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Profile Information

Name: Sharon
Gender: Female
Hometown: Iowa
Home country: USA
Current location: East Tennessee
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 09:54 AM
Number of posts: 11,430

Journal Archives

Kushner's new, deeper voice. What's up with that?

He no longer sounds like a girl.

Has he been working with a voice coach? Deeper, husky sound now.

Dr. Blasey Ford and Fearless Girl

"It's about punishing everyone who looks like Brett Kavanaugh" says Tucker Carlson


“Democrats aren’t looking for justice here,” Carlson said. “They want a revolution. For 60 years they’ve been telling us that it is immoral to judge people by their skin color and they were right about that. Absolutely right. They put up a monument to Martin Luther King on the National Mall just in case we forgot. And yet, suddenly, without notifying the rest of us, they have changed the rules. Anyone who doesn’t judge others on the basis of skin color, is, wait for it now, a bigot. Refuse to commit racism? You’re a racist.”

What hold do Russians have over 45? Watch Fargo Season 2 (or is it 3?).

The story is about how a business borrowed some money from the Russians and instead of being allowed to pay it back, the Russians took over the business, leaving the owner as the front man, turned it into a money laundering operation, and used violence (and murder) to maintain their control.

This is what I think 45 is dealing with. Terrified of his Russian owners because they'll use destruction and violence to get their way.

Ray Suarez say "A Puerto Rican cares about the President's Cup only is if it's filled with water."

On MSNBC just now. Actually he said some thing more like "cold, clean, drinkable water".

Trump and his Puerto Rico bankruptcy

Recent Post on my Facebook -

Donald Trump

Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble.

Lainie Green

Massive debt you and your sons helped when you bankrupted your golf course & never paid back the $33 million bond you left Puerto Ricans with.
You remember because you filed for the bankruptcy a month after you started running for president in 2015.
So how much are you going to give back of the $600,000 paycheck you got for sticking Puerto Rico with a $33 million debt?
You are a fraud, shit businessman and a terrible President racking up a civilian body count. #Resign

Joe Scarborough - Morning Joe - "My party is going to straight to Hell!"

I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and it was still on MSNBC. It was just at the beginning of Joe Scarborough's righteous rant and it shocked me that even he is saying this at the top of his voice! Wow!

I don't normally watch this but maybe I should. Scathing about the NATO visit and T's failure to to participate in even the appearance of mutual support. Noted his obsequiousness to the Saudis. A few minutes later he went into the most righteous rant about the GOP (Mulvaney esp.) lying about the impact of the budget, the incredible tax and estate benefits to the super-wealthy (esp. the Waltons). The cuts to Medicaid injuring the "poorest of the poor" and saying over and over that the GOP was lying! He said if this is what you intend to do, embrace it! Don't lie about it! Stop lying!

Maybe I should watch Morning Joe after all!

I could've thought I was watching/listening to Bernie Sanders except I think that Joe was even more angry.

What a wake-up moment this AM.

What is "Murica Today"? Who owns it?

A family member sent me a link to an article on the "Murica Today" website:
"“Racketeer Billionaire” Soros Sued For $10 Billion For ‘Political Meddling…Motivated Solely by Malice’"

It's a very strange article, naturally it misrepresents Soros activities, but I'm trying to figure out what this site is and who owns it? A brief Goggle search didn't provide any useful information.

Trickle Down Devastation: A Single Mom Responds to Trumps Tax Plan

Donald Trump's tax plan punishes single parents with low to moderate incomes.


"Hungry children tend to act out because they don’t feel well. They also tend to fall asleep in class.

Your child’s teacher is going to have to take time out of teaching to deal with the needs of children whose families are struggling.

Hungry adults tend not to do things well either, like drive or work their jobs. Traffic accidents could increase, along with factory mishaps. Look for people snapping at you in line because they’re physically struggling, or being clumsy or forgetful while serving you.

You’re going to see an influx of sick people. When money is tight, adults skimp on medications. Most of us, when pressed to decide between care for ourselves or for our children will choose our kids. I know I do."

Press conference announcing new travel ban. 3-6-17 11:40 am

Lots of justification about how this is lawful use of presidential power, required by presidential responsibility.

Wonder what objections/questions they're trying to prevent. Brings to mind Stephen Miller's statement about the president's decisions and how 'they will not be questioned'.

Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, John Kelly (DHS), etc.
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