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So, it's not avocados after all: Fed says student debt prevents young adults from buying homes


ELHAM KHATAMI at Think Progress


At the same time, average student loan debt among young people has also doubled from about $5,000 in 2005 to $10,000 in 2014. The Fed reported that in the first quarter of 2018, outstanding student debt reached a staggering $1.52 trillion, almost triple the amount from the previous decade.

The Fed said it is likely that more than 20 percent of the overall decrease in homeownership among young people is due to student loan debt. “This represents over 400,000 young individuals who would have owned a home in 2014 had it not been for the rise in debt,” the report stated.

“Our estimates suggest that student loan debt can be a meaningful barrier preventing young adults form owning a home,” the report added, explaining that high student loan debt can lead to a lower credit score, ultimately impacting a person’s ability to qualify for a mortgage. High student loan payments can also adversely affect a person’s ability to save for a down payment on a mortgage.

The Fed report comes as higher education costs continue to increase, with financial aid in the form of grants and tax benefits failing to keep up the pace.



People who have financial anxiety vs. just low income vote more intuitively rather than rationally. They vote using feelings and mental shortcuts. People like Trump get elected. Ontario's conservative government has just converted some university grants for the very poorest to loans. They are giving a $500 tax cut to everybody else for 3 years as cover. They seem to want the same voting as the Republicans do in the USA. IMHO

Read the book Enchanted America: How Intuition and Reason Divide Our Politics

I just read that. My jaw is still on the floor. Trump is dyslexic and we are

herd averse. Good when your job is as a dyslexic to see things in a wide scope, then the big picture. Regular people might miss those things on the edge of the perspective. Bad when you are Trump who never looks at the big picture but is averse to his own herd and likes the authoritarians instead. And thinks of getting rid of NATO.

How much of the corporate tax cut money is going to automation and

that is why they are not helping to increase income and wages? IMHO we know trickle down doesn't work but maybe it works even worse when algorithms and robots replace humans and that is where in the economy corporations are investing. I mean we know some of the tax cut windfall of corporations went to foreign investors in the US. How much is actually being reinvested in the people in the US who work?

Okay. So a faction of of the GOP. I give you that. A faction know

they need to have an alternative narrative. We do not know how or who exactly. Corker and Flake were not good enough. Mitt is. He already has a national profile. They need to split to make Trump think the Mitch supports him so he doesn't run away from the Republucans with his base. It is like the Middle East, it is so complicated. I don't think people do OP Eds that issue a challenge without thinking long and hard of the wanted ramifications. Even Kellyanne Conway and her husband have a split strategy. Everyone is doing it seems.

You don't think the GOP have plans to keep people from leaving the party

when the **** hits the fan and Trump's lawyers try and fight it? You don't think they are not concerned with that? Of a wing of the party splitting off and becoming independents or democrats as Mitch and others bend to Trump because he controls 37% of the country, his base? That they have done no thinking on this? And it would help Romney if he had his own GOP base going into 2020? So they might forgive him for losing to Obama. I doubt very much this is not the planning.

Looks like some GOP have a plan in place to give anti-trump republicans a safe harbour

in Mitt Romney. To stop the bleeding from the party. He will be the disparate republican leader. The other narrative. Good luck with that.


Happy New Year DU! May it be a better year.

The suburbs abandoned Republicans in 2018, and they might not be coming back.

By Dylan Scott at Vox



Suburban voters worry about health care and education. Not immigration.

Suburban voters tend to be better off than the rural Americans traditionally thought of as Trump’s base. Immigration, the White House’s big bet in this election, holds less sway over them as a result.

Because they are often better educated, suburban voters tend to have higher incomes and feel more economically secure. Comstock’s district, one of the biggest swings on election night, is ranked 18th among 435 House districts in voters with a bachelor’s degree; the median income is high too, at $120,000. California’s 45th Congressional District in Orange County, which sent a Democrat to Congress for the first time ever, ranks 12th in bachelor’s degrees and 19th in median income.

Those voters are more comfortable and secure than people in poorer, more rural parts of the country — white working-class places where Trump might have won districts that went for Barack Obama before him. The suburbs don’t respond to Trump’s hardline rhetoric on immigrants and a border wall in the same way rural voters do.

“Threats of jobs going overseas, that sweet spot of Republican talking points with more downscale voters, doesn’t check the box for these suburban voters,” Molly Murphy, another Democratic pollster, said. “It just doesn’t resonate with what their needs and wants are.”


Seems it is true that the GOP have to get people to vote out of financial anxiety to vote irrationally for them. I wonder how they will spread financial anxiety? Even tougher student loans? Fewer unions?

Didn't they also publish the rumour about Ted Cruzes father hanging

with Oswald and killing JFK or something? Right about when Cruz and Trump were really the last two left in the GOP nomination race?

I looked up what Jews in Europe who survived WWII felt and they

apparently saw themselves as unlucky. As part of a group of the unlucky they are still connected to the world. Having ptsd myself from being stalked and harrassed I know how much power you take away from evil and give to yourself if you don't see it as human caused. I try to see them under the category of a volcano. And i see myself as unlucky. Likewise the succesful or affluent people I know, knew growing up saw themselves as lucky. They were all liberals. And voted liberal. Except my dad voted for the progressive conservatives a few times back when they were the Progressive Conservatives. When people think they are solely responsible for their own success they are less connected and less happy. And they act that way And the workers notice the elites have pulled up the ladder and are not sharing the increasing wealth. And the workers elect nutbars populist authoritarians like in the US and Europe. Of course we don't want to go back to having an embeded wasp elite with the barriers and predudice. But big picture thinking is needed again and so is going back to seeing people seeing others and themselves as lucky or unlucky depending on their circumstances, so we are all connected to the greater group of us, all in this together, for the first time ever.
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