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Hometown: Poway, CA
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Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 01:17 AM
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The California Senate recently voted to pass a bill that would establish a single-payer healthcare system for the entire state. The proposal, called the Healthy California Act, will now be taken up by the state Assembly.

The plan enjoys widespread support ó a recent poll commissioned by the California Nurses Assn. found that 70% of all Californians are in favor of a single-payer plan ó and with good reason. Under Healthy California, all residents would be entitled to decent healthcare without having to pay premiums, deductibles or copays.


Is there any public oversight for e-voting machines?

And aren't they owned by RW corporate interests who do not allow our government to have access to the source code that runs them?
If this is true then how can any oversight be legitimate?
I'm pretty sure our government does not have the resources to make sure all machines function correctly.

Why aren't these machine publicly owned?

Why aren't we protecting the vote better?
The right to vote that our veterans and many others have literally died for?

The rural xenophobic, government hating racists have a sad

Poll of rural Americans shows deep cultural divide with urban centers

WASHINGTON ó The political divide between rural and urban America is more cultural than it is economic, rooted in rural residentsí deep misgivings about the nationís rapidly changing demographics, their sense that Christianity is under siege and their perception that the federal government caters most to the needs of people in big cities, according to a wide-ranging poll that examines cultural attitudes across the United States.


What was the point of treating Cuban/American relations this way?

It hurts both nations' economies.
Creates ill will.

We had a good start to warming up with Cuba and Dump took a dump on that today.

The Single-Payer Breakthrough in California

The Single-Payer Breakthrough in California: Robert Pollin on the Economics of Universal Care


I remember their rewrite of history by claiming Obamacare was...

... "rammed through" with "no debate". Nothing could be farther from reality but that doesn't stop them.

Now look at what they themselves are doing with Trumpcare.

Medical Prescription

The investigation you don't hear about much

I want to see what the Treasury investigation reveals.
My hunch is that this filthy family is neck deep in dirty Russian money.

"I was fired because of the Russia investigations"

Huge Comey quote today.

California's clean energy jobs equal 10 times the nation's coal mining jobs

Yet Dump wants coal.
Go figure.

Clean energy employs "more than half a million Californians. Thatís nearly ten times more the number of coal mining jobs that exist in the entire nation."

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