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YCHDT's Journal
YCHDT's Journal
July 11, 2017

After Maddow's report last week I don't trust the Don Jr emails

There are Russian groups (including the ones occupying the White House) wanting to discredit the US media.

King Con can't dismantle them so its best to discredit them among the independent voters.

Has anyone verified these emails came from Don Jr

I don't trust the Russian's nor their puppets in the white house

EDIT: Trump Jr released emails with redacted info to be able to call the NYT emails fake when they release them !!!!

June 22, 2017

Anyone watching Maddow ?! US Cities were given a black list of Russian IP address's !!!!

... Dallas county were hit by 17 of the Russian IP address !!!!

She's explaining how the Russians don't have to hack the individual machines but hit the voter files purging voters where people couldn't vote if they wanted to or just making it harder for them to vote.

After a counties voter roll software is accessed there could be very tactical purging of voters in large Dem areas to lower the count of dem voters state wide.

Just like Florida 2000 and please people stop with the "people would've complained" ... NO THEY WOULD NOT ... they didn't in Florida in 2000 !!!

This is big, ... people on DU have been saying this for months that there are more than one way to hack the election from out side than hacking individual voting machines



EDIT: Now she's reporting how NC VR systems poll book software were attacked !!! 8 Durham Precincts mostly democratic !!!!



EDIT: Anyone remember how Rove acted in 2012 on Fox News !?!? He acted like Ohio was in the bag, didn't some shit go down in Ohio in 2004 that was slick ?! Like people not being able to vote !?

I would put some good money on it that the GOP has been doing some of this shady shit for a while

June 7, 2017

Shit, the GOP is hammering the "wasn't under investigation" part

BREAKING: Corning (R-Russia - TX) will be asking Comey about Benghazi cause we haven't had enough of that shit

June 6, 2017

In 2000 the GOP flipped Florida by keeping people from voting and screwing with the voter roles

.... to the tune of 20,000 votes in 2016 the Russians did something similar in more than just Florida.

The "they didn't change vote output" is a red herring ... they didn't have to change vote output just keep people from voting at all especially in inner city areas where people are more likely not to follow up ... like in 2000.

Either way, no one in their right mind is believing the Russians just hacked state local level electoral systems AND other state voter registration, then said "anh ... nothing here ... lets just go and leave all this data alone"

The "hacking didn't change anything" meme the M$M and the rest of Washington is on is old an condescending

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