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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,658

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Oh I get it now. Republicans actually believe they can siphon off the black vote by using Kanye.

What a fricking insult. Keep on saying Democrats are bashing Kanye because he's showing blacks the way out of slavery. The Democrats are keeping the blacks down on their plantations, don't you know.

Trying to convince black folk that we are dumb for voting Democratic. They are soooo jealous that Democrats have the black vote. If they can peel off just enough black votes...

Meanwhile they are doing everything they can to prevent black folk from voting.

I'm sick to death of this sudden praise of Niki Haley

Fawning over her. She's a fecking enabler. Next thing you know we'll be praising rats for jumping off a sinking ship.
Why are they building her up like this? I'm sick of it.

Whatever happened to the deep state?

Hunh? Now they are praising the FBI!?

If Judge pleads the 5th in his FBI interview, will the FBI make that a part of their report?

Wow. How would that look for Kavanaugh?

Kavanaugh disqualified himself again when he made reference to Clintons' revenge.

I say disqualified himself again because he has already done so many times already, particularly when he lied about getting those confidential papers. But to actually exhibit such bitter partisan anger makes him ineligible by definition.

How many times does this guy get to disqualify himself? It's like they just don't want to accept that he is unacceptable.

Finally! A feeling that the Republicans have lost control of something!

The message, the narrative, the process. They've lost control of something. And it feels delicious!

Here's to hoping the midterms keep it going!

Get out and vote!

Nobody is pointing out that if true, Cavanaugh committed kidnapping.

Doesn't matter how far the distance. Learned that in law school. Technically it's kidnapping. Not to mention false imprisonment.

Not only should he not be confirmed. He needs to step down from his present job.

That's what happens when you get greedy. The slime ball should have been happy where he was since he didn't deserve that either.

I want to see an investigation. And if the truth comes out he should be removed from the bench.

Why does it look like Trump is handing out food to white people in North Carolina?

He threw paper towels at Puerto Rican Americans.

When they finally turn on him, and they will...

they will be forced to.

It's going to be as ugly as the death of Julius Caeser. All his former supporters getting their stab in, because they have to in order to survive the thing.

There will be a "et tu Brutus?" thingy going on as well.

Can't say I'm not enjoying the schadenfreud right now. It's like watching the whole thing in slow motion.

He'll be lucky not to suffer the fate of Mussolini.
The world is more civilized now, right? Or is it?

If it were up to him it wouldn't be.

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