOTHING wrong or disrespectful about adopting such a posture. NOTHING. It is courtly, reverent, elegant, and a position of humility and of showing honor and respect.

What? They'd rather see a downward-turned head and a fist in the air like two US Olympic athletes offered, a few decades back?

1968 Olympics Black Power salute - Wikipedia

I think this whole uproar is absolute bullshit.

And another.

This is merely a photo of a woman who connects the dots and provides context

better than anybody else in the business, and her friend, the best interviewer on the air, anywhere (she who suffers no fools).

That always leads me to ask one particular follow-up question.

"And so what does that say about YOU, then?"

Ad an EXCELLENT metaphor, too!

Little things mean a lot, and SAY a lot, too. And they REVEAL a lot more.
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