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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 5,012

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Where are These Girls' Parents?

I never hear anything about them. I don't have children, but if I did and someone like Moore messed around with one...

Are they loyal GOPers? Are they keeping their mouths shut? Do they actually encourage this sort of thing? One would think that a girl's number one supporters would be her parents, and they would be rushing to defend her.

My Take on Saudi

Maybe this is obvious to everyone, but here goes...

The king wants to consolidate power. Going after all the princes sort of makes sense, but it was taken a bit too far. After all, two are now dead. The round up of all the princes and these deaths leads me to believe this king does not shy away from using force. Now, we also know that Dotard made a multi-billion dollar arms deal with the king. Why? Ok, this is where I might get into conspiracy theory territory, but bear with me. Consolidation of power for Saudi means consolidation of power in the middle east. Saudi wants to be THE middle east power (this is not unheard of; Arab countries have been vying for top position in the middle east for decades). Dotard uses Kushner to align himself with the king, maybe promising backing, maybe promising more arms deals down the road. They take the arms deal with Dotard, and in exchange start threatening war with Yemen and Iran. Yes, there was a missile involved, so there is an excuse for a call to war. But it is very convenient that Dotard suffered a debacle early on in Yemen and that he detests the Iran nuclear deal Obama made. I am suggesting that whatever deal Dotard/Kushner has made with Saudi includes using them to (at least) threaten these two countries that have been a thorn in Dotard's side.

The Question No One is Asking About the DNC

How did it get to be so mismanaged? Who let these assholes run the show? DWS, DB, both unfit. I mean, just who is reading the resumes and interviewing these people to lead the DNC? What happened indeed!

A better question is, How do we keep from repeating these mistakes?

We have midterms coming up rapidly, and these new allegations create distrust of the Democratic party. Even if you don't buy into the DB junk (which you shouldn't), why would you trust a party run so haphazardly?

Dotard is Upset His Brazile Ploy Did Not Get Coverage

What proof do we need that this was meant as a distraction?


The rigged Dem Primary, one of the biggest political stories in years, got ZERO coverage on Fake News Network TV last night. Disgraceful!

The Thing About Bot Flies...

They are too large to land on hosts and transfer their larvae. Instead, they catch unsuspecting smaller flying insects and attach their larvae to them. Then they let the unsuspecting smaller flying insect loose. The unsuspecting smaller flying insect flits around carefree and happy, lands on an animal, and the bot fly larva drops onto its new host. The larva burrows deep into the animal's skin, eating the animal's "meat", until it is fully grown and drops from the host animal.

If that host animal happens to be human, then the only thing to do is suffocate the larva and pull it out. It's a nasty process. Just remember that it is always easier (and less nasty) to prevent bot fly larvae from infecting you in the first place. If you do become infected, it is best to take immediate action before the larva has time to feast on your "meat" and grow.

For those who still don't get it, here is the bot fly...

Here is the larva: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/11/02/clinton-brazile-hacks-2016-215774

And here is poor old DU

Meanwhile, the bot fly who planted the larva is super happy:

Breaking: Strange, Depressed Orange Man Spotted on Roof of WH

This is a developing story...

Reports are coming in about an orange hued man standing perilously close to the edge of the WH roof. The man is apparently repeating the same word over and over "MAGA", as he stares at the ground below. Police who have been called to the scene have sent in a professional psychologist to try and talk the man down, but so far it has not helped. The man is insisting he will only speak with Hannity from Fox News network. Police are afraid that the extra long tie the man is wearing will catch the wind that is beginning to pick up, and that he will be pulled over the edge. Several WH aides have tried luring the man off the roof with buckets of KFC, pizza from Pizza Hut, and charred steaks slathered in ketchup. So far, the only response has been a slight pause in the man's repetition of "MAGA" to say the words "Diet Coke". Evangelicals from across the country have showed up, promising to lay hands on the man's body should he decide to jump....

A woman has just emerged from the WH. It is unclear what she is saying. It appears she is speaking English but with a very heavy eastern European accent. It seems she is shouting insults at the man, encouraging him to jump. Yes, the woman is definitely trying to bully the man into jumping from the roof....

Firefighters have arrived on the scene. They seem to be wandering aimlessly. The fire chief is saying something about budget cuts and not being able to afford a safety net....


Throughout the day yesterday a small crowd was gathered in front of the WH to watch the strange man on the roof. This afternoon, Hillary Clinton made an appearance and the crowd swelled to over 20,000. She autographed some copies of her new book and told everyone not to worry about the strange man on the roof: "This is just him being histrionic," she said. Hillary Clinton stayed for half an hour then left. The majority of the crowd dispersed soon afterward.

Why the Doom and Gloom Over Vacant "R" Seats?

Why is everyone assuming that these seats are going to be filled with people even more radically right leaning than before? Is there no possibility of a moderate filling Flake's seat? Rs must understand that dealing with the devil isn't getting them anywhere. They can read and understand the polls, and they know that the crazy right is not polling so well even within their party. The best way to save the party is to fill seats with moderates who have backbones and will stand up to Dotard. They have two options: Go further down that rabbit hole into oblivion, or regain control over their party to make it start working again.

I'm not a fan of the GOP, but at least I realize that what is good for them right now is good for us as well. Just imagine seats filled with Rs who want to take down Dotard! Just imagine true bipartisanship instead of obstructionism! Imagine if both parties wanted to get to the bottom of Russian collusion, save our electoral system, and save the country!

Call it a pipe dream if you must, but I'm banking on the majority of Rs to come to their senses.

Saddened and Humbled by a Student

I call her "Picnic" because she brings a monster sized backpack full of food with her to class and eats most (sometimes all) of that food at during class. I could be annoyed, but she is good student who has class until 9pm. The other day, she was telling me she was looking for another job. She has a full time job, but it does not pay enough. She works and takes a full load of classes. Who am I to question her eating during our class at 12:30pm? It's lunch time! Or maybe "picnic time".

Today Picnic came to class without any food. She said she only had $2 and wanted to know how much the cafeteria charged for fries. I asked her why she didn't just use a credit card. She didn't have one. Why didn't she have one? "They" wouldn't let her have one. This was beginning to get confusing for me. Why wouldn't "they" let her have one? Because she is DACA.

Uh oh! New revelation for me! Obviously this is a common problem because I did a quick Google search and found a lot of people asking about it. You can get a secured credit card if you put down some collateral. But, then again, Picnic doesn't make enough at her full time job, so that option is out.

Today, Picnic chewed gum and told me how "they" said that chewing gum will relieve hunger. It wasn't really working for her, though. That was seven hours ago, and as I write this she has another hour of classes to go. Before you ask, I would have given her some cash if I had any, but I rarely carry cash on me. Class was beginning, I have two classes back to back, and Picnic leaves in between (I never see her after the first class). Yes, I did think of how I could get some food for her.

I sincerely hope Picnic found something to eat. I'll have to ask her about it during our next class. And, you know, maybe I'll start carrying some cash with me! In the meantime, "they" had better get their act together because I'm tired of "them" picking on my students!

WH is now using fake Dotard?! WTF???

Take a look at this video allegedly of Dotard. It kind of looks like him, but there is definitely something off.

DUers with bumper stickers, resist t-shirts, pussy hats, etc

Have you faced any confrontations from displaying your anti-Dotard items? Have you or your property suffered any damage from confrontation?

Back in the W days, I had several bumper stickers on my truck. One day, I found that someone had come along and ripped off the bumper stickers and piled gravel on my hood. It was enough to make me think twice about putting bumper stickers on my truck back then, and I can't imagine what the response might be with anti-Dotard items displayed publicly today.
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