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Problems with links and the [link: | ] tag? What to do to fix them.

Updated to reflect the issues that have been resolved

Let's start with normal links copied (or typed?) into a post like this one:

Normally those work just fine, but there are a few characters when included make them incomplete. For example:

The solution is to use the URL encode equivalent of those characters - like this for the previous example:



Which should give us a working link to the page:

The characters that seem to be problematic in normal links are:

Another issue with normal links is that DU3 seems to not like secure https:// links and converts the web address back to http:// links. This can be resolved by using the [link:|] tag - it will retain the https:// portion of the link.

Which brings us to the final issue - the [link:<web address>|<text>] tag. First thing to verify is that you are including http:// if the web address does not start with www. The next thing to check is if you are using any characters that are known to cause issues (the most notable issue being the intended link disappears altogether!). There are two parts to this problem: characters in the web address, and characters in the text. (UPDATE: almost all of the problem character issues have been fixed!)

For characters in the web address, the solution is also to use their URL encode equivalent (same procedure as above). The ones that seem to cause issues are:

For the characters in the text portion causing issues, the easy workaround is to simply reword the text to avoid using the problem characters. If you are really intent on using one of the problem characters, it can be done. The way to get text characters causing issues to show up is to use HTML entities - these will display the character when posted without the DU3 software seeing it as the character (which would break the link). Known characters causing problems:

The drawback to using HTML entities is that you can't submit your final post from the preview screen, you have to hit the back button on your browser to post from the pre-previewed window with the HTML entities still present. Also in order to edit a reply/OP with HTML entities after it is actually posted to the board, they will all have to be edited back in.

Feel free to reply with other problems (or when some of these get fixed) and I will update accordingly.

Unofficial DU3 Basic HTML Reference Lookup Table

Unofficial DU3 Basic HTML Reference Lookup Table

Special Tags
HREF link with text display
URL should include the "http://".
Example: [link:http://www.democraticunderground.com|DU3]
Text Formatting
Non-breaking space
Line break
[br /]
Centering (in a post)
[div style="display:inline; background-color:#FFFF66;"]Text[/div]
Blockquotes and Post Formatting
Create a styled, indented blockquote
(useful for posting excerpts from articles)
[div class="excerpt"]Text[/div]
Create an indented blockquote
(without color background)
Horizontal Line
Font Tag
[font color="color" size="size" face="face"]Text[/font]
Links, Images, and Videos
No tags needed - just type the URL starting with http://
No tags needed - just type the URL starting with http://
Images must be in gif, jpeg, or png format
Video Embedding
(YouTube and Vimeo only)
No tags needed - just type the URL starting with http://
Formatted List
Unordered Lists with <li>
Ordered Lists with <ol>
Sorry, tables are not allowed

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