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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 47,819

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Love it!

So does Ivanka. If I'm not mistaken, her mother Ivana is

not American-born. From the former Czech Republic, I think.

May it stick to him like bad packing tape!

Or the old reliable gum-on-shoe.

There's a graphic I saw here recently that says

“Superman wears Michael Avenatti pajamas to bed.”

I used to know how to post images here but seems a lot has changed in the imgur.com department and I can’t figure it out anymore, dammit.

Yeah? So then join us in IMPEACHING the S. O. B.!

Throw some backbone into it. Show some guts!

Love this! Kick that last door down, girlfriend!

Even so, it's very cool to have that out there.

Plant the seed. Plant the thought. Plant the idea. Start managing the perception. Spark some thought.

Like it!


We should try to keep a running tally. I bet this is only the beginning. Opportunism is like rust, ants, termites, and black mold.


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