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PlutosHeart's Journal
PlutosHeart's Journal
March 7, 2024

Has anyone watched the 2018 Holmes and Watson on Tubi?

Just watched it last night starring Will Farrell. Hysterical and totally relevant. Has a bit of Monty Python vibe also.

October 27, 2023

Am in Skinner Mode

and the right hand column sections only show the first text fully and the second text cut in half. It only shows the "top" of the words.
How can I fix this?

October 22, 2023

Can I get book recommendations?

I am in a book group focused upon Jane Austin and all things historically surrounding the time. Today someone recommended a book by a conservative that am sure has a totally warped viewpoint on slavery, race and this country.
Is there a good book I can suggest for the group to read that speaks about slavery and also even Indigenous that is accurately historically focused and an enagaging read? Not looking for a novel but more of an educational based read.THX.

September 7, 2023

Recommending The new Nickel Creek CD

It is not bluegrass. It is not NewGrass. Is it Prog-grass?
Amazing! And the acapella is otherworldly.

August 7, 2023

Why am I asked to type in confirmation

by copying words to confirm on all the videos. When I enter in them it continues to ask for more confirmation by copying more of them. It is endless.
I am not a bot.
Just discovered this is also for some links on threads to view videos.

July 31, 2023

Saddened after a friend reveals her love for Orange person and

Yesterday was a tough day because my husband had an emergency hospital visit. Some friends stepped forward to DM me on FB in support but two of them went totally off the rails in the convo. I will skip the one where she believed about Dems killing babies and that their guns will be taken away because the Dems are dismantling the Constitution. I know. Right?

But the more concerning one to me was from another person who hobnobs with several professional teachers in varying new ageish, Alt medical/combined medical and psych types, etc... (some well known), and tribal people and will soon be seeing D Haaland with some others. Is this what some are thinking???? Correct info if you know also or add to it. Here are her points.

-Our federal structures are near complete collapse toward Leninist authoritarian communism since WWII. RFK Jr is not wrong. Since 9/11 the Patriot Act suspended the Constitution. It's how psychopath Fauci got away with manufacturing disease for forty years.

-He has successfully sued Monsanto, the EPA, and other federal agencies for negligence. He lost his voice as a side effect of the flu vaccine twenty years ago. If you only knew that vaccine technology was deregulated and all legal liability was suspended by Reagan and Fauci in 1985 so the pharmaceutical industry no longer has to make "immunizations" safe.

-Fauci's policies allowed vaccine manufacturers to alter routine immunization serums? You have to dig for this shit. RFK has the hard drives from the researchers that Fauci illegally jailed censored and financially ruined in the biotech industry.

-The corrupt neocons built the RNC and DNC in lockstep progression. That's why we have career politicians having strokes, incontinence, mobility and cognitive issues. Dianne Feinstein case in point. When was being a politician a career choice until death? It's called imperial gerontocracy at taxpayer expense. DC is a nursing home.

-So you favor Koch Industries, Rockefeller Foundation and the Bilderbergs who taught FDR for corporate control? (NICE HUH?) Trump may be crude but he is not wrong. Kennedy is a centrist and brilliantly is trying corruption in the public forum. Both Parties are corrupt.

-Kennedy sued Canada on behalf of First Nations tribal people for their treaty rights. That is how the boarding school murders and genocides were exposed.

-Both the DNC and RNC are enacting dangerous AI surveillance to remove your right to be human. What do you think Silicon Valley's federal funding was for? It was granted by the MIC sanctioned by the CIA.

-Both Orange man and JFK Jr. are "outsiders" and truth tellers.

😱I felt I had to let two people go yesterday who I have communicated with for years. But there was no reasoning with them.

February 9, 2023

I feel so special and loved.

Thank you to my secret admirers for gifting me your "heart".

Hand over my heart.

December 26, 2022

Just watched Knives Out The Glass Onion

And if it is not an analogy of Maga, billionaires, the orange man and Evilon Musk I don't know what is.
Has anyone else watched it? It is currently on Netflix. The place that EM told people to drop becasue they were "woke".
At least I was able to laugh about these things a bit during the movie. Adored it.

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