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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 6,364

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Does Anyone Else Have a Bad Feeling about MLK Day?

It's a day rife with opportunity for the big turd to say awful things. You know his deplorable base are eagerly awaiting the racist message that undermines all that MLK stood for.

Do Grade Schools Still Do President's Physical Fitness Tests?

And, if they do, have they added the "Beautiful cake eating" segment to the test?

tRump's recent physical has made me ponder the meaning and relevance of the test that we all so fondly recall from our childhood.

I remember those tests. Usually they included sit ups, push ups, and chin ups. I also remember thinking about how my president wanted me to be physically fit so I could accomplish great things. But now I'm reconsidering all that.

I mean, really, folks, how can there be a president's physical fitness test when tRump is morbidly obese and eats 10,000 calories a day? Does anyone here honestly believe tRump could do more than, say, five sit ups over a period of a week? How about all those push ups? Sorry Donnie, but bringing a Big Mac up to your mouth does not count as a push up. Are we going to change "push ups" to "golf cart hops", as in "How many times can you hop up from a golf cart in 60 seconds?"

More than that, I no longer believe my president cares what kind of physical shape I'm in. He certainly doesn't want me to have access to decent healthcare. I guess as long as I am able to maintain a semi-upright position on my potato chip crumb infested sofa and watch Faux and Fiends, I should be deemed 100% fit. Because, let's face it, that is the physical shape tRump aspires to.

$100 bucks says that, in a month, you will remember "Shithole" fondly

If he even has handlers anymore, they must have him on one of those retractable training leashes that allow waaaaaaay too much freedom. Now that "shithole" is being normalized by the GOP and Faux Nooze, look for increasingly worse presidential sputum to be hocked on our country.

Obama right now

Feinstein did a bad thing releasing those transcripts

I'm sure the bipartisanship McTurtle promised is now off the table

Things Are Looking Up: Billboard Swap

I drive down a certain highway to get work, and I like to take notice of the billboards along the way. Last year there were a couple of new billboards that made my skin crawl. One of them was a pro-life ad featuring a baby with a quote "I am a miracle" and then a bunch of conservative BS that was too small to read. Anyway, it being semester break and all, I hadn't been down that highway in a few weeks...until today. And today I noticed a brand new billboard. I was very bright to catch your eye. In big, bold letters it read "Pill, IUD, Implant....Which is right for me?" followed by information about clinics. It was maybe 1/4 mile from the pro-life billboard.

Let's just say that I was delighted by this new billboard, and I took it as a sign that some are beginning to fight back.

What Do Deplorables Think of GOP Congress Using tRump?

That's what Joy says is happening, and that's what most of us on DU believe. But I don't think the deplorables realize it yet. They trust that their orange god is omnipotent, watching out for them, and commanding congress to do his bidding. So I have to ask you, Could that be their weakness? If we focus on how tRump is being played by the GOP, will the deplorables turn on their party in favor of their orange god? It might be worth a try.

Is tRump a fan of James Joyce?

"A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." James Joyce

It would explain his tweet:


Just Got Back from Shorts and T-Shirt Bike Ride

Ahhh, low 50s and oh so sunny. Sorry all you east coast people, but here in CO it's global warming. I'm sure the snowball congress is out collecting batches of snow to store in their freezer for the next time someone brings up global warming. To bad they can't come out here to the front range and enjoy the sunshine and sultry (for January) temps.

Of course, come summer, we won't have any water. That means wildfires everywhere causing airborne pollutants so that it's unsafe to be outside. Better get my biking in during the "winter". Up is down, left is right, and winter is summer.

Where is Ghouliani?

Did he make it back from Ukraine?
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