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ScreamingMeemie's Journal
ScreamingMeemie's Journal
June 7, 2013

I have principles...

Let me begin by saying I don't own any pearls to clutch.
I don't wear "panties." I wear Hanes because they're cotton, and I'm a sensible girl.
I gave up on my own personal "pony" years ago. I will never obtain affordable health insurance, so I did the only affordable thing I could. I doubled and then tripled my life insurance...so that my son will never have to worry.

That said,

I DO have principles.
I AM a Democrat by those principles. I am not even "far left," for God's sake (at least not what we here, at DU, "used to" call "far left."

I just DON'T think many of our representatives act/legislate/think with any sort of principles in motion.

It's not 'okay' because we've elected a President who happened to run as a Democrat. While I believe that Obama was a better choice and would vote for him again... because it's what we have at this point, my money and my hope stopped going with the national level of politics in 2004.

I've placed all my hope (and my money) in the baskets of small town, small time politics. People with clear eyes, conscientious attitudes, and a desire to STICK with a set of principles. I don't expect to always agree with them, but I agree with them more than I don't. I cannot say the same for our current set of leaders. I am to be "okay" with it because "really, what can they do?" It's become a joke, and to see lockstepping and the denigration of longtime DUers who have worked in the trenches, stood on doorsteps, and actually worked for the party makes me sad. It's not about the D. It's about the principles.

I am a Democrat.
I am a DUer.
And you don't get to tell me I'm not.

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI--Detroit/MI
Current location: Houston-ish, TX
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 68,918

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I'm a girl. I used to be MrsGrumpy.
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