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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 06:42 PM
Number of posts: 10,801

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Why is Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos not a person of interest?

She was the go between her new husband and Russia. Seems like she would be in more trouble than Georgie.

I called it! Calk plagiarized from Wikipedia, and I called it!

That means I'm qualified to do Rachel's job...right? Right?

Of course, as a college English comp prof, I'm used to seeing this type of thing. I'm also used to failing the Calks of the world

Angry and Sarcastic Method for Deciding the Next President

Strip away all the rules, all the campaigning, all the debates, all the gerrymandered districts, all the uncounted ballots, all the suppressed votes, all the hacking. This one will decide exactly who is qualified to be our next president.

Guess how many strands of hair are on the orange shit stain's head.

This contest is open to all ages, all nationalities (except Russians), all faiths, all genders, all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Look at it this way: No matter what, we are going to get someone who will make a better president.

Does Anyone Else Think Space Farce Is Just A Distraction?

It's like they aren't even trying that hard anymore. Next it will be a journey to the center of the Earth to discover dinosaurs. The deplorables will eat that up because science fiction is their truth. Good God they are morans of the lowest caliber!

I have reached the conclusion that...

I hate the GOP more than anyone else. Sorry all my fellow DUers, but I'm pretty convinced I'm THE ANTI-GOP.

SPQR: Senatus Populusque Morani

Help Me Think of an Ailment for the Rump to Contract

I was having this discussion with my parents the other day, and I just couldn't decide what would be the best one.

Maybe a prion disease (but could we tell the difference?). Perhaps a candiru stuck up his urethra (need to find an extra small one). It needs to be excruciating. That's for sure!

Just How Worried Do I Need to Be About Butina Being Released?

Someone want to fill me in on how the WH can mess with the indictment? I don't see how they can, but then again, I don't understand all the legal aspects.

Is This The "General Strike" Everyone Is Talking About?



Beginning June 30th

No Purchases Prepare In Advance


We are asking everyone to do the following:

Purchase only essentials

No big box stores like Walmart

Shop local, keep $$ in your community

No big banks

Start a coop (remember those?)

Continue through November

Democracy is on the brink of collapse. People are waiting for someone else to save our country who may never get the chance. We must show our illegitimate president & his party of Nazis that we're serious or they will never take us seriously. We are calling for a sustained peaceful strike beginning June 30th.

Just Had A Realization About "Civility"

The RW doesn't mean liberals should be "civil". They mean we should be "obsequious", "demure", "subservient". Any challenge to their authority is "uncivil".

This is RW "Civility". Fuck Them Straight To Hell!

The only way to wrest control of the narrative away from the right is to be uncivil. Protest, but make it ugly. Kick the assholes out of every business and make their lives pure hell. When they cry over it "Womp womp".

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