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This is just sad. For months you three let Cha, GeorgeII, Gothmog, BainsBane, and, most notably, NurseJackie, alert stalk anyone who suggested that (while, given the closeness of the election in key state like Michigan, Wisconsin, etc, the bogus email "scandal," the Russian hacking/bots, and voter suppression clearly changed the ultimate outcome of the 2016 presidential election) the reason that the election was close enough for those factors to change the outcome was because of the abject failure of Third Way policies to attract the suburban white Reagan Democrats the Third Way claimed they would attract. Seeing as how you three are Third Way devotees, I'm sure you all reject that fact outright. What you can't seem to understand is that the Third Way policies designed to attract "Reagan Democrats," e.g., refusing to condemn the War on Terror, free (NOT FAIR) trade, pro Wall Street (and anti-Occupy), "welfare reform," joining in the harangue against the "bad" immigrants," support for law enforcement (the "few bad apples" meme), tough on crime legislation, the death penalty are a slap in the face of most people of color. In fact, they are fundamentally racist. Believe it or not, inhabiting DU primarily with people who support those views does more than eliminate black people who, like me, are not waiting any longer. It also drives off people of color who are much more patient (including many strong defenders of the Party), but who no longer feel welcome at a site where racial insensitivity and sometimes outright racism in the form of advocacy for such policies, is tolerated. Ask yourself this, I understand why I am still FFL, but where are "loyal" Democrats like Bravenak, 1SBM, ChitownKev? Where are regulars in the AA group? You've turned this site into a crying/tantrum room for the white suburbanites who thought their neighbors were just like them, who thought they didn't need the "Willie Hortons," who didn't think they needed the hourly wage workers, AND who were WRONG on all three counts . . . AND who were the BIGGEST reason we not only lost in 2016, but why we are at one of our lowest points of political power since the advent of the two-party dynamic. As long as you persist, as long as you and yours control our party, this site and our Party will continue its decline.

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