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Hometown: Poway, CA
Current location: Leucadia, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 01:17 AM
Number of posts: 22,575

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You may be right on this

"When It Comes to Hillary Clinton, Oh, Just Fuck Right Off, James Comey"

Comey thinks his gestures prevented an erosion of faith in institutions and in a potential President Clinton? You goddamned fool, these motherfuckers had over a half-dozen investigations of Benghazi because when one said, "Nope, it's all good. Sad, but good," they immediately had another going. And as for institutions, Republicans don't give a sad turtle shit about institutions. Do you think the assholes who had just prevented President Obama from making a Supreme Court choice out of pure spite and political fuckery would think twice about wrecking any agency that got in their way?

You big, dumb dickhead, the only thing that was standing between your precious institutions and their dismantling or complete politicization was the fact that a Democrat was president. Clinton would have prevented most of the shit that's happening now to the Justice Department. But you fucked it, Jim Comey.


It's all fake


Facts Do Matter
So a fake "journalist" defends a fake "president" and his fake "lawyer" on a fake "news" network, without revealing that he is also a fake client of the fake "president's" fake "lawyer." This is the fake reality we now live in.

3:57 PM - Apr 16, 2018

Welcome to Republican Rule

They want to drug test people before receiving government aid and also require people to work for their $134 in food stamps per month.

Yet there was no drug tests required for the wealthy to get their huge tax windfalls and no requirement for them to create jobs.

Welcome to Republican rule.


An explanation of what Republicans are doing to veterans


Now on to destroying the Veteran's Administration

Well it's becoming clear why Dump replaced him.

David Shulkin warns of privatizing VA, rips "toxic" culture in wake of firing

"Privatization leading to the dismantling of the department's extensive health care system is a terrible idea. The department's understanding of service-related health problems, its groundbreaking research and its special ability to work with military veterans cannot be easily replicated in the private sector," Shulkin wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times on Thursday.

In his essay, Shulkin said it has been his "greatest professional honor" to help lead the agency, citing the accomplishments made during his tenure including a new G.I. Bill, reducing wait times at VA hospitals and providing more mental health services for veterans suffering from the effects of war.

But Shulkin claims those successes have only emboldened those in the Trump administration who aim for privatizing the VA health system. He says advocates for the move viewed him as an "obstacle to privatization who had to be removed," pointing directly to his dramatic firing on Wednesday evening. Shulkin adds that privatization of the VA is at its root a "political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits, even if it undermines care for veterans."


239 pounds...LMAO


A simple graphical explanation of the tRump "phenomena"

Found on Twitter.

I love the students 💕


It's no wonder #Republicans are bashing these students.
They are speaking truth to power and authoritarians can't stand that.@davidhogg111 @Emma4Change #GunReformNow

9:43 AM - Feb 24, 2018


Let's face it...#Republicans want corporate/fascist/military rule and these brave students are getting in the way by speaking truth to power and the boycotts are working.
Fuck you NRA.#Courage #VoteCourage #StudentsStandUp

9:50 AM - Feb 24, 2018


Lauren Hogg
Replying to @lauren_hoggs
....tallest and most stern in the midst of the harshest winds, and I remembered who as Americans we are. #NeverAgain @davidhogg111 #BoycottNRA #MarchForOurLives #EnoughIsEnough

You are a wise person.
Thank goodness you are on the same planet I'm on.
I'm old enough to be your grandfather and your generation is inspiring me. Filling me with hope for the future.

9:33 AM - Feb 24, 2018

The way I see it Manafort has two choices


#Manafort has two choices as I see it in light of Gates flipping.

1. Cooperate with #Mueller and risk him and his family's safety to the Russian mob.

2. Don't cooperate with #Mueller and face prison the rest of his life.#MuellerTime

7:55 AM - Feb 24, 2018
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