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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 17,062

Journal Archives

Big protest in Philly where Pence is apparing

Rittenhouse Square lots of folks and growing.

Thom Hartman referenced my post and read it

in its entirety to kick off his show Monday. Iím honored.

I guess the title verbiage got his attention.


(Many thanks to Gusbob for alerting me.)

Hey Donny:

You know what composer the head security fellow from Tiffany loves?


For those who donít get it:

What the fuck?? I mean what the fuck?

Taking kids away from their parents to give them showers? Incarcerating them and then quoting Bible to justify it? Saying that itís the Democrats who are doing this? Lying about everything else? Profiting from the office of the Presidency? Condemning and vilifying our staunchest Allies and then kowtowing to and praising the worst, most villainous dictators in the world? A million million other sins on top of these as well....

You know, people take to the streets in other countries when the transit fares are boosted three cents. Here this orange-u-tan can destroy humanity and we watch the sports networks and drink microbrewery beers. Meanwhile no one will have a single solitary leg to stand on if he or she is accused of a crime because the system for protecting us will have been destroyed.

What is it going to take for the other two-thirds to rise up and say ďWeíre mad as hell and we arenít gonna take it anymore!!Ē?

This is better than sex.

And thatís saying a LOT!!!


THE Word FUBAR was coined for what this crowd

is doing and has done to this country.

I personally am deteriorating cognitively and behaviorally during this time. Iím not trying to be funny.

I am dead serious. This has affected me fundamentally in very bad ways.

How about indicting his family while he's on the plane

coming back home?

A fella can dream, right?

Itíd be a great turn of events since I saw Hillary on the plane getting the news that Comey was reopening the investigation a few weeks before the election.

The minute is up....

Cheatolini has this in the bag!!!!

I have a Modest Proposal

Iím surprised they havenít thought of it:

Any Congressional Districtís members who vote so that a Republican is elected to The House or the Senate by a 67% to 33% margin are exempt from 50% of their Federal Income Tax for two years. This obviously unconstitutional provision will be upheld in a 5-4 opinion before the Supreme Court when challenged.

What could possibly go wrong? 👻

Trump stopping by Stockholm on the way back

Pick up his Prize, have them rescind Obamaís or he will declare war on Sweden. He did say that heíd like to pick up a couple of their legendary watches. When told that it was the Swiss who crafted timepieces, he stated that he didnít have time for a piece even though Melanie wasnít with him.
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