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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 04:57 PM
Number of posts: 2,327

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got Jack Smith's name off the guest register at the "No-tell motel".


I nominate J. Michael Luttig for special counsel. I sure hope AG Garland reads my e-mails!

Good week to review

the consequences of electing the GOP:


You're up, ladies!

It's no secret the women's "abortion " vote will be the swing factor in the Mid-Terms. So ladies, the future of democracy and the gains in suffrage over the last 100 years is coming down to whether you show up at the polls.
Do it.

Wanna end the Putin nuclear extortion?

Let NATO hint that to counter Russia's nuclear threats, Ukraine should get back some nukes of their own.

I know it's fraught with danger but Putin needs to be frightened and the Russian people need to be motivated to act against him?

Voting for a Republican

is essentially rewarding them for enabling and continuing to support the insanity , criminality and treasonous behavior of DJT. The election needs to be framed in those terms.

New York ban on guns in churches struck down!

Easy fix.

Everyone stay home. A few months w/o passing the collection basket might wake up some of those faithful pastors backing the GOP?


Rather than posting on threads about unverifiable angst inducing polls on the upcoming elections, we take that energy and time to flood other social media with logical arguments to vote out every traitorous, lying and criminal GOP candidate.

Upon learning TFG was illegally in possession

of the TS docs, shouldn't the CIA/FBI have put him under full surveillance to protect our national security? Seems to me, not watching him would be a severe dereliction of duty?

Trump clearly compromises U.S.national security

yet there's few GOP politicians rushing to disown him.Remember when the GOP touted their patriotism?

But her e-mails!
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