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This is good stuff!

Looks pretty comprehensive! I think I'll keep a tab open on it.

Wouldn't be surprised if they do.

In response to your comment "If Russia loves Trump so much they can have and KEEP the son of a bitch forever!" I agree!

But frankly, it would not surprise me if they DID wind up with him. I can't help but suspect that one of these days, when the Mueller investigation hits some sort of critical mass point, suddenly all traces of all trumps will mysteriously be gone. Nobody in the White House. Nobody at Mar-a-Lago. Nobody at the golf resort in New Jersey. Nobody hiding out at Camp David. Because they will have vanished in an unmarked plane, in the middle of the night, flying to "safety" somewhere in Mother Russia. And reporters will be fanning out all over Washington and New York and Florida, trying to figure it out. I bet he runs and hides when the heat's turned up.

And all that!

Andy Borowitz!!!


I don't trust Nikki Haley farther than I can throw my house. All she really cares about is her own ambition, and standing out. She REALLY, and quite SERIOUSLY, wants to stand out. I say this because I've observed how she dresses. She often makes wardrobe choices that allow her to stand out, so your eye goes straight to her. During that horror in Charleston when those nine church people were gunned down by that racist kid, which FINALLY pushed the state government to take that damn hate rag down from the capitol square, she wore a blinding white skirted suit that day. There were lots of long shots of the square, the crowds, the flag pole and the descending stars 'n' bars. Most people there, particularly in the section where all the civil servants and office-holders and other VIPs were gathered, there she was, too. Right down front. And you Could. Not. Miss. Her. Not from a mile away. It was almost comical. This is a solemn and most revolutionary event in your state's history, Miss More ME, Please - and all you care about is standing out in the crowd. On the night of the murders she gave a press conference with a phalanx of first responders and other men behind her, and she had this loud plaid blazer on. ANYTHING to catch the eye. Several other times, I've observed this. It just seems smack-you-in-the-face-with-a-cream-pie obvious.

I've taken to referring to her as Governor Mimi, and now Ambassador Mimi. Because it sounds like "ME! ME!" She's VERY ambitious and I think she wants to be president someday. I think she kinda deep down EXPECTS to be president someday. Beware.

There he goes again...

Speaking for ME!

That's my Governor! I've had the proud pleasure of voting for him FOUR times!

It was just another humdrum bag o' blather.

Meaningless, meandering, and sing-songy. But I guess we all got spoiled by the soaring oratory of his predecessor, who was legitimately elected both times and will be quotable for centuries. Whereas - this guy? Not even fit to be in the same room with the hem of Barack Obama's garment, much less be able to touch it with his grubby, grabby little orange paws.

And that goes double for his fucking lying scheming mercenary lame-ass speech "writer."




And embarrassing, too.

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