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Member since: Thu Jan 21, 2016, 05:30 PM
Number of posts: 2,052

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I want you to read this post of mine

from February

They thought we were "concern trolls"...


Still devastated by the Drumpf win... We tried our best.. Guess it wasn't good enough.

Been away... and did not think I would get here....But..

I'm definitely with HER.

Last night was a shining reminder of who the Party of the people really is.

I thought some of the comedy and the early attacks on Trump fell flat and I would caution against it (17 candidates for President tried the same, Gillibrand and Franken aren't going to say anything we don't already know) but overall the big three to close the night were simply outstanding.

I come to you offering my support, my help, my time both here and in the field. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that provides hope for the middle class of this country and I think we have some serious power brokers in the Senate to help further push an extraordinarily Progressive agenda when we take the majority back in November.

I didn't discover all of this last night, but I stayed away for a while to collect myself and reload for the GE. I'm with her and if night 1 was a sign of things to come, this could be one of the all time great conventions.

Happy to be on board and I hope you'll have me after a long tough campaign.

Without getting into it too much, many of you aren't getting it....

Here at DU there is a new thing going on... Looks like this.

OP- Bernie Sanders.... anything... anything...

Snarky Commenter 1: Who?

Snarky Commenter 2: He won't get a speaking slot

Snarky Commenter 3: His ego is too huge at this point.

What is difficult to understand? He does not want your speaking slot. He does not care if you like him. He is NOT campaigning for President for Christ's sake.

What he is doing is fighting for the American people, whether you appreciate it or not.

Text yesterday from him: Help include an amendment to oppose the TPP

Today's text: Call your Senator and ask them to oppose the GMO labeling bill supported by Monsanto.

What an asshole, right? The nerve??

He is fighting for our values and our Party. This "Democrat" as some like to call him in quotes, is fighting his ass off so that the powers that be at the federal and state level are on notice that we are in fact paying attention now and you aren't going to screw us when it's convenient.

It's not his fight? Bullshit. It's a fight for all of us. And why would his endorsement matter at this point, especially to those of you who have marginalized him for not bowing out/down sooner? He's out there saying he will vote for Clinton. We will win with her in November and we will regain the Senate.

You think he is still running for President as a candidate and that's just not true in the literal sense. He's staying in to keep his voice out there for us, which he has been. And I hope it continues.

Note: I am not fighting the Primary, I am not calling out specific users. I am not bashing Democratic figures.

So here's the platform so far if I'm following

-Vote against an amendment that would oppose the TPP
-No Single Payer
-$15 min wage voted down

And yet people on here who are Democrats and allegedly progressive minds feel this is ok simply because one candidate got more votes.

What would get some of you actually angry like those of us who oppose this platform.

If the nominee wanted to abolish private property would we still see the same blind loyalty? Maybe. She did get 3 million more votes, right so it's her call.

This is a terrible start to what was supposedly going to be an incredibly progressive platform. And it's a shame candidate preference shields people from actually noticing it.

Dismiss what Senator Sanders has Accomplished Over the Last Year if You Wish

But in the history of our Party, and since we began the Primary process, only two candidates received have ever received more votes than Bernie Sanders and they are President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

Not Carter or Kennedy, not Mondale, Not Dukakis, Not Clinton, Not Gore, Not Kerry.

The fact that a Septuagenarian Socialist Jew from Vermont achieved this demands at the very least some recognition and some respect for a battle well fought.

There are lots of pretend unity posts today. I ask that those on both sides take a minute to acknowledge a great campaign which got many off the sidelines to vote in our Primaries including me, who gave up on the process after being personally burnt by John Edwards.

It was not enough. Secretary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Congrats to her and her supporters, both those who are gracious and those who have so far lacked it. Congrats nonetheless.

But let us not dismiss the spirited efforts of those who worked hard for the Senator and of the Senator himself. You may still hold ill feelings toward him, you may not like him. I take this time to pay tribute to a lifelong public servant and a man I admire greatly on a worthy Primary campaign. I hope we have not heard the last from him.


Clinton Caught Colluding with AP: Gateway Pundit


Just came across this. I'm sure it was all Jill Stein's fault somehow.

Don't bother in GD-P tonight

Bernie posts are getting hidden like crazy and a post saying someone hates Bernie as a human being just got left 5-2 with the reasons very questionable.

Just giving heads up

Vox: Sanders is beating Obama's 2008 Youth Vote Record: And the Primary's Not Even Over

And before the vultures come out, yes it's clear the other segments of the Obama coalition did not show up in turn. Still an achievement for the candidate who will only have two people ahead of him in this Party's history who got more votes in a Primary when all is said and done.


Some lol news from the Clinton/Bon Jovi night in Boston

The ticket structure was $2500, $500 and $250.

Guests were promised hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.

Bon Jovi played 5 songs. Guests were given a bag of popcorn. And the $2500 and $500 seats were all mixed together with no structure.

Guess there wasn't enough in the coffers for some soft drinks or some cheese and crackers. Would hate to have wasted $2500 only to sit behind someone who paid 2K less

They even praise DWS

9. I have no problem at all with DWS, and neither do most actual Democrats
The BoBs don't matter.

That's a response I got tonight. I'm living in a freakin alternate universe when I visit this site.

I'm soon to be JPR only. Not just for this but for the endless bullshit, the stacked juries, the plotting and planning they so obviously do.

This little nugget just made my day though. Again, they have a way of talking to us like WE are crazy for not thinking the twisted way they do
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