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Moebym's Journal
Moebym's Journal
January 22, 2022

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment

which means everyone, including those who are dissatisfied with the Biden-Harris admin and the Democrats in Congress, needs to get down to work.

This is not the time for anyone to let their personal dissatisfaction with the president and his party give the Republicans one more vote with which to reverse the progress we've made and take power away from us ordinary people forever.

I truly don't know how to make this point any clearer.

I can't bear to see Biden's low poll numbers, the gloating from Republicans who are already sure they will take back both chambers, or the relentlessly negative coverage of Biden and Democrats from the media.

I can't bear thinking of Election Day in November and the possibility that low turnout on our side and enthusiasm on the right will doom us to another long period of darkness.

I can't bear the uncertainty.

January 10, 2022

The nerve of this man (and his supporters).

30+ years in the Senate, but he paints himself as "anti-establishment", which his supporters gleefully parrot without thinking.

In his 80s, but his supporters jeer at Biden and Pelosi for being octogenarian politicians.

Few notable achievements to his name over his lengthy career, yet he is on TV several times a week to complain about how Democrats are doing this or that the wrong way.

Independent party affiliation, but caucuses with Democrats and ran for president as a Democrat, twice. Americans rejected him twice, yet his supporters insist he was the rightful winner both times (sound familiar?).

But the media loves him for giving them endless fodder for pushing the "Democrats are weak and ineffective" narrative.

He is not an ally. True allies do not backstab as he has, many times.

January 10, 2022

You're one of us, Bernie. Supposedly.

You ran as a Democrat for president, twice.

You caucus with the Democrats in the Senate.

But when two conservative Dems are holding up the BBB - 4% of the Democratic caucus, meaning 96% of them are in support - you conveniently invoke your Independent party affiliation to criticize the party as a whole.

You don't think that, with your grandstanding, you aren't also letting the working class down?

Spare us this performance, Bernie. We've known from at least 2016 that you are all hat and no cattle.

November 5, 2021

How, then, do we overcome their built-in advantage?

They have their right-wing propaganda machine that has had decades to take root.

Sinclair is the biggest owner of local stations, which it has been steadily buying up since the 90s. According to this article, research has shown that local stations spent more time covering national politics and showed a rightward shift in said coverage after Sinclair acquired them. And it is buying more each year. News 3 in Vegas is my local Sinclair station.

With Fox News still a top player in the MSM, OAN and Newsmax gaining steam, Sinclair-owned TV stations blasting GOP talking points, right-wing religious leaders and radio personalities spewing bile to their big audiences, and Facebook having a serious right-wing disinformation problem that it has not shown an eagerness to confront, is it any wonder we feel we are hearing very little from our Democratic leaders?

November 4, 2021

Poor messaging is the most commonly cited reason for the loss, but where are the solutions?

I'm rather sick of seeing or hearing overly broad statements such as "we suck at messaging" and "we are being out-messaged by the Republicans" from Democrats or people of the liberal persuasion. These are incredibly lazy arguments that have proven to be popular in liberal circles as poor substitutes for thoughtful discussion.

1. We are communicating our agenda and vision.
2. We don't have Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, right-wing religious leaders, and a slew of right-wing talk radio programs to help spread our message and carry water for us.

If the argument is that we are not communicating effectively enough, then the most important consideration is, what practical steps should we be taking right now to more effectively communicate our vision to voters? What are key practical takeaways from this failed campaign that will help future campaigns? These are the types of discussions we should be having, not 500 variations on "we suck at messaging".

September 20, 2021

Funeral directors and other employees in the business of dealing with bodies

are the forgotten frontline workers. We laud the nurses, doctors, and EMTs - rightfully so - but people like the funeral director who posted that comment in r/HermanCainAward deserve just as much acknowledgment, praise, and financial support.

Cries of help from him and people like Caitlin Doughty (an LA funeral home owner with a popular YouTube channel) have been going largely unnoticed because the general public still gets squicked out by the thought of death and dead bodies and consider people who chose career paths that involve close contact with dead bodies to be creepy weirdos to be avoided. Unfortunately, government officials at all levels seem to share in that sentiment.

I wonder if our near-daily exposure to images of people in hospital ICUs and body bags will help to change our attitude towards death for good. I have no doubt children have been asking more questions about death in the past 18+ months than they had been before, which has forced parents and teachers to find ways to answer them. If we as a society stopped treating death and dying as a taboo topic, we might, perhaps, stop being so cavalier about taking unnecessary risks with our safety and health in the name of "freedom".

September 17, 2021

From what I have read

The Australian government has long been frustrated with the French contractor Naval Group over the latter's foot-dragging on the $90 billion submarine contract.

A Feb. 2021 article from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) goes into more detail on this deal:

According to this article from Bloomberg, this deal was made all the way back in 2016.

France had initially offered to sell Australia diesel-powered submarines that Australia did not want - either that or Australia wanted diesel-powered subs at first, only to have changed its mind later. France was running behind in supplying the nuclear-powered submarines Australia had requested, so the latter backed out of its agreement in favor of entering an alliance with the UK and US, angering France.

If I may offer my opinion on this, I believe the French are acting huffy over losing this lucrative arms deal, although I do question why the US had kept France in the dark about this new deal until almost the 11th hour. I do hope there was a good reason for that, and most of all, I hope that we can quickly smooth over these tensions.

September 17, 2021

Former CCSD police officer arrested, accused of threatening to shoot Sisolak, Biden, his supervisor

Source: KTNV Channel 13 Action News, Las Vegas
September 17, 2021

I take it you haven't gone to The Hill's YouTube channel, then.

Just a small selection of their video uploads, all with thumbnails and titles that would make the National Enquirer and other tabloid rags blush with envy:

- "Nicki Minaj HITS BACK At MSM Over Vaccine Comments, CALLS OUT White House for LYING About Invitation"

- "Krystal Ball: In Leaked Audio Biden CAUGHT Admitting He Won't Do Anything as President"

- "Krystal Ball: Bill Gates is LYING TO YOU On Vaccine Patent Protection"

- "Rose McGowan BLASTS Oprah support of 'SICK power structure' by associating with Weinstein, Simmons"

- "Kim Iversen: Newsom's 'Virtue Signal' Mandates, Israel Cases SPIKE as Country Requires THIRD Jab"

- "Harvard Scientist: GALILEO Project Proves Humans Can NO LONGER Ignore Possible ALIEN Existence"

- "Katie Halper: Obama Scales Back 60th Birthday Bash After Backlash; Twitter FAWNS Over Fmr Prez"

- "JUST IN: Dan Crenshaw TORCHES Pelosi in blistering House speech"

- "State Dept. SCRUBS Data on Military Weapons ABANDONED in Afghanistan From Official Websites"

I don't know about anyone else here, but this doesn't exactly scream "respectable" or "unbiased" to me.

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