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ShazzieB's Journal
ShazzieB's Journal
February 15, 2024

I absolutely agree with this.

The racist trope of black people being lacivious and oversexed goes back a very long way:

The belief that black people are sexually lewd predates the institution of slavery in America. European travelers to Africa found scantily clad natives. This semi nudity was misinterpreted as lewdness. White Europeans, locked into the racial ethnocentrism of the 17th century, saw African polygamy and tribal dances as proof of the African's uncontrolled sexual lust. Europeans were fascinated by African sexuality. William Bosman described the black women on the coast of Guinea as "fiery" and "warm" and "so much hotter than the men." William Smith described African women as "hot constitution'd Ladies" who "are continually contriving stratagems how to gain a lover" (White, 1999, p. 29). The genesis of anti-black sexual archetypes emerged from the writings of these and other Europeans: the black male as brute and potential rapist; the black woman, as Jezebel whore.

More here: https://jimcrowmuseum.ferris.edu/jezebel/index.htm

I don't think Fani Willis would be in this position if she and Nathan Wade were both white.

***Warning: If you go to the above link, prepare to be both educated and horrified.
February 3, 2024

I've hear that one before, and my response is always the same.

Any time someone puts forward the idea of him going for an insanity plea, I say the same thing, and I'll say it now: I don't believe that will ever happen. Pleading insanity means admitting imperfection, which is something his extreme narcissism would never allow.

Here's how the Mayo Clinic describes narcissistic personality disorder:

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them. People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others. But behind tecethis mask of extreme confidence, they are not sure of their self-worth and are easily upset by the slightest criticism.

The last thing a narcissist ever wants to do is admit being imperfect or fallible. Admitting he's ever been wrong or made a mistake about anything is impossible for someone like TFG. That's why he always looks for someone else to blame when things don't go his way. Nothing is ever his fault, because he never does anything wrong. If you don't believe me, just ask him and he'll tell you: "I did nothing wrong." How many times have we all heard him say that?

To plead insanity would require him to admit that he is absolutely not infallible or perfect.That would be anathema to him, and he wouldn't be able to pull it off, even if he wanted to. Every fiber of his being would rebel against it.

If he ever proves me wrong about this, I will admit it. I can do that, because I'm not a narcissist, and my mental well-being is not based on maintaining the fiction that I never make a mistake. Everything I know about Donald J. Trump tells his entire personality and seff-concept are based on exactly that, which is why I don't believe he could ever be persuaded to take an insanity plea.
January 12, 2024

Dad, stepmom arrested for murder of 5-year-old who was killed in 1989

A father and stepmother have been arrested for the murder of their 5-year-old son nearly 35 years after he was killed, authorities announced.

Victor Lee Turner and Megan R. Turner (formerly known as Pamela K. Turner) were taken into custody at their Cross Hill, South Carolina, home on Wednesday and charged with the cold case murder of Justin Lee Turner, according to Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis.


In 2021, Justin's cold case file was reviewed to see if the evidence could be reevaluated using new technology, the sheriff said. Several pieces of evidence led to this week's arrests ... including that investigators were able to narrow down time of death based on contents in Justin's stomach and investigators used new forensic testing to "tie in the murder weapon that we believe was used to strangle Justin to clothing and fabric on his clothing at the time of his death."

Forensic analysis found that a ligature recovered from the Turners' home was likely the weapon used to strangle Justin, and when the Turners learned that evidence, including the ligature, was taken from the home, they allegedly "expressed concern and devised a plan to withhold/conceal potential evidence," the probable cause affidavit said. The Turners allegedly "uttered spontaneous incriminating statements to indicate responsibility in the death of the victim and intent to conceal physical evidence," the document said.
January 8, 2024

Andy Kim's suit donated to the Smothsonian

Remember the photographs of Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ), cleaning up broken glass from the Capitol floor after the J6 riot?

Well, he's running to represent NJ in the Senate now, and I just got a text from his campaign saying that the Smithsonian asked him to donate the suit he was wearing that day as "a symbol of resilience in one of the darkest days of our democracy." How freaking cool is that?

This is the kind of thing that makes me proud to be a Democrat, a member of the party that is fighting to preserve our Democracy while the other party kowtows to the guy who wants to destroy it.

