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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 01:54 AM
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The Decision to Move Forward

With having just barely registered (for the first time in my life) right before the deadline a couple of weeks ago I figured that the time is appropriate to finally come to a decision to a very long and conflicting question. I come to this website not as a stranger nor as a recruit, but as a person who is on his own journey in search of truth.

For the past few years I've been observing this online think-tank, whether if it was multiple times a day or just a few glances a couple of weeks. Now I want to finally get the chance to say thank you all for assisting me on my struggle. From the forerunners who were present from this sites inception (and still are) to to those who haven't been here that long-thank you.

On this site I've noticed that when users come into contact whether it be discussing the days topic or debating with one another; most of the time the dialogue is relatively respectful. Occasionally its very helpful and interesting as well as comically entertaining. Also they can be philosophical in meaning if not passionate. At times your posts have brought me tears whether it be a heart breaking post or one that warms and ignites my soul. Whatever the case, its brought me to a conclusion about this site;that its just more than just an internet page or an online forum.

Its a community.

Ever since when I accidentlly "googled" this website; it has help guide me into understanding the realities of our world. I have become aware of mans political nature. The D.U. community affirms the beliefs that society should lessen the burden of those who are less fortunate by lending an unshakable hand, establish a strong foundation for the common man, and the defense of human rights in the name of social justice. These are just the few principles that define the concept of progressive thought.

It is here,on D.U. that liberalism is still championed.

Though I do happen to possess some ideas of the conservative persuasion, today's forces have taken hold of the narrative of the other side. It has formed an opposition that is deeply rooted in dogma, breeds ignorance, partisan in nature and perpetuates animosity by espousing fallacies of the highest order.They give a perception of religious zeal and fanaticism. Their mantra is "At All Cost".

I could never be apart of that.

It is why tonight, I like the rest of a divided America, will pick a side. In the morning of November 6th ,I will choose to move

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