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Member since: Thu Jul 26, 2007, 09:20 AM
Number of posts: 966

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Frustration: managing the ignorant.

Watching that fellow Joe Kent in southwest Washington,

I was taken by an interview with Brian Eno about LARPing. We LARPed back in the day, but it was play.
It appears that it is a much more real practice in the Republican party today.
Monty Pythonesque.
Live action role playing.

Watched Steve Rattner at the end of his discussion

on Morning Joe. He seemed to revel in being right about his prediction that we were heading to inflation. He of course blamed the Fed and Biden for the excessive money added to the economy. Joe chirped in that he was saying this all along.
Neither mentioned that much of the money was destined for those most in need, nor did they opine on how the system is rigged for the rich to extract those monies from the system. They did not discuss how that rigged system has contributed to inflation.
All so they could pay themselves on the back. Joe Scar is not our friend.

Watching World Series.

Swinging at a lot of bad pitches. Are the pitchers that good? Been away since 1986.
Remember modifying swing to deal with pitch.
Looks like a lot of fence swingers.
What am I missing?

Curious as to why Putin supports evacuation of Kherson.

Is he luring Ukraine soldiers into a cataclysm?
Nothing he has done so far has worked particularly well.
Making me nervous.

Six months in jail is very finite.

Bannon serving six months seems like it would be a piece of cake to him.
Grooming doesn't seem to be an issue.
He would be surrounded by aberrance; right up his alley in leading aberrants.
He would have a cook and his wardens probably agree with him.
Martyrdom is one of his strong suits and he will brag about his survival instincts to assuage his supporters.
The autocrats among us, would put a poor woman, destitute, selling her bottle of oxycodone for some needed cash, into a mandated prison term for 20 years.
Yet, Bannon, ripping off his donors for millions, goes into a sabbatical to refine his anger, for six months.
What a country.

As late as it is, will the impact of Ian on southwest Florida,

have a significant impact on people's attraction to shoreline living in the US?

Moved to Tampa in 1979.

Weather watcher. Had property in Key Largo during Andrew. Lucked out. Kendall, Perrine, Homestead, Key Biscayne obliterated.
Still a weather watcher. First time evacuee.
Sold the manse and bought a nearby condo with a tenant.
Just got back to daughter's ranch with vintage Airstream after fabulous conversations in Northeast.
First time evacuee.
Long road out of Florida especially when everyone wants out. Got out today with only one back up.
Managed to 31.9635 N, 83.7824 W.
1000 utility repair and tree trimming trucks on I 75 South today.
Seen them before, but not as a first time evacuee.
Much rain in the ground around Tampa Bay.
Watery root systems don't hold so well.
Tidal surge expected of 3' to 5' with 10 to 15 inches of rain.
Insurance crisis precedes this inundation. Companies demand new roofs to be insured and many say they've had enough of the fraud.
Large increases in premiums to accelerate if even offered.
I've been paying attention and am a first time evacuee.

Any one who votes for the party that

brought about this decision is against humanity.

It has occurred to me that the strongest force in the

inflationary influence is the fossil fuel industry.

Read a story today about an ExxonMobil gas retailer in Amherst, Massachusetts who decided that two .20 price increases in a week's time dictated by the parent, proved to him that they were profiteering.

My sense is that the oil companies are playing this out as far as it can go because they know a rising tide is coming.

Their business model is destroying the planet, yet they can't stop because that will destroy business as we know it.

They recognize the sanctions on Russia are basically sanctions on them.

MBS is working to take Saudi Arabia away from oil and his LIV project is shaking up golf.

The industry will face incredible challenges regarding cleanup and capping methane for example.

They have responsibilities to shareholders, and want to maintain their lifestyles.

We keep buying their gas, bitching unwittingly that our displeasure is only a bile that blame can salve.
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