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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Trump is a muse to his voters. He makes them feel smarter and he allows them their

frightened tribalism and racism. He gives them wings like any muse would.

I would think younger women were wearing the sleeveless dresses and

shirts. I'm guessing that they are mostly democrats. Fox news was the first to out their women in cocktail dresses. The fashion followed that everywhere else. So certainly Republicans are not about women not dressed for cocktails during the day. I wonder if Ryan just does not want Democratic members of Congress to out attract the hoard of old white men. Maybe this is directed at Kamila Harris and all the other Democratic female candidates in 2018 and 2020? Think of all the pretty footage that will be missed out on in the races to come.

Trump is dyslexic and like me chokes when faced with something truly terrifying

to him. In Trump's case Putin makes him go blank on any Russia issue. Notice how he talks around Putin. Suppress suppress suppress all Russia interference info in his episodic memory brain. I don't know why Trump is so afraid of putin. But it is interspecies predator fear of Putin. I doubt Trump thinks putin could kill him physically. Maybe political or financial death?

Why do I go blank as a dyslexic? So that I can handle an imminent attack on my psychology and be prepared to have it not damage me, a more rigid psychy could get damaged. So that I don't provoke the interspecies human preditor too. A number of survival reasons.

Righties on Discussionist were going cray cray last night about CNN. Is this why?

Investigators explore if Russia colluded with pro-Trump sites during US election

Julian Borger in Washington,the Guardian



The spread of Russian-made fake news stories aimed at discrediting Hillary Clinton on social media is emerging as an important line of inquiry in multiple investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

Investigators are looking into whether Trump supporters and far-right websites coordinated with Moscow over the release of fake news, including stories implicating Clinton in murder or paedophilia, or paid to boost those stories on Facebook.

The head of the Trump digital camp, Brad Parscale, has reportedly been summoned to appear before the House intelligence committee looking into Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US election. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee carrying out a parallel inquiry, has said that at least 1,000 “paid internet trolls working out of a facility in Russia” were pumping anti-Clinton fake news into social media sites during the campaign.

Warner said there was evidence that this campaign appeared to be focused on key voters in swing states, raising the question over whether there was coordination with US political operatives in directing the flow of bogus stories.


Some republicans are sadistic and like taking things away from others.

A few of them. Maybe not Trump. He's just narcissistic and doesn't care about the details of policy. But Ryan comes to mind. Who dreams about taking medical care away from poor people during their kegger days? But they are calling the shots right now. Some are resentful of 'others' 'cheating' and have been conditioned to feel that way about a nation helping the less fortunate. Some really do hate abortion. Some really do not want to share a country with people less $$$$$ endowed because the ceos in the republican party have been conditioned to think they built their fortunes all by themselves. Some ceos are just as capable of being manipulated as the little guy. Some republicans are just afraid of: gun control, Muslims, communism, gays, non whites etc and have been conditioned to fear some or all of these things and in many cases the fear has been nurtured and kept alive. Some truly believe in less regulation to unleash the economy. Some truly believe trump would get all their good jobs back. It is a coalition based on lies and wedge issues rolled out over 50 years. That is a complete coalition. Presto! As easy as 123. These wedges are chosen in ways that work together. ..chosen simple human created fictions or chosen exploitable facts that work in tandem. Democrats deal with real people in ways that sometimes naturally conflict and are complicated because it is real. People really do want to get together and have a good healthcare plan. The numbers show it.

I don't think the people wanted to see union membership collapse but it happened 40 years ago and the resulting powerlessness made people angry and they turned on the 'other's. Which was completely predictable that powerlessness would result in more racism and i think the GOP were counting on that. I guess the payoff for republicans in bad healthcare would be fewer liberal voters over the age of 50, fewer Medicare recipients, fewer middle class people to oppose the GOP agenda. Who knows. But one thing for sure: they really, really, do not want great healthcare for Americans. Like really, really, really.

Did Trump get the information from Putin? If so are we supposed

to be grateful? ISIS used to take over the social services in towns and cities they took over and immediately start doing favours and social services along with murder and mayhem. Does Trump not know that a favor for a favor society is what the middle East was based on before the 20th century?That if Putin is doing Trump favours, it is going back in time. Why has he skirted normal intelligence channels with this story on potential genocide? Where is he getting information from and how? What strategic ally, with assets on the ground in Syria, would contact Trump's WH before intelligence professionals in the US government?



Specifics about the alleged preparations were not immediately clear, and Spicer did not elaborate beyond the statement. Some US intelligence agencies were reportedly caught off guard by the White House statement Monday night, according to The New York Times. The newspaper noted that it was not clear how closely held the intelligence about a possible attack might have been.


(Later: only some in us intelligence and the pentagon knew about this possible atrack).

Are Republicans this cynical? I'm sure some of them are earnest in their call



for lowering the political temperature. Some of them are exploiting the situation. Reminds me of how Ken Starr came out and apologized for the Clinton special counsel White Water investigation just as Americans were trying to figure out how 9/11 happened. Convenient. And then when not in power they republicans went crazy with investigations on Benghazi which found Hillary's personal server. Or are Republicans so tribal that they know not what they do?

I remember Jon Stewart making a joke about 'a country that recently had

a civil war's and of course that is so true (he meant the US). We had unity issues in Canada in the early 1970s. And we did what we had to do to understand each other. And though there is talk of independence in Quebec every few decades, the world has changed to such an extent that we would still be economically interconnected if it happened. But we understand each other. We get it. And hundreds of thousands of English speaking kids go to French immersion school in grade school and guess what the cherry is on top: learning a second language as a kid helps you think as an adult. Why the rich always make sure their kids learn another language in the US. Point is that powers that be in the USA have not wanted a reckoning in the last 50 years, as the world became less racist, as race is such an efficient tool of politicians on the right. The most horrid and blatant racism was stopped, but without a unifying process. The sad thing is that black culture has made americans on the whole more extroverted through rock and roll, emotions and other such ways over 400 years. And that different culture, as compared to England or Canada, gave the US a leg up the 20th century when the middle class exploded. US has been the best at so much. But especially at extroversion (and financial wealth because of slavery) . Other non wasp cultures helped too. (Canada and Briain are losening up as we speak due the variety of immigrants we have these days - and Canada is opening up to indigenous culture because of all Trudeau has done). But the US will not talk about both sides of the street and who gets to take blame and credit for all of the bad and great things in America. Because the GOP has an agenda to win elections using the southern strategy wedge of all wedges - so that rich people don't have to pay taxes.

At what point do they hope for terror and start doing things to encourage

a terrifying situation to happen to give themselves the excuse to make their base afraid? And are they already doing that with the NRA and gun culture?

TERROR TERROR TERROR all over GOP frequented discussion forums.

Your chances of dying in a car accident are much greater. I guess they want to scare people back to being afraid of terror rather than being afraid of being one of the 23 million who will lose health care coverage because of Trump's AHCA. What do you call people who use terrorist events they did not physically cause, to spread the threat of terror, or enlarge it, to get a political outcome? Are they not terrorists too?
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