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Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 06:37 AM
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My observations/opinions on White House press conferences so far

1) Jen Psaki is hitting her stride. Appears more comfortable. Kudos to Jen for not taking the bait. Why should Biden weigh in on Arkansas Governor race. This isn’t the office of the twice impeached president..
2) Some in the media still doesn’t understand the issues of importance to the country. Asking daily about Biden’s opinion on the impeachment trial doesn’t help a single life.
3j The media knows there will be a CDC briefing tomorrow. The questions asked today about the vaccine, given this information, makes no sense.
4) Questioners really should consider whether they are asking a question that does more than split hairs. Whether we have herd immunity early or late summer to me is splitting hairs.
5) judging by some of these questions, the media seems to assume Biden’s policies are fully implemented. There is a lot to address given the mess Biden has to clean up.
6) it seems some of the media knows little about the legislative process. I believe i hear someone ask every day, how long Biden will negotiate with the GOP. If I didn’t know better, I would think the world was going to end if a relief package isn’t passed by Friday.

Communication strategy for Democrats

I’m already hearing media debates over perceived competing interests of impeachment versus advancement of Joe’s agenda. Nonsense. This will continue, so don’t take the bait. Leave the. impeachment issue in the background until the trial. Take a tip from Stacey Abrams, who is THE best communicator we have, currently. During the recent GA Senate election, interviewers would ask her about Trump. She declined to speak about him, and immediately pivoted to the election. Perfection.

Emotions are running hot. It was obvious in speeches yesterday and it’s understandable, given the horror of the January insurrection. Dems need to synchronize communication to be clear, concise and focused on the agenda that got Joe elected.

I thought this was Joe's presser

The media is asking too many questions about Trump, the loser. The media needs to look forward, or their networks need to send new journalists. Enough.

Think about multiple people testing positive shortly after testing negative

We are all familiar with super spreader events. However none of them had readily available pre-event testing that I am aware of. Yes, we know there are false negative tests. Nevertheless a few questions have crossed my mind.

1) Was everyone tested before the SCOTUS party last week? The Notre Dame president claimed he was, so I assumed all others were as well. Imagine a false negative from someone who sheds enough virus to infect that many people. It’s mind-numbing.

2) What test was used? I hear it was the Abbott test. Who administered it, who ran it and did they use the proper procedure and equipment?

3) If Chris Wallace was correct and the Tump team wasn’t tested before the debate, why did they do that? Were they concerned about a possible positive. It just doesn’t make sense to avoid testing when you claim to test a lot.

The other possibility is that the SCOTUS party wasn’t a super spreader event, and these folks were just a bunch of irresponsible people all got caught the same time. Of course, both could be true.

I hope Joe comes forward with some proposals to address the issues leading to the protests

I know that is a general statement and I know one cannot long-standing systemic racism, and inequality with anything that approached a comprehensive plan, but I see Trump and the GOP twisting what is happening and taking over the narrative.

If I were Joe, I would have my staff in touch with the mayors and governors daily. I would gather facts and hold a daily presser almost as if I were POTUS - since the current occupant is incapacitated.

I would consult with those who have been on the front lines of civil rights issues and try to coordinate a strategy to put out high level plans to address those issues.

I know this post is clumsy and sorry if it is isn’t crisp and clear, but I see the violence Is distracting from the message and that works for Trump, who would love nothing more than to paint Dems as responsible for these events.

Secretary Wilkie claimed hydroxychloroquine helped some coronavirus patients in VA

Stephanie Ruhle just asked about the VA study showing no effect. He claimed the study was “observational” and not “clinical” those who were “In the last stages of life” showed no improvement, but on other “we know the drug has been working on middle aged and younger veterans.” Also said Cuomo wants more of the drug.

Hope someone asks Cuomo about that.

The Debate of President Donald J. Trump

Let’s just call it what it is. McConnell’s rules authorize a debate, Not a trial. A trial includes evidence. Even though all agree the Senate has the Constitutional authority to make the rules for an impeachment trial, and that those rules might deviate from a criminal trial 100% expect an actual “trial.” By definition, a trial includes evidence.

Barr set up Mueller

As I understand it, Barr restricted Mueller to the content of the report, and in doing left him defenseless against the GOP fiction machine. It is clear that Barr set Gym Jordan with the question regarding the origin of the investigation, and Mueller wasn’t allowed to answer it.

I wonder if Rod Rosenstein could or did affect Mueller's decision re: the OLC

Because he is now a private citizen, it is understandable that Rod Rosenstein is quiet at this time, but it would be interesting to know if he and Mueller had a conversation on this issue as the investigation started.

Barr claims Mueller didn’t develop a case against Trump on obstruction. However, Mueller states in the Intro to Volume 2 “... we considered whether to evaluate the conduct we investigated under the Justice Manual standards governing prosecution and declination decisions, but we determined not to apply an approach that could potentially result in a judgment that the President committed crimes. The threshold step under the Justice Manual standards is to assess whether a person’s conduct ‘constitutes a federal offense.’ ... (cites source ) ... Fairness concerns counseled against potentially reaching that judgment when no charges can be brought. The ordinary means for an individual to respond to an accusation is through a speedy and public trial, with all the procedural protections that surround a criminal case. An individual who believes he was wrongly accused can use that process to seek to clear his name. In contrast, the prosecutor’s judgment that crimes were committed, but that no charges will be brought, afford no such adversarial opportunity for the public name clearing before an impartial adjudicator. “

Mueller says he didn’t assert crimes were committed because of the OLC position, but Barr claims Mueller should have done so, if he felt it to be true. The question for me is did Mueller decide on his own he was restricted, or did that decision come after speaking with Rosenstein?

Locked him out

Trump wants to build an ineffective $5B wall across our southern border. Madam Speaker understands where and when walls are effective. Locked him out of the Congress.
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