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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 2,262

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i feel they (CONGRESS) are ON PURPOSE making this confusing!

the very first day or week they should PASS 1( ban loopholes in gun shows 2) raise age to purchase guns (21) ban high capacity magazines!!! THEN work on banning assault rifles!!!!!!!!!!

why is cnn giving the nra a free commercial???????????? total bullshit

when we get all these crazy guns banned, i'd like to see one more thing if possible

along with all the metal detectors in place, and everything else, I'd like to see each floor of the school have a plan (volunteers only) if possible that full bullet proof suits stored. In the case where someone gets a gun illegally and attacks a school. And training ONLY for the volunteers. There would be a special team and only they would know where suits are stored? Just my thoughts here. I'm not saying this is mandatory at all because teachers should be teachers and that's all! But by there choice they could have access to the suits.

the pressure is WORKING

KEEP IT UP FLORIDA STUDENTS God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

using a quote from WW2 I FEAR WE HAVE AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT (this message to Russia)from MUELLER


is this whole tRUMP nightmare going to end on whether tRUMP can

PARDON HIMSELF???? at the supreme court! Is this where it;s headed?

just watched a movie last night Atomic Homefront. Very sad what people have to go through!!

check it out!!!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6829446/

what does Mueller have to do to tRUMP to stop him

from issuing all pardons? Is there anyway Mueller can do this? Just wondering here.

could someone explain unwitting people comment to me??

Is Mueller saying these people didn't know what they were doing??? I don't get it! TY in advance

the more i listen to news today, I feel

GUN SENSE! will be on THE FRONT BURNER in 2018!!!! I also feel well HAVE THE ADVANTAGE!!!! Just my opinion of course!!
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