This news was a great start to my day, and I just wanted to share.

December 31, 2023

At last, 2024 is almost here!

Strap in, everybody - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

December 30, 2023

Illinois Ban On Book Bans Takes Effect Jan. 1

Illinois will withhold funding from schools and libraries that attempt to ban books. It’s the first state in the nation to enact such a law.

CHICAGO — As libraries across the country face threats and book bans, Illinois will become the first state in the nation to ban the practice beginning Jan. 1.

In June, Gov. JB Pritzker signed House Bill 2789 into law. It prevents public schools and community libraries that ban books from accessing state funding.


The American Library Association compiled more than 1,200 challenges to books nationally in 2022, nearly double the record number a year earlier. And librarians have faced violent threats.

Under the new law, Illinois public libraries must adopt the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights to receive any state funding — which includes “materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.”

December 30, 2023

As cities take down Confederate memorials, Florida bill seeks to stop them -- and put the statues back up

Confederate monuments have come down in Orlando, Tampa and most recently Jacksonville as part of a nationwide reckoning with public memorials that commemorate the Confederacy. But if a bill becomes law next year, local leaders could be fined and even booted from office if they remove those monuments.

State Rep. Dean Black, R-Jacksonville, is pushing the measure to protect monuments, including memorials to the Confederacy, and punish local officials who remove them. He said his bill is retroactive and seeks to restore monuments removed by local governments after Jan. 1, 2017.


Confederate memorials were erected to “scare and intimidate the Black community post-slavery,” said state Rep. Angie Nixon, D-Jacksonville. “It is a horrible bill,” she said. “It is meant to throw red meat at a base of voters at a time when they know it is an election year.”

Nixon added about the Confederate memorials: “We should not be uplifting losers who wanted to keep my people enslaved.”

Lots more details in the article:

I'm sure DeSantis will leap at the chance to sign this trash into law once the Repunlican controlled Florida legislature passes it.
December 29, 2023

Where is the trans pride flag emoji?

I just noticed tonight that it's missing.

Sure hope we can get it back!

December 24, 2023

38 migrants dropped off in Fox River Grove after being told they were in Chicago

There was a thread earlier this evening about a bus load of migrants being unceremoniouly abandoned in Kankakee, IL, which is about 60 miles south of Chicago. Now it's happened again, this time in Fox River Grove, IL, about 40 miles northwest of Chiago, and practically in my backyard!

FOX RIVER GROVE, Ill. — A group of migrants transported by bus from Texas was dropped off in Fox River Grove early Saturday morning after being told that they had arrived in Chicago, according to city officials.


According to the city, a group of 38 migrants from Texas exited a bus at the Fox River Grove Metra station after being told they had arrived in Chicago. The Metra station is about 40 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.

Fox River Grove police provided the migrants with access to a warming shelter and by 7 a.m. arrangements were made to provide the migrants with train tickets so they could continue their journey to Chicago.


Looks like Greg Abbott's latest scheme is to have migrants loaded on to busses, told they're going to Chicago, and dropped off just about anyplace in the Chicago area except Chicago!
December 22, 2023

I finally got one of those scam phone calls about supposed viruses on my computer.

I don't usually answer calls from unknown callers, but I made an exception this afternoon. The caller was a woman with some kind of thick accent who sounded like she was reading from a script.

After saying she was calling from ? (I couldn't understand her accent and didn't bother to ask her to repeat), she asked me how my computer was working. I was immediately suspicious but decided to play along for a little bit.

After I replied that my computer was doing just fine, she moved to the next step, saying that a report had been received that some virus software had been downloaded on my computer. My suspicions now fully confirmed, I let her finish, and then said in the cheeriest of voices, "Oh yeah! I've heard about that scam! *chuckle* Have fun!" and clicked off.

She sounded like she was quite new at this, and I'm sure that's not the reaction she was expecting!

I was quite amused by the whole conversation, but I hate to think how many people fall for that kind of thing and give out information that allows the scammer to hack into their computer and get into their bank and credit card accounts. Be careful, everyone, and be safe. Never take the word of an anonymous caller for anything, especially where access to your computer is concerned!

